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Anna's Drug Use

2/21/2007 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The judge in the Anna Nicole case has just said he will ask questions about Anna's drug use. Stern just testified Anna "was on prescription medication at different times." The judge asked if she was abusing drugs. Stern replied, "Look I'm not a doctor."

Stern then testified that Anna had been in rehab. He said, "Anna Nicole took prescription medication, mostly for depression."

Stern said, "It's not like Anna was medicated all the time. It's not like she couldn't talk."

The judge just asked about the video FOX obtained that TMZ published, and Stern said "That's the way Anna talks. There are times she was more impared than that." The judge then jumped on Stern and said, "What do you mean more impared than that." Stern said he didn't mean she was impaired.

Stern acknowledged Smith took methadone, "but not in my presence over the last five months." She acknowledged Dr. Sandeep Kapoor in Los Angeles prescribed it. TMZ first reported Kapoor prescribed methadone when Smith was 13 days before giving birth. Kapoor prescribed the drug under an alias.

Stern also acknowledged Smith was taking Dilaudid, a powerful painkiller.


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missy crowell    

Please...this whole thing is a circus and everyone is lying. I do feel sorry for the innocent child.

2765 days ago

What the hell happened to Eddie!    

he said the will cover sheet fax tmz has has the wrong date on...they are discussing it now..he called it a "red herring"..he said no will was faxed on the 3rd...

2765 days ago


Dilaudid! I knew it!!!! I just posted about this in the thread about her using Topamax.

2765 days ago


oh man he had the will faxed before they went to florida i smell a rotten fish named howard killer stern!!!!!!@@

2765 days ago


hey all This is nessesary to show intent you dont live and love someone knowingley they are on perscripitons drugs while signing papers for a will that he is saying he is excutor to in otherwords he was in this for her money the bum hasnt worked for may of years and his parents support him exactaly what i thought would any one of you on here right now want some one like HKS to take control of your life or in fact anything to do with your life like he has done !!!!!!!! If you agree all fine if not dont knock me im on here because i care and am lerning an awfull lot and do live in calif matter of fact not too far at all from ANS doctor !!! and I am very happy all this ??? have come up ,HKS would in fact not be a very good caretaker of Daniellynn or to manage any funds or buriel at alll !! Just my opion on i have some misspelled words sorry all and Thankyou

2765 days ago


It's about time...Howie's being crucified, and deserves every second of it. God bless the judge. He may be full of his own theatrics, but he's not letting Howard get away with taking control.

2765 days ago


How come Howard didn't realize Anna had a problem with drugs when he is so close to her as he claims? Anna's mother is in another state and doesn't get to keep in touch with her daughter on a regular basis, even knows her daughter was in trouble with drugs.

Howard kept Anna away from her family and filled Anna's head with lies about her family, where she was actually believing that bad things happened to her while she was growing up.

If Anna's mother was such a bad mother, how come Anna had her mother raise Daniel for 6 years? Daniel turned out to be a very nice kid.

It's amazing how one person can gain control over another.
Howard needs to go back to where he came from and finally leave this family alone.

Howard keeps saying Anna wanted to be buried in the Bahamas. She only lived there for approximatly 6 months.
I read somewhere that the officials from the Bahamas don't even want Anna buried there. Howard and Anna embarrassed their country with the things they have done.

Anna needs to be home with her blood family. Howard finally needs to get a LIFE!

2765 days ago


YES! They are finally getting into the fact that the will was faxed from RAR (Ron A Rale) 5 days BEFORE her death. Howard will need another gallon of water!!!!

2765 days ago



2765 days ago


how did stern get a law degree? he is so stupid it is incredible. I cant believe he acted like her husband and did not know what drugs (legal or illegal) she was taking. He just admitted that she took dilaudid--this is one of the most powerful pain medications that there is. Last year when my husband was dying of pancreatic cancer this was the last pain medication that was prescribed to ease his discomfort, it is a step below morphine. How could he not think this made her impaired. And to those who think this doesnt have anything to do with where she is buried, if she was impaired by drug use and stern's control of her then her decisions were impaired and maybe not what she really wanted.

I say take daniel's body and her body and bury them in the family plot in the us where she belongs. She broke with her mom (who indeed raised Daniel) when stern came into the picture

2765 days ago


O.k. we ALL agree that Anna Nicole Smith used drugs! Now what does that have to do with Where she should be buried? Whether Howard K. Stern approved of her using drugs or not did not matter because Anna Nicole Smith was a grown woman. Her mother stated that she knew her daughter used drugs, so why didn't she make her stop? Well, it's because Anna Nicole Smith was an adult and it was completely up to her to decide to stop or continue. I'm sure that many of us have had loved ones do things that we did not agree with, and generally we don't put those people out of our lives. We try and talk to them and hope that they will listen and eventually do the right thing. But, if they don't do the right thing does that make us responsible for what happens to them? If they go out and commit a crime should we go to jail with them since we were not able to stop them? Absolutely not......especially if the person that committed the crime was an adult!

2765 days ago


i think that one atorney the judge keeps calling "Texas" is a prick!!!

2765 days ago


Dilaudid AND Methadone.......

A gun would have been cleaner.

2765 days ago


For everyone talking their shit:

1) I'd like to see you stand trial in front of millions of people, most of whom are against you.

2) I can only imagine what this man (because he IS human people) is going through, having lost someone who was very close to him for many years (whether you think he was there for the money or not, she obviously married him for a reason--doesn't that say enough??)

3) You only know what the media puts out there, you'll never know the REAL story, always keep that in mind as you run your mouths.

2765 days ago


Wow look at Howard squirm!!!! The drug use shows in that weird video!! Anna was so out of it that she didnt even snap when he said that footage was worth money. Nor did she snap to the fact that the camera man was in it for the money!!! He is a user and a loser simple put!!!!

2765 days ago
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