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Britney's Chrome-Dome Cover-up

2/19/2007 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears is already having a case of shaver's remorse, and was spotted yesterday hiding her newly-bald pate with a blonde wig and a cap.

In the latest episode in Shears-gate, cameras caught the pop-tart sporting a platinum blonde wig at The Roxy in West Hollywood last night. When one curious photog asked about Brit's old promise to "keep her brown hair," Spears shot back, "I lied."

Meanwhile, her aunt Wanda tells the New York Daily News that Britney's recent off-the-rails behavior might have something to do with the death of her aunt Sandra Bridges Covington, who died of cancer in late January. And the New York Post, citing an unnamed Las Vegas gossip site, says that on a recent trip to Vegas, Britney found that her hair was so badly damaged from harsh treatments that she was beginning to find bald spots. So Brit just finished the job herself.

Anna's Bahamian Minister Pal Resigns

Shane Gibson, the Bahamas' immigration minister who was photographed in some rather intimate poses with Anna Nicole Smith, was forced to resign yesterday after speculation loomed that he had given Smith preferential treatment in gaining residency.

Photos of Gibson and Smith in a fully-clothed but nonetheless cozy clinch were splashed on the front pages of Nassau newspapers last week. Gibson denied any sexual relationship and any wrongdoing, and called the speculation "vicious and wicked lies," but he still issued a public apology Sunday night for having "offended" the Bahamian people with his actions.

Brady and Bridget's Unexpected Love Child

Could there be a shotgun formation in star quarterback Tom Brady's future? Brady and actress Bridget Moynahan announced over the weekend that she's three months pregnant with his baby. Only problem is, he's with Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen now. The actress' rep confirms to that Bridget is over three months pregnant and that "former boyfriend" Brady is the dad. Brady and Bundchen have been spotted cavortng in New York and elsewhere.

Scarlett Johansson

Party Favors: ScarJo is Playboy's Sexiest Celeb ... "Ghost Rider" Makes Astounding $44 Million ... Rihanna Mistaken for Shopgirl in New York

Yes, we get it: Scarlett Johansson is hot. Playboy magazine has just named her the Sexiest Celebrity, after being so named by Esquire magazine last year, and by Harvard as the Hasty Pudding woman of the year. The mag's editors called her "the apex of beauty and sensuality." ... Nicolas Cage's "Ghost Rider" came out of nowhere to rev up $44.5 million at the weekend box office to take the no. 1 spot and to claim the biggest opening of 2007. It will likely end up being the biggest President's Day weekend debut ever. ... Pop star Rihanna was mistaken by a manager at a Zara store in New York for a clerk, Ben Widdicombe of the Daily News reports. "There was this absolutely beautiful girl folding clothes in a corner and I was wondering, what the hell is she doing working here?" says a source, who then noticed her giant bodyguard.

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No Avatar


The photo with minister is a Stern idea. He was so desperate to get residency for Anna and the baby he set the photo up. This could be how he planned to keep the baby in the Bahamas by stunts like this. Premeditation in the works to kill her son and Anna for her estate.

2741 days ago

poor britney    

I sincerly think with all of my heart that Britney has some sort of port pardom depression. I think she was already off a little and then the baby, and the media just hammering away at her every single day non stop that is enough to put anyone over the edge. Her aunt dying she was very close to her, Kevin and his fighting her for money and the kids. Is she in CA or LA? I hope in LA with her mother away from the media circus in CA. Please cut her some slack everyone deserves that.

2741 days ago

Looking for the truth    

What a crock that the world won't look at facts prior to making judgements. This man resigned over photos taken by Howard K Stern. Do you really think that he was privy to the non existant affair? This site, The Tribune in Nassau have all left themselves open to lawsuits for using stolen personal items in their publications. Ford Shelley admitted to robbing Anna Nicole's home, taking the pictures of the insides of her home 24 hours after her death.

The prescriptions published here, if they were authentic, were most likely among the papers Ford Shelley removed from Anna Nicole's home. The doctor, pharmacy, and DEA reporting agencies all would be bound by patient confidentiality agreements and wouldn't release such documents. That leaves the patient copy.

Mr. Levin of this site is an attorney, and he should know better than to publish stolen materials. To claim that he didn't know they were stolen is as delusional as Ford Shelley claiming he was "securing" Anna's privacy. When does securing privacy include going to the press? Morally and legally removing items from someone's home without permission is robbery. How will Dannielynn feel when she is old enough to understand feel about the smear campaign waged by Mr. Levin and Mr. Shelley?

The rest of you should be paid psychics. You all KNOW who the father is, and what their motives are without proof. I personally like to deal in reality, and therefore, I have to wait for the facts to be disclosed before I choose to claim to know the facts of a situation.

I feel for Mr. Levin and Mr. Shelley. Karma-gentlemen. What goes around comes around.

2741 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

I think they make every excuse why britt doing these things,but really we know wky,shes a freak,she needs rehab,but who are we to say that it would be better after rehab,bitch has just fliped the script,not that I care but she lookig like another anna,all she needs is her own reallity show,she already has the drugs and the booze,so be on the look out,BRITT FLIPS THE SCRIPT

2741 days ago

in the know    

She doesn't need rehab, that would be useless without serious counseling and medication for her depression. Her kids don't excite her anymore, her music doesn't excite her, she seems self absorbed and only concerned about a relationship with a man. What was her relationship like with her dad? Is he around or even alive? She is desperate for someone to love her. She is crashing and burning and no one is able to help her. Let this be an example to all teens. These people are human not idols. Something was seriously lacking in her support system with her family. Jessica Simpson may be dipsy, but she carried herself well after her divorce, and maintained her image. Probably because Pappa Joe never lever her side. Maybe he can help Britney, become her manager and keep her from entering into destructive relationships.

2741 days ago


So long, Shane! Even if your relationship WAS just a close friendship, as a government official (THE Immigration Minister), you should not have given them residency status while they were fleeing justice in another country, and owned no Bahamian property (They had no deed). It just stinks of corruption, favoritism and shady preferential treatment. You should have drawn a line. But I guess you know that now, don't you?

2741 days ago


TAKE THE DNA TEST, HOWIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! (Oh, I forgot; you really, really, really don't want to ... Wonder why?)

2741 days ago


I think Brittney shaved her head because it was so damaged, she just wanted to finish the job, the public is looking into it to much, she probably should have stayed longer in rehab, but rehab is a voluntary action therefore, an addict or alchoholic, are always in denial about there problem, it will take more of a serious intervention then her approach. Brittney has messed up her life, personal and in public, this happens often to childhood stars. She is in great need of attention, and she's not getting it in a positive way, she wants to be loved like any human being wants to, but usually if anyone wants attention(like children) they will take it in any form usually negative. I can't speculate the reasoning behind it, we are not her, in time hopefully she realizes that she has been acting like an ass, and people will judge her because if in our own family we see in appropriate behavior affecting the children, we intervene, so it wouldn't be any different in hollywood. Brittney is the only one who could help her self until then we will watch, and see what her latest mess up will be, because it's entertainment, and entertainment sells.

2741 days ago


Anna was in the pool and Stern called the body guard to jump in and get her. Stern did not go in the pool, all he could say according to the nanny was" If you die I go to jail." Desperate for Bahamian residency to evade US law and subpoenas. Stern will not show up on Tuesday to claim Anna's body. There should be a warrant issued for Stern. The only way they can get him in the Bahamas is for Daniel's death, then have Federal law bring him to the US on RX fraud.

2741 days ago


She's tired of being Everybody's Britney. Wouldn't you be? Stop wishing she acted like a predictable pop commodity. You think that's a healthy life, when she's so evidently sick of it? Let her be someone who doesn't give a f*** what people think for a while. That's the way she won't end up dead or perpetually numb. Shaving her head may be the healthiest act of her life.

2741 days ago

my opinion    

Britney is loving all of this toxic attention and will continue to be more outrageous in the coming days. Why does she conduct her life
FOR the publicity? Because she is a no talent, spoiled brat who feels entitled to be the princess. She has a home with a pool so why does she go to the Mondrian Hotel to sit by the pool?

Britney is a creation of the record company, her parents, and an entertainment industry who put out an uneducated girl and called her a Star. She truly believes the myth that she can do anything she wants and is not accountable to anyone. How sad that she has brought 2 precious children into this world to be ignored by their mother.

2741 days ago


Okay, if I look into my crystal ball and try to figure out what happened with Britney, this is what I get . . . .she shaved her head because her hair was sooo damaged from extensions and chemical processes. She probably had a few drastic options to choose from and she went gung ho (brave soul) and decided to be over that problem. Hair grows back, wigs look great these days, problem solved.

As for her emotional spirits, she is probably tormented from years of letting others tell her what and how to live her life in a spotlight. She is probably regretful of thinking she could handle the try it moments: "everyone else is doing it, no one cares, it will make you cool and fans will think you are great."

I mean, we are all human and have all done stupid things and made stupid choices and had friends that used us for whatever reason, pretending to be our bestest pal helping to boost our popularity, all the while stabbing us or setting us up to be made a fool of so they don’t look so pathetic; and can you imagine this happening to you and finding out all your neighbors, family and friends know?

Yeah, that is what I see in my crystal ball, if I were to have one and look into the life of Britney. She is a young woman, who is probably tormented by some choices and lost loves and is not sure how to handle the situations. Accepting that you screwed up is the first step to fixing your life. Then you just start rebuilding, knowing that as you work on one area, there might be other areas that are still out of control. That is why we are told to take things one step at a time and give ourselves a break. We are human, after all.

smiles, PollyAnna

2741 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

why cut all your hair off then wear a wig,britt is one dumb bitch,shes a freak, a train wreck and a skank all in one,maybe she needs to have a reallity show,"FREA-A-ZOID

2741 days ago


Scarlett Johansson is NOT pretty! I am so disgustingly sick of seeing her splashed all over magazines being proclaimed as the most beautiful girl in Hollywood. There are so many more girls/women in Hollywood who knock her to the floor when it comes to beauty. Everyone I've ever spoken to regarding this says the same thing. She is not gorgeous by far, and the media is overhyping. Don't get me wrong, she's not ugly, but she is not as beautiful as the media portrays her to be BY FAR! She has the weird alien look to her face and she looks like a total bitch! And let's not forget that she can't act either... she's getting a free ride.. making millions with no talent at all....she might as well be the Britney Spears of the acting world... now it's just a matter of time before she too starts flashing her over used goods to the paparazzi and making a drunken fool out of herself and shaving her head....

2741 days ago

Brit Ate Paris    






2741 days ago
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