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"Lost" Diary -- Stranger in a Strange Land

2/22/2007 3:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hey, it's Daniel from TMZ here, back with another edition of the "Lost" Diary. After last week's epic episode, I am psyched for this week. "Lost" is back (back, meaning good again) and I couldn't be happier.

There were some unbelievably great comments last week. Some notes on a few of them:

-- A ton of you said that you thought of me immediately when you heard about Charlie's impending death. OK, so not only do I obsess over the potential death of a fictional television character, but now even total strangers I have never met know it too.

-- Most of you agree Charlie should die, but it seems the second most disliked character is Kate. She has gotten pretty annoying and all she's good for is being held at gunpoint.

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes. I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. This week the usual crew of Ari, Lauren and Matt is back together -- kinda like Van Halen reuniting, only none of us play any instruments. Let's roll:

-- Kate wants Sawyer to turn the boat around to go back and rescue Jack (predictable) while Karl is babbling incoherently about God and Jacob. When was the last time Kate said something where she wasn't whining?

10:01 -- Jack thinks the Others plan on killing him now, and he's got every reason to think so. But Henry Gale did promise to send him "home," which I think we all know isn't happening. My prediction: the Others start to send him home, only Locke and Sayid and the rest of them "rescue" him and ruin it. Just a thought.

10:02 -- "Hey." -- Juliet. Things don't look so good for her.

10:06 -- And it's Jack flashback time. Prepare for either daddy issues or dumped by his wife issues.

10:07 -- Or hot Asian woman on the beach issues.

10:08 -- Jack's in Sawyer's cage and apparently the Others have a "sheriff."

10:10 -- Kate and Sawyer are having some post-coital problems, and Karl is kinda creeping me out. But he is full of info, so there's that.

10:12 -- Juliet is trying to get Jack to help Ben as a "personal favor" to her. Other than the fact she's hot, why would we do her a favor? Jack, remember, she's evil.

10:18 -- Oh look, Jack brought up his dad. Didn't see that coming.

10:19 -- "I have a gift." -- Achara. I'm sure that won't come up later.

10:20 -- Isabelle wants to ask Jack a few questions. First impression: she's kind of creepy, but only kind of.

10:21 -- Apparently, Isabelle is "investigating" whether or not Juliet tried to get Jack to kill Henry. I half expected to hear the "Law & Order" sound. What are the odds Jack lies to save Juliet? I am going 80/20 that he does.

10:22 -- What a sap.

10:23 -- Not sure what I think about this Isabelle. Feels like they are trying to force another creepy character on us. The rest of the room thinks she's a transvestite; a tad harsh, I think. What happened to Ms. Klugh?

10:26 -- Well at least Jack scored with Achara. There is a dirty joke here to be made about her "gift," but I'm gonna be the adult here and let it go.

10:28 -- Hey it's Cindy from the back of the plane and she's "there to watch." That doesn't sound good. Oh Cindy, Ana Lucia's dead and she was a bitch, too. Sorry to break it to you.

10:30 -- Karl ran away to hide in the woods and cry and has never heard of "The Brady Bunch." Except for the episode in Hawaii with Vincent Price and the tiki, I wish I had never heard of it either. Lauren wonders why they aren't questioning Karl more. Fair point.

10:32 -- Gotta admit, I am bored as hell. The room is restless and throwing out four-letter words.

10:33 -- Apparently, Alex has daddy issues too. She and Jack will have a lot to talk about.

10:34 -- And Jack wants out of his cage. Maybe now something will actually happen.

10:39 -- "The cavalry has arrived at last." -- Henry Gale. If this were a cheezy 90s sitcom, the studio audience would applaud Henry's first appearance -- it's long overdue.

10:40 -- So Ethan was a surgeon. He kinda looked more like he worked at UPS.

10:41 -- So Jack is going to save Ben to save Juliet. Can a man be (another word for a small cat)-whipped if they haven't even had sex? Grow a pair Jack!

10:42 -- By the way, part of me thinks Jack is lying about the infection just to save Juliet.. Only, again, I don't think he has the cajones.

10:43 -- "My work is not decoration, it is definition." -- Achara. Bit of a letdown on the whole "gift" thing. I wish it had been something dirty.

-- I think Jack just committed reverse tattoo rape. Never thought I'd coin that phrase.

10:46 -- "He has, however, ordered her to be marked." -- Isabelle. Like a tattoo? Like "The Scarlett Letter"? What kind of mark are we talking about here?

-- Three things about Jack's beating: 1) His tattoo wasn't complete. 2) Reverse tattoo rape has its consequences. 3) I really thought one of the guys was going to say, "Welcome to Thailand, bitch!" R.I.P. "The O.C."

10:51 -- I was kind of expecting Juliet's "mark" to be like Jack's tattoo, not a branding.

10:54 -- Juliet says they're leaving the island and taking Jack back to where they live. We saw their little village when the plane crashed, so "where they live" shouldn't be a huge surprise. But so many people have mentioned it during the episode, I kinda think it will be.

10:55 -- Sawyer thinks Kate threw him a "I thought you were going to die" lay, and she doesn't appear to be denying it. That's gotta hurt.

10:56 -- So Jack's tattoo says, "He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us." Jack says, "That's what they say, but that's not what they mean." Thanks, Yoda.

10:57 -- Nothing is really happening.

10:58 -- Still nothing.

10:59 -- Huh?

Normally I now do a "What did we learn this week?" But I am too angry for that. What the hell was that? On the heels of one of the best episodes ever, we get a complete and utter waste of an hour. Just a severe, other level disappointment.

According to the promos, we were supposed to get three mysteries solved, but I only counted two: what Jack's tattoo means (like anyone really cared about that!), and why no one watches "Lost" anymore. I can't defend this episode, so I am just going to stop writing about it. Tomorrow's "O.C." finale better be good, or else I will really lose it.

This is the spot where I usually throw out a question to try and spark comments, but it seems futile this week, since every comment will probably be about how much this episode sucked. But if you can come up with anything good that came out of this week, I'd LOVE to hear it. Seriously, anything at all.

(Deep breath ... Come on Daniel, it's just a television show.)

Sorry, normally I am not this negative. So let's try this again. Here is my question to you: If you could pick one word to describe your reaction to tonight's episode, what would it be?

See you next week.


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What a crap episode- and BAI FREAKING LING? Who did she sleep with to get THAT job? Not like the role was a big stretch for her, considering she normally runs around looking like a Thai hooker anyway...and NOT HOT at all, in fact nasty and old and FUGLY. Jack, I mean honestly, dude can do WAY better than that. At least find a HOT thai hooker. And if she was supposedly Thai why is his tattoo in Chinese? What a pointless, pointless story line. UGH. If Bai Ling every appears on the show I may have to stop watching it altogether as I personally find her more repulsive than even Ms. Britney Spears herself. (yes, i just said that)

2808 days ago


# 39. Yo Momma -- The sheriff was not the lady from the jewelery store. It is an entirely new character.

2808 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

yeah i wasn't impressed either. that cheesy music and long shared look by juliet and jack while on the boat at the end sealed the deal. worst episode ever.

bright side, next week looks good!

2808 days ago


Best part of the whole show was when they showed a closeup of Jack's hand on Juliet's waist as he was treating her back. The fact he was reaching through cage bars made it even hotter somehow. Hey we all have our quircks :-).

2808 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

On a seious note, what did yall think juliet's "mark" looked like? It reminded me of something we've seen before, I just can't think of what....

Posted at 11:18AM on Feb 22nd 2007 by just sayin is all

it looked like a fleur-de-lis to me.

2808 days ago


i really thought achara's gift was going to be that she was one of those ping pong ladies, so that was disappointing...

2808 days ago

Alyssa Panaro    

The smartest thing that ABC has done with LOST was yank it out of the Wednesday 9 PM time slot in an effort to avoid competition with American Idol, which similarly proved talentless and boring this week. But Paula Abdul can sure be entertaining! Anyhoo, I am furious about this weeks episode. Not only is Bai-Ling just another cliched Asian male fantasy Blow-Up-Doll but why was it necessary to have yet ANOTHER jack flash-back. Has anyone been counting? I believe Jack's flashbacks may be encroaching 7 or 8 now? Are they insane? Also, I would just like to comment that the one thing we have learned from Jack's flashbacks is that all of these women should not be flattered by his courtship because he seems to fall in love with every broad who nods in his direction. Let's count. There's the Italian chick, his annoying ex wife, Juliette, Kate, Bai-Ling, and alas Analucia (count it). It's only a matter of time before he secretly longs for Isabelle's handsome grimace. I was somewhat impressed that he was rude to the stewardess though. FUN FACT: Juliette played Angelina Jolie's lesbian lover in the HBO borderline soft-core porn flick GIA.

2808 days ago


Juliet's branding looked like a pot plant to me ;)

I miss the first season. Someone mentioned it and I immediately had a sense of loss (no semi-pun intended). I loved the show back then, when nothing was known and we had the whole season ahead of us. Now it seems like it's all being made up as they go along.

Next week, they hide the faces of those involved in whatever "reunion" they're talking about. I'm assuming it's Kate and Sawyer getting back to the island, but why wouldn't they show their faces? I can't think of anyone else who's been missing that would be excited to be back or happily received by the Castaways.

What the frig is going on with this show ...

2808 days ago


What were the flight attendant and the other people there to watch???? Yet another unanswered question. This episode was horrible!!!!

2808 days ago


I love this blog and I love Lost! I am a new watcher...I watched the first and second seasons on DVD and caught up on season three on the internet. I thought last nights episode was better than last week. I still like the core characters and didn't like last weeks episode focusing on just Desmond.I am kind of tired of everyone complaining so much about Lost not being a good show anymore. I don't see that. I am afraid with all the complaining they are going to take the show off the air before its time and we won't find out any answers to our questions. Simmer down!!

2808 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

Re: Juliet's mark, which to me looked like a fleur-de-lis. Check out the following movie quote from the movie the three musketeers...

"Athos: The brand of the fleur-de-lis, the mark given to those who are to be executed for murder. The Count was crushed. The woman he loved, his bride, had betrayed him. She'd lied to him. When she came to, she swore that she'd been falsely accused of these crimes, but he didn't believe her; he rejected her for her lies and for her past. Then he banished her from his province."

Damn I'm good.

So many references to literature in lost...

2808 days ago


Well the episode was really boring and useless...true...but I don't think that there's something that would keep me from watching the show while I'm alive...I just can't be home on Wed night at 10 pm and simply don't watch the show...that's not gonna happend

2808 days ago


the only good thing about Lost last night is that it's over and OC is on tonight, you are so so right...and it better be good. Bai Ling, Jack's banging partner? Eeew...

2808 days ago


First: No. Joan Crawford's kid wasn't the lady in the jewelry store.
Second: When I saw it was ANOTHER Jack flashback, I almost hurled. Jack's a self-righteous, whiny, superior, whiny prig. Who cares about his tattoo? Juliet is only there to provide Jack with another love interest -- like anyone cares about that either. Also what about the "lawns?" We have that clue with "Ben calls it home." Do they having a housing tract on the island that has been missed up to now?
OK so writers notes:
No more Jack. Kill him -- have him vaporize in a herioc, self-righteous. And while the writers are at it can the smoke monster slam Kate against a tree and kill her? She is such a stereotypically helpless -- but plucky -- female it makes me want to puke. Back to the other end of the island. What ever happened with Hurley and the asylum crap. Weren't we promised more Libby and answers to that?
C'mon writers stop putzing around. Watch Heros if you need direction on building suspense while actually telling a compelling story, rather than this pretentious loooooooooog-drawn-out mystery crap.

2808 days ago



but im not going to stop watching

2808 days ago
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