Stern: Anna Wanted to Be Buried Near Marilyn

2/20/2007 2:30 PM PST
On the witness stand, Howard K. Stern said that Anna Nicole Smith wanted to be buried near Marilyn Monroe in Los Angeles but that it was prohibitively expensive. He added that she thought she would die young, like Marilyn, and she thought she would die while giving birth to Dannielynn. "She talked of death really from the time that I met her," said Stern.

Stern said they also looked at burial plots in Burbank, Calif. Later, after Daniel died, the issue of burial "went back and forth for some time" said Stern, who suggested that Daniel be buried in L.A. Anna Nicole insisted that Daniel be buried in the Bahamas.

Said Stern, "She died emotionally when Daniel died. It was the reason why she didn't want to bury him than earlier than ... she did. It was the most difficult thing that I've ever seen anyone go through."

Stern also told the court that Anna's second husband J. Howard Marshall was "truly, truly the love of her life."