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Anna's Drug Use

2/21/2007 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The judge in the Anna Nicole case has just said he will ask questions about Anna's drug use. Stern just testified Anna "was on prescription medication at different times." The judge asked if she was abusing drugs. Stern replied, "Look I'm not a doctor."

Stern then testified that Anna had been in rehab. He said, "Anna Nicole took prescription medication, mostly for depression."

Stern said, "It's not like Anna was medicated all the time. It's not like she couldn't talk."

The judge just asked about the video FOX obtained that TMZ published, and Stern said "That's the way Anna talks. There are times she was more impared than that." The judge then jumped on Stern and said, "What do you mean more impared than that." Stern said he didn't mean she was impaired.

Stern acknowledged Smith took methadone, "but not in my presence over the last five months." She acknowledged Dr. Sandeep Kapoor in Los Angeles prescribed it. TMZ first reported Kapoor prescribed methadone when Smith was 13 days before giving birth. Kapoor prescribed the drug under an alias.

Stern also acknowledged Smith was taking Dilaudid, a powerful painkiller.


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Oh good gracious.... the toxicology results are going to show just how much dope was in her system. Any idiot could look at her and tell she was an addict. No one cared when she was alive, why on earth does anyone care now?? Her dang on mother who hadn't seen her in over 10 years certainly didnt' care.

Bury the woman for goodness sake. Then let the real fight (for the money) begin!

2771 days ago


Wow, this is sensational. The judge just caught him in one, "more impaired". He's so close to her, he doesn't know what drugs she took? Yeah right, where's that swamp in Florida I wanta sell!

What a lying rat Stern is. He knowingly facilitated her drug abuse, he knows she was out of it, he admitted already to having power to sign checks. He's a leech and this farce needs to end tomorrow with the clown video. Enuff said there.

2771 days ago


(#8 Me) of course they need Howards DNA...
they have to compare the babies DNA to his!

2771 days ago


Hey Yo! TMZ... He was refering to the ET interview concerning Vergie...... Not the clown video...... DUH... He hasn't seen that video, but if you find me his email, I will email it to him... LOL Peace Kids, enjoy the crazy show!!

2771 days ago


22 - Larry Birkhead wants to prove he is the father. In order to do so, they will need A. Larry's DNA B. Dannielynn's DNA.

They do not need Howard's DNA to prove Larry is the father, which is the goal of Larry's team.

2771 days ago

Team Birkhead    

bring in more water!!

2771 days ago


*Off-label use for Topamax: mood-stabilization AND weight-loss. Effective for both at higher doses.*

2771 days ago



Annas mother physically abused her, and her stepfather RAPED her- is it any wonder that she was one drugs? I doubt any one on this post would do much better under the circumstances she faced... And u all think THAT MOTHER should get her body? Anna trusted and wanted HKS around or he wouldnt have been around... she would have kicked him to the curb like she did anyone who hurt her in anyway- so how bad can he be if he was around for over 10 years?! As for Larry, I find it funny that no one has commented on the fact when Anna reportedly told him she was pregnant that he said he wanted nothing to do with the baby= my my how a few million can change ones mind.

2771 days ago


...Wasn't at least ONE of those Methadone prescriptions subscribed to Howard????

2771 days ago


Her medical records/drug use is not relovent has to her intent on where she would be laid to rest.

And he did NOT try to leave the stand, get your facts straight, his lawyer asked permission to speak to him, the judge told her to, he was moving up out of the chair away from the microphone...and quickly sat back down when the judge told him to not bother getting up.

Whatever this man may or may not have done don't add to it but reporting falsehood or making it "seem" he was doing something else.

2771 days ago

just wondering    

I agree with #11. I am not a Howard K Stern fan, but really I thought the hearing was to determine where Anna is to be buried. From everything I have read and heard she would want to be buried next to her son. I guess I am missing something here, but I do believe this judge is trying to get his 15 minutes of fame and I think that is very sad.

2771 days ago

Karen Pulicicchio    

The Judge ment the tape from ET not from FOX ,,, ET's tape was shown not the Fox one..

2771 days ago


I'm not crazy about the judge, but I like him now! He has Harold by the balls hehe. I used to take Topamax for migraines. One of the side effects is weight loss. Shows you TrimSpa is crap! He could he not know all of the drugs she took. He's full of shit. If he cared about her like he claims he did, he would have known what drugs she took.

2771 days ago


This is a fascinating case, especially due to time constraints. They could pull in a whole lot of witnesses with conflicting testimony, but they are trying to beat the clock on the deteriorating body.

I am shocked Howard said that ANS did not take any Methadone in the last 5 months.

2771 days ago

Josh Roben    

The role that Slim-Fast played in Anna's weight loss can easily be disputed if she was also taking Topamax. Topamax often causes dramatic weight loss.

2771 days ago
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