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Niecy Nash's Bootytrocious Fashion "911"

2/16/2007 5:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Niecy Nash BootytrociousHer name is Niecy Nash, but last night, it was all about Niecy's ASS!

The comedian showed off her, er, biggest asset in a tortured one-piece thong swimsuit -- at the Hollywood premiere of her new film, "Reno 911: Miami." Baby got back and den sum!

Since Nash plays a cop in the film, this should be the first bum she gets off the street!


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2815 days ago


it's not about the size of the ass, it's about the tightness and shape. these were the ugliest asses ever. yuk yuk yuk. Now I'm going to have nightmares. thanks alot TMZ.

2815 days ago


In black culture...
Let me repeat this for you white people...
There are still communities where a bigger woman is not only appreciated; but she is a sign of wealth and status.
Look at almost any depiction of black women in popular media- be it situation comedies or commercials/movies and the black woman will be THICK- having a large ass.
Her white counterpart will be cast as thin; with a boyish figure.
To quote Bill Paxton’s character in the movie True Lies, “Ass like a ten year old boy’s.”
Its part of our culture; part of what we define as “Beautiful” in a woman.
This was the irony of DreamGirls; Effie being considered too big to be accepted by a white audience, but being loved and appreciated amongst her own.
It’s what drives black men crazy. (Baby got’s to have back)
A black man may say to a black woman, “gurl you puttin on weight?”
To which she will blush, "really? You think so?" (Cause he's lookin at her ass.)
But tell a white woman the same thing and she will go home to stick her finger down her throat. An ole saying in my community goes...“Don’t nobody want a bone but a dog.”
Mainstream culture is beside itself with this waif-like emaciated standard of beauty, and it seeks to impose this standard on every other culture; not just its own.
There are hundreds of black online forums where women like this are posted every single day to rave reviews. Black men can’t get enough of em.
Do a Google for “Big black booty” or "Black BBWs," and look at the types of hits you get.
In America there is more than one standard of beauty; one size does not fit all.
Whites have such a “World view” they just don’t care about any other standard.
Blacks have resisted that standard ever since slavery.
Blacks and Latinos are more accepting of variety with regards to beauty in our race.
We are more tolerant- and accepting of the larger more ample woman.
In white culture there are only absolutes with regards to weight.
If you’re thin you are loved; but if you gain weight you’re loathed.
White girls learn this message early in life.
It may be a big ass to you and that’s fine..
But to da brothas baby girl is THICK!

Niecy just lost sight of the audience she was playing to.
For the movie Poetic Justice starring Janet Jackson girlfriend had to "Gain" weight; to be more believable as a gurl from de hood. Just a fact of how different our cultures are. What whites see as FAT- black men and Latinos see as THICK- and desirable.

But should a black woman want to cross over- to be accepted by the white mainstream; she has to tone down her ethnicity. Namely- she has to lose weight and maintain that figure from now till doomsday.
Tyra Banks found that out the hard way. Beyonce is not as Bootylicious as she used to be; the same can be said for J-lo. Only now they are being appreciated by white men more.
In tennis, Tracy Austin constantly critiqued Serena Williams about her weight. She answered her critics with an overpowering victory in the Australian Open; big ass an all! Black men are drooling over her images posted to forums at this very writing. Black men know what they like; thus we resist being defined by white standards.
Just my two cents..

2815 days ago


You guys are really dumb if you can't tell that that is not a real ass. Come on people, get a clue!! It's a joke, and a very funny one I might add.

2815 days ago


I just threw up in my mouth!!

2815 days ago

Mely S    

I'm sorry She has a very nasty ass for her to be showing it to the world!

2815 days ago

Kelly T: Bill Hicks Fan, TMZ junkie    

The only thing wrong with Rose McGowan's ass is that I haven't been deep inside it (yet)!!

2815 days ago


I like what I see. It's a beautiful ass. Strong, firm, lickable, and welcoming. I would love to spank her and make her beg me to stop. Ohhhh Babyyyy

2815 days ago

We, are not amused.    

There are asses,
and then there are ASSES...
and sweet Lord all mighty...then there is the Queen of all asses.
I bow down to this glorious ass. Oh to be able to ride this train to the gates of the town of ass happy!
Lordy, lordy, lordy. I'm an old man but I would love to be there when she takes that off...that little strip of fabric all caught up in her sweet, fat "ussy-pay" and just covering her itchy starfish.
Oh MOMMA, I say on to ye young men, if you've never pounded a big booty girl, YOU HAVE NOT YET BEGUN TO LIVE! Her bunghole is so tight that when you get inside, your eyes cross.
Get the lube ready Niecy, I'm coming in!

2815 days ago


To those who think that is real...thanks for the giggle!

"There nothing more sexy than being comfortable in your own skin!!!"
So very true!

Some of those celeb's that SOME people consider to be beautiful are nothing more than a sack of bones.

2815 days ago

We, are not amused.    

I would die a happy man, with a sense of accomplishment if she would just "fart, in my general direction."

2815 days ago


127. I would die a happy man, with a sense of accomplishment if she would just "fart, in my general direction."

Posted at 10:58PM on Feb 16th 2007 by Monty Python

You owe me a new keyboard, for I read that while drinking a soda...

2815 days ago

We, are not amused.    

#124: Posted at 10:36PM on Feb 16th 2007 by Maryellen,

I would BUY that DVD! And rub all the skin off my joystick watching you put her through her paces!
What a ass!

2815 days ago



2815 days ago


Mr. Evan: Well my ass is much like hers and to know you like her ass excites the hell out of me. I find Ms. Nash,s ass inviting and would find some warm oil against her body to my pleasure.

2815 days ago
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