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Sally Kirkland:

Anna's Implants

Partly to Blame

2/16/2007 5:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sally KirklandActress Sally Kirkland believes Anna Nicole Smith's breast implants played a significant part in her need for pain medication, and possibly her death. Sally nearly died from them herself.

Kirkland, a Best Actress Oscar nominee in 1988, told TMZ that she believes "Silicone played a part in the emotional and physical breakdown of Anna Nicole's body." Kirkland, who at one time had 38DD silicone breast implants, met Smith in 1992 when the two were "a similar size." Sally says she herself was poisoned by her leaking silicone implants, and had to take Vicodin and other pain medications to alleviate suffering from the crippling pain. Kirkland believes Anna was probably enduring the same ill effects -- the reason she needed methadone and Demerol prescriptions and "appeared out of it a lot of the time."

Now healthy and implant-free since 1998, Kirkland also feels that Anna "may not have consciously known the dangers" associated with silicone implants. In 2006, the FDA allowed silicone implants back on the market after a fourteen-year ban. Kirkland has been an anti-silicone activist for years, and hopes that Anna's tragic death is a wake-up call on the dangers of the implants.


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Lenn K    

#3 you nailed it. There is an excuse for everything these days and this just tells us you thought you heard it all. How about the truth for a change, I f**ked everyone, I drank what I wanted and I took whatever drug I felt like, that the real truth and It sounds alot better than just making up excuses. Sally Kirkland tryed to be sexy way too much, and anytime you're willing to stick sacks of silicone in your chest you are an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!

2804 days ago

PS NY    

That would be great, but the FDA did take the recommendation of the study from Vanderbilt University that conclusively proved there was no link between silicone implants and autoimmune disorders, and they are in fact back on the market for widespread use. I have know people that have had major life threatening diseases and surgeries, and the only people who stay home on narcotics for 6 years because they had big implants werre completely pyscho BEFORE they were enhanced.

2804 days ago


Look who.......yet another coming out of the woodwork. Geez, I thought she had passed already. Leaky boobs is "her" determination of the death. Yeah, sure thing, Sally, thank you for your input. Oh, you may want to check that leakage in your half-baked brain.

2804 days ago


Maybe there's some truth to this. How do ANY of you know ANYTHING about HKS or ANS? Did ANY of you know them personally?

Wow, it makes me absolutely sick how judgemental most TMZ bloggers are.

You act like Islamic fanatics!! If we are so judgemental in our country, why would we expect any more out of them????

2804 days ago


Works for me. I also believe the reason I'm a fat azz is because I work my azz off and eat like a bird.

2804 days ago


Tanji - (yawn)

becuz of boobs? ROTFLOL!!!!!!!!!!

2804 days ago


to death is right #9

2804 days ago


Wow Nosy, profound response.

2804 days ago


Before you all criticize her read up on the facts. Silicone implants were banned for years because of leakage and infection problems. They were replaced with implants containing saline solution. Anna had to have had a serious infection for her body to register a fever of 105. I'm not saying that was the cause but it is not as impossible as some of you think. I still don't know why all the hysteria is based on her drug habit and no one has investigated the cause of her fever and why her nurse did not call an ambulance when her fever spiked so dangerously high.

2804 days ago



2804 days ago


Amazing! A rational TMZ reader. Zara, it's nice to know there are sane people around....

2804 days ago


excellent point Zara. Wish that I had thought of it.

2804 days ago


I hate that everyone thinks HKS made ANS take drugs.. she was a addict.. nothing anyone could do! noone sat on her and forced drugs down her throat!

2804 days ago

Paul Kline    

Apparently we have alot fo stupid readers. Silicone can cause major depression and other health risks. This is FACT. Another fact is that just because most of you neanderthals can't read doesn't make it not fact.

2804 days ago

Fake Name    

Shut up.

2804 days ago
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