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On Justin, Bald Is Beautiful

2/19/2007 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While Britney Spears was doing her damnedest this weekend to usher in Kojak Chic, ex Justin Timberlake took to the Beverly Hills streets in all his shaved head glory. Sexybald!

Since Justin and Brit's matching (lack of) manes are the most they've had in common for over four years, perhaps there's hope for an amorous Mousketeer rekindling after all!

Don't hold your breath.


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J.T runnnnn as fast as you can get away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2804 days ago


Britney doesn't need some dude to "save" her. She needs to wake up, grow up and save herself. My God!! Take some responsibility for your actions, your children and your life. She needs to love herself and her kids before running to some man for help.

2804 days ago

Karen E. B., Hayward, CA    

I wish the paparazzi, the tabloid media, the public,
and the rest of
what falls under media, would LEAVE BRITNEY SPEARS ALONE. She, like
any person in this situation, is going through a rough time. The
marital troubles, divorce proceedings, parental ability scrutinies and
all other private stuff about her weighs very heavily on her. That
weight gets heavier the more anyone assumes so much negative about
her and insults her ability to be a parent. I actually think Britney
has changed in good ways as well....meaning she is no longer letting
some record company or fake-a__ publicist or manager mold her image
into something angelic but hyprocritical. I see and understand that
she has not found true love in K-Fed/Fed-X. But I'm proud to say
OUR NEGATIVE CRITICISM. I do agree that the cigarettes (or any
tobacco product or smokable) would be left completely alone, as I
myself do not smoke any of it, but to take care of her physical
health. I know that tobacco, nicotine, and alcohol (even beer) age
you from the inside. I still believe there's a very beautiful Britney
inside there who is hurting and, when fully healed, will come out
again. As a musical performer, it is important to keep your lungs
healthy and free of carbon monoxide and nicotine, and that keeping
away from these toxins will help her sustain her voice as well
musically. But I won't condemn her for it. It is still her personal

I applaude what she did to her hair. It can be many positive things like a personal renewal, start anew after having taken care of that person's health, just having a private life by looking anonymous, or donating hair to cancer patients, or a multitude of other things. Bottomline, I would rather hear it from Britney Spears herself. Please let us give her a well-deserved privacy and please stop judging her.

2804 days ago


You stupid ass'don't get it.

Who said anything about Justin taking Britney back???
I didn't read any of that in here.

Also, who said anything in here about Justin and Britney getting back together?
I didn't read that either.

Why can't they just be friends? Damn.

J.T. isn't just some "dude", he was a very good friend "FIRST".

If Justin did help Britney, I hate to say it, but it would be a a lot less drama than being stalked by ex, Cameron. (He can't go anywhere without that Bitch showing up to make an ASS out of herself.)

Obviously, no one here, has a friend, family member with an addiction.
Congratulations, you are all in the 1% of everyone in the U.S.

Donating her hair to patient's? What are you F******* stupid???
People who worked in the shop are selling it on e-bay, to line their own pockets.

Cigarrette's, are you kidding me?
This girl is way past cigs.

Leave her alone???? She has been!!!... seen the pictures and the puke??????

You dumbasses just don't get it.

This girl is way past pulling herself up by her boot straps, she would have done that along time ago if she could.

Did you see the interview with the girl working at the chop shop?
she talked about how weird and erratic Britney's personality was.

Good Grief, I have never read such stupid shit.
What are all of you??? Gypsey's or something.

Wake up & smell what you are shoveling F******.

2804 days ago



What a B****." Run as fast as you can".
I'm glad I'm not a friend of yours.

Or do you even have any.

Brit does need professional help

2804 days ago


I hope you are watching Larry King, Robi Ludwig, Psychiatrist, is on
suggesting Brit get with people who Love her.

It could be anything....Depression, Post-Partum, Rebellion, Cry for help, addiction/s, etc.... It's on CNN now.

It is very interesting.

2804 days ago


I felt bad when I found out she shaved her head and went to the hospital for whatever reason ..but when I read she went out to Roxy's that same nite much for feeling bad..the girl is a women she is 25 years old has two children and tons of money she of all people should not be depressed..I'm sorry but I just don't get it and probably never will..there are millions of people out there that would love to be in her shoes shes going threw a divorce big deal the custody battle she is screwing up herself ...her fame she is screwing up herself...and she is old enough to realize that when she brought those two kids into the world that they weren't dolls to be put up on a shelf til a later daughter is 21 graduated from nursing school has a 1 and half year old little girl and that little gal is put before everything..and she has a little sadness from having a baby to early but at the same time she wouldn't trade her in for anything and she and her boyfriend are doing it together on there own and that little girl is cared for in the most fashionable loving way ..there isn't anything they wouldn't do for her all I have to say is Britney you did this all by yourself you your 25 years old GROW THE HELL UP! And I do at this point hope they take those babies from you because no you do not deserve them at this point in life...and the future life you have made of ridicule and critism for them is a shame because what you have done is made these little boys grow up with your crap for the rest of there life and unfortunately everything you do comes with fame and fortune so I hope you are proud of yourself for being the worst mother of the year...

2804 days ago


Post 12 your a Sweetheart! ;-) Amen to your comment. Justin please help your friend. She needs you more now than ever. Please, please try to save her from destroying herself before it's to late.
Britney may GOD watch over you and keep you safe.
The same goes for our troops over sea's.

2804 days ago


Whatever!!!!! I dont care what anyone sais.. and yes Ray 4 your info I have plenty of friends that I care for.. but I'm sorry but when someone is not trying to help themselves Its enyones choice to support that person and we see that brit just cant control herself.. lets start off with the no underwear incident thats the first.. and I just think J.T is a good person and if he can help her well good.. but he shouldn't waste too much time on a person that obviously is running wild and out of control.. other celeb go through drama also and you dont see them acting out.

2804 days ago



How can she help herself; she is an addict. She needs some serious help from Dr.'s
Have you ever HAD ANY experienced an addict?
It sounds like you haven't.
Especially when you see them dead. (Been There)

2804 days ago

non story tmz    

Britney should not be Justin's responsibility. She needs professional help. There is nothing than he can do for her. He is not a professional psychologist, licensed therapist or an addiction counsellor. Nor does he have any expertise in performing exorcisms. Let's be real, the girl must be possessed by the devil. She is freaking crazy. Jt doesn't owe her anything. She cheated on his ass and acted like she did nothing wrong. "What goes around comes around". My oh my, ain't karma a bitch!

2804 days ago

GO DOG YOUR THE MAN!!!!!!!    

cry me a f......g river, the girl's 'trash' has been little skank.brit...go back to your double wide and fry somethin'....oh and 'sexy back' is as gay as me...and that's pretty 'out there'

2804 days ago


oh my f***ing God Justin has had that same f***ing haircut for YEARS. TMZ stop making sh*t up. Embarassing

2804 days ago


IT'S OVER BETWEEN BRITNEY & JUSTIN!!!!! So, get over it!
Anyway - why would Justin (who's UGLY! BALD! and can't sing a decent song - "Bringing Sexy back NOT!!!!) wait ten years and see if you still remember this song? He's no better than any of her LOOSER boyfriend or ex-husband.

Its quite simple! She's a stupid blond who can't make any decisions for herself that shows she's a responsible individual - Lets hope her ex - get's the kids. Because it's obvious - SHE CAN'T HANDLE THEM!? She's too stupid of a individual.
If I were a man, I wouldn't touch her for 200 million dollars.

2804 days ago


Justin should grow his hair back. Why do guys like to shave their hair all off?? It is NOT sexy.

2804 days ago
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