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Tyra's (Virtual) Fat Ass!

2/18/2007 2:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

At times, Tyra Banks appears to be in her own world on her daytime talk show -- and now you can be part of it! The talk diva is creating a new, virtual extension of "The Tyra Banks Show."

Tyra Banks
Users of Tyra's new interactive site can make "avatars," where they pick their own look and personality. The avatars also "party like they're in the real world" -- on a simulated version of her talk show stage. Beware of the Lindsay Lohan-looking avatar, or you may end up in virtual rehab.

The first installment of Banks' virtual world took place on Monday, February 12 when Tyra hosted an online post-Grammy party. Viewers can download the software from the Tyra Banks show website, It is unclear if the fan avatars will be picked to battle in a fierce modeling competition.

Tyra's avatar will host an event in the studio on February 19 at 6:00 PM PST.


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Tyra gained weight, so what. I think she is still beautiful. She didn't stick her finger down her throat, or starve herself, or take illegal drugs to try to lose the weight. You are right #8.

2768 days ago


My reply is to Lenn K, who added comment #12. You would do good to watch using the name of the "living" God in vein. Because you are so quick to judge, you obviously don't have an understanding of the awesome love of the one and only God. His love is unconditional.
To all the gossipers, leave Tyra be!

2767 days ago


Why is virtual Tyra a white girl with blond hair?

2767 days ago


regarding post 6------------------------yes you are right!! I wish i was getting paid for my fat ass-l.ol. i mean i dont understand people they either make fun of people for being fat(which she is not anyway) or they they talk about them having a eating disorder and being horribly thin.

All the while the majority of them probably could stand to lose or gain some weight in someones opinion--------------people are jealous of others thats all.

2767 days ago

Sean Kemble    

I adore her narcissist ways. I love bragging when the person bragging is telling the truth. She is beautiful, fat or not. Even heavier, she's better looking than most women. And I will worship at the altar of her big ass because I dig her honesty, beauty and bluntness.

2767 days ago


All you racist crackers need to leave my sister alone. You are all just jealos that you are not her.

NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2767 days ago


Umm... this post was suppose to be about the virtual deal she has. Not about her as a person. I don't think it's anyones right to pass judgement on this woman when NONE of you know her personally. Tyra is a career woman. Frankly I'm sure all of you that have something negative to say about her, would find something negative to say about any famous person. Get a grip on life and stop wasting precious time using the internet as a personal assualt weapon about people you don't even know.

Anyhoo... I got onto the virtual world and was immediately turned off. After about 30 minutes of exploring I found that there are a lot of children on there.

The game is broken down into 2 cities San Fransisco and Miami. I first went to San Fran and found myself in the middle of a "gang" virtual fight. Everyone kept saying "all the bloods this" "all the crips that." I was like OMG... everyone either had on all red or all blue. Totally outragous. To think people are still gang banging amazes me.

I then went to Miami, and found it was more interesting watching people argue about who's a crip or blood. No one was talking in Miami, everyone just standing or walking around.

I'm big on the "virtual" world thing. I'm an active member of "Second Life" virtual world. So going to Tyra's thing was a hugh downgrade for me. The graphics are poor to say the least. It would be no suprise to turn the corner and see someones avatar look exactly as your own. As a matter of fact in the Miami section there were about 8 girls dressed exactly a like all grouped up together.

The whole thing was just totally stupid and not worth the hard drive space on my PC.

Just thought I would share my views on the actual purphos of this topic.

2767 days ago

Only in    

Did someone call for a LUMBERJACK!

2767 days ago
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