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Britney Spears

Shaves Her

F&*%ing Head!!!

2/17/2007 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We have now seen it all. 

Britney Spears, back from less than 24 hours in a Caribbean rehab facility, showed up at a Sherman Oaks, Calif. tattoo parlor Friday night sporting a new hairdo. KABC in Los Angeles caught her as she got a new tattoo of red lips on her wrist..

Ladies and gentleman, she is now completely bald.

Words escape us.


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Love it! For all you crank pots that think she's "out of control", who's in control now.

2771 days ago


Britanny is getting exactly what she wants....attention...everything thing she does, every move she makes and every piece of hair she cut off has been calculatd moves to keep her name in the press and to keep us talking. She no longer has a singing career nor will she probably ever have one again. Brittany is so low class and such what trash that she can think of no other positive keep her name in the tabloids. This is very sad for her children. My biggest question is where they hell is her mother/sister/support group....someone...anyone needs to talk some sense into her and help her to guide her life back on the right track for her childrens sake if nothing else.

2771 days ago


I think the people in Hollywood are losing their minds. About a dozen of them should go to the looney bin for awhile and get a grip on reality again. I'm waiting for the next news report to say that Britney's followed in the footsteps of Anna Nicole, along with Lindsey Lohan, Nicole Richie and a few other nut cases. Get a grip ladies! Your bizarre behavior and partying is NOT becoming!
As for Britney, I think child services needs to step in already. She can't be giving her kids a stable life if she herself isn't stable!

2771 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

The sad truth is, ALL the media coverage for the last week has been on Anna-Nicole....Brittney wants the attention BACK on her....Such a LOSER!!!!!
Skank, Herpes ridden....Been ridden (ha ha) Do a BLOOD test on her, SHE
IS a walking STD.....Just wait and see....Someone will leak the medical report, it is just a matter of time......

2771 days ago


she is butt ugly, she is a washed up has been, she must be smoking some good stuff to shave her head! trailor [ark trash for sure!!!!!lmao

2771 days ago

Lenn K    

These are some early signs of a total and out of control person. Britney better get herself together or we will be saying why didn't someone try and stop her.

2771 days ago


Britney if you want to feel better give up your money to those in need you can always make more. How about Habitat for Humanity? Homeless is no fun, I've been there have you?

2771 days ago


This is REALLY bizaar! If she is asking my help, what exactly is she saying?

2771 days ago


my fucking god she looks like me now....i dont have tats tho....WHAT IS GOING ON LADY??? at least the extentions are gone...sometimes girls have to shave all that shit off to get their hair to grow back right.....go back to rehab, love, i need your music and your bod back!!!!!!!!

maybe she left rehab because how fake celebs have made it now...maybe she wants real help not just a career fix...she and her cute boys need to move back home with a fuckin studio there...raise her kids and make music...and workout...she could have it together in a year

2771 days ago


You know....KFed is that bad after all. We haven't read about him being drunk in public....being with countless women...yeah...I think KFed should get the kids. This is a very sad ending for Britney.

2771 days ago

Patricia C.    

Britney should watch the news about Anna Nicole as she is headed in that direction! She has truly lost her mind! Someone, other that her, needs to make some serioius decisions in her life to get her REAL HELP. Most importantly, her children need to be removed from her custody before they become statistics. I can't see her ever being what she once was. She is self-destructing before our eyes. You hear stories about child stars who just go off the deep end when they get older...What's up with her parents???

2771 days ago

an yone    

What on earth!!!!! Kevin save the children!!!!!!!!!!!

2771 days ago

in the know    

Britney has been performing and touring since she was a kid. She never had any real friends or a childhood. She was desperate for love, and married the wrong person for the wrong reasons. After the breakup, she became very lonely and lost. She is trying to find her identity, but isn't sure what that is. I feel very sorry for her, maybe if she had a Pappa Joe type dad she would different. Her parents are never seen around her, I guess they think their job is over. Why didn't they travel with her to rehab?

2771 days ago


The poor girl is begging for attention. She has to think of new and shocking ways to get a paparazzi fix. I feel sorry for her--but hey, she is doing it to herself. Someone needs to take care of her kids!!!!

2771 days ago


Oh my gosh!!!!! I'm speechless!!! This is insane!!!! What happended to once "on top of the world" girl that had a promising carreer & future? What a sad,sad turn this young lady has taken..........she's finished I'm afraid. The even sadder part is she did this to about self destruction.

2771 days ago
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