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Anna's Drug Use

2/21/2007 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The judge in the Anna Nicole case has just said he will ask questions about Anna's drug use. Stern just testified Anna "was on prescription medication at different times." The judge asked if she was abusing drugs. Stern replied, "Look I'm not a doctor."

Stern then testified that Anna had been in rehab. He said, "Anna Nicole took prescription medication, mostly for depression."

Stern said, "It's not like Anna was medicated all the time. It's not like she couldn't talk."

The judge just asked about the video FOX obtained that TMZ published, and Stern said "That's the way Anna talks. There are times she was more impared than that." The judge then jumped on Stern and said, "What do you mean more impared than that." Stern said he didn't mean she was impaired.

Stern acknowledged Smith took methadone, "but not in my presence over the last five months." She acknowledged Dr. Sandeep Kapoor in Los Angeles prescribed it. TMZ first reported Kapoor prescribed methadone when Smith was 13 days before giving birth. Kapoor prescribed the drug under an alias.

Stern also acknowledged Smith was taking Dilaudid, a powerful painkiller.


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Yeah, you ARE nuts!    

If you have forgotten how Howard used her look at the clown video again, the following link is real unlike the other links these a--holes have been adding to these boards:

Posted at 2:14PM on Feb 21st 2007 by MW

2771 days ago

Let sleeping bodies rest in peace...........    

Bring her doctor in. Only her doctor should be answering questions on her private medical history.

What was Anna's intent on where she wanted to be buried? Did she want to be buried in the Bahama's next to her son Daniel - or in Texas next to her money hungry Mommy Dearest?

GET RID OF THIS CLOWN JUDGE. He has attention deficit disorder. Her body is getting worse by the minute and he's going all over the place.

2771 days ago


hahaha - he does not want to tell the truth on THESE drug use questions AT ALL!

His mouth is dry and he knows he's screwed now - no decisions were made "of sound mind"

Now he just lied and said she didn't need to go to rehab..... but he was setting up rehab for her to go to? What a liar!

2771 days ago


They need to show the vidoe where she is dressed like a clown high as hell!!
Howard Stern had more to do with this whole thing than he admitting too...
Stephanie Guerra
Columbus Ga

2771 days ago


Howard is a bumbling IDIOT!!!

Answer the questions!!!

Charge him with contempt of court!!!

2771 days ago


look--if he was her supposed best friend/partner/lover, and lived with her, he must have known she was on drugs. some of the footage on different entertainment news programs show her clearly slurring her words, nodding off, acting completely out of touch--any half-wit can see the woman was on something.

he is a user and abuser, and kept her on those drugs for his own benefit. i hope the rotten stinking truth of how this man enabled her distruction comes out.

2771 days ago


Show the clowen video Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it will kill him

2771 days ago


i wish they could show that video of a druged up clown to show that howard knew of her drug use and laughed about it.

2771 days ago


Could he be more nervous??

2771 days ago


HKS: "Look I'm not a Doctor." No but you are the supplier and enabler!

2771 days ago


Are u people so miserable in your owns lives that this is fun entertainment to you? God, u people are heartless one track assh***s!

2771 days ago


To #8: Yes, they need both HIS and the baby's since HE is claiming to be the father!!

2771 days ago


I know that was a great move on the Judge's part, PLEASE TAKE AWAY HIS WATER!!!

2771 days ago


This is the most ridiculous line of questioning ever. The whole issue is where to bury the body, not anything else. Also, whether or not Howard is a bad guy is not the question. The question is who would Anna have wanted to be in charge of her final wishes? Whether or not you agree with Howard she did of her choice time and again ask Howard to help her in her life, not her "mother".

2771 days ago


Is there a chat going on now?

This is like a bad soap opera. Sad for Anna.

2771 days ago
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