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Bridget's Panties in a Brady Bunch over Gisele

2/21/2007 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bridget, Gisele, and Tom BradyIt's gotta be a drag when your NFL quarterback BF dumps you after three years and takes up with a Victoria's Secret supermodel ... and then you find you're three months preggers. Now Tom Brady says that knocked-up ex Bridget Moynahan is trying to make him "look like a jerk." That shouldn't be tough!

While Tom and Brazilian bombshell Gisele Bundchen (who used to date Leonardo DiCaprio) were vacationing in Paris, Bridget dropped the bomb that she was in the family way ... an out-of-wedlock event which couldn't have pleased Tom's staunchly Catholic family. Apparently, Bridget was trying to embarrass Gisele and make her look bad. That'd be tough!

Reports say that Gisele has never been happier, despite Tom's lil' pigskin slip, and that the two will probably marry. GB and her QB are headed to Milan so G can appear in the D&G show there.

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Probably marry? They just started dating! She is such a downgrade from Bridget.

2809 days ago


Hey, Bridget, here's some advice: You should have taken birth control, to have sex with a man you aren't married to. Now your poor child won't have a daddy who is at home with him/her. Poor baby...

2809 days ago


So funny that Giselle presumed she would marry Tom after dating for a matter of weeks. It takes awhile to get to know someone. Didn't she say the same thing about her 3 year on/off relationship with Leo Decaprio? So silly.

2809 days ago


How is she trying to make him look like a jerk? He knocked her up and left her? He is his own worst enemy.

2809 days ago


Sounds to me that Gisele is DESPERATE for a MAN (Any man may apply)! - And, she's not being picky either! I guess that what happens when your ex-(Leonardo DiCapri) DUMPS you for a MORE BEAUTIFUL & YOUNGER Girl.! You - become DESPERATE!.....

Anyway - TOM BRADY - is a big cry-baby! -
NOW! he'll have a real baby to cry right next to him!

MAYBE - They will marry each other! They're both BIG BABIES!!!!!

2809 days ago

ya right!    

ummm... a downgrade? A c-list "actress" (did you hear, she has a make out session with heather graham-wow.) versus an international supermodel. No competition. I know, he has some responsibility about this whole baby thing, but they were together for three years and suddenly now you got preggers? I think she went a little crazy and decided to -oops- not take her pill. She must have sensed the relationship was ending...
poor tommy, i hope he moves on from this nutjob and stays with gisele- of course still taking responsibility and care of the baby.

2809 days ago

Go Go Gadget    

I knew there was a reason why I didn't like Tom Brady.

2809 days ago


So sad. I used to think that Tom Brady was a great guy....humble, good role model, great player. Now he just seems like any other loser star sports figure out there and not a role model for young boys. My two boys used to wear Tom Brady shirts and would say they wanted to be just like Tom when they grow up....now I am using the shirts to clean my toilets.

His image is now tarnished. Not to say the ex-girlfriend is innocent. It seems a little strange that she got pregnant at the very end of their relationship. Did she maybe stop taking the pill and not tell him? Still jumping from one girlfriend to the next makes him seem like a "player." He now looks like a real jerk, b/c it looks like he probably knew about the baby and still left his old girlfriend for the next hottest thing. Just another example of someone changing for the worse after they become a "star."

Tom Bradey=a role model no longer.

2809 days ago


Tom Brady is the GREATEST QB EVER !!!!!

2809 days ago


I think Tom is a big disappointment to all of us who thought he had some integrity. He partook in the making of this child and now he is flaunting around in Paris with a super underwear model and publically buying her diamond earings. Then to hear that he knew ex was preggers. How must this feel to a woman only 3-4 months along? Sounds like a K-Fed move to me and Ms G. is his little Britney. I feel bad for his child some day when they read all of this press and see what big daddy is really all about.

2809 days ago


Why is Tom so villified right now??? So two people who don't want to be together have to stay together because the girl is preggers???? That is such bull shit! What is this 1950!!!! STOP acting so shocked that she is pregnant and they aren't together! It takes two to make a baby and why have unprotected blow your load inside sex if they are breaking up???? They are both contributors. Women get pregnant all of the time and don't stay together!!! Stop putting she said he said ideas into everyone's head! I bet everyone is just blowing everything out of proportion like always. Leave them alone. I am sure they will both be great parents.

2809 days ago

Red Sox Fan    

C'mon...three years later she gets knocked up? I smell a trap. That biological clock was tick tick ticking away and she had to hurry up and do something. She knew she was losing her man so what better way to try and keep him around then to get preggo.

2809 days ago


LOL #7!
Tom will dump Gisele's ass just like he did to Bridget and the girl before. He's just looking for a good time right now. Gisele is such a buttaface anyway. He had such a beatiful woman in Bridget and dumped her for a fugly desperate toothpick!

2809 days ago


Tom Brady is doing a fine job of looking like a jerk all by himself. Bridget Moynihan is 100 times prettier thatn Gisele "nose job" Bundchen. She is a leech from what i hear. How could you date a man knowing he left his pregnant girlfriend? How could anyone do that? Karma is a bitch Tom!

2809 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

If it walks like a jerk, and talks like a jerk, and acts like a jerk,
is it a jerk?

Yeah. It's all HER fault.

Shakes head.

2809 days ago
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