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Virgie's "Texas" Lawyer Collapses in Court

2/22/2007 3:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Virgie Arthur's lawyer, John "Texas" O'Quinn, collapsed in court just moments ago, apparently suffering from diabetic shock, and causing a gigantic commotion in court.

It was unclear what the status of his health was, but a witness provided a Luna bar for relief, as the judge clamored for orange juice.

O'Quinn, a colorful Texas figure, is a car collector who owns the Batmobile from "Batman Forever," and Pope John Paul II's Ford Escort.


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Sad that everyone is making his medical problems a joke. I hope that he feels better.
I bet that the stress, and length of time this case is taking a tole on his body. But I guess here is another delay.

2763 days ago

Mary Rod    

That judge should be ashamed of hiimself!!! this is such a circus and he wants publcility for a show..the reason they are there is to bury anna not bring up everybodys past!!! he is the one who asks most of the stupid questions that dont concern this case! I am ashamed he is a judge! yes howard may have not stopped her from doing drugs but you cant help people that dont want to be helped. yes she pretty much supported him BUT he was her gofer, business mgr, friend and maybe lover and yet he never got paid! she wouldnt of buried daniel in the bahamas and bought a plot for her if she didnt want to be buried there! and her MOM What a joke of a mom! to carry on in the courtroom acting like she cared. where was she all these years to help her. if you truly want to help your daughter you would! she hasnt talked to her in 15 years or so and she knows she wanted to be buried in texas come on and to want to exhume daniels body to be buried in texas I am apauled!!! and yes she got alot of money from anna already so she is just as bad as everybody else! who is she kidding. anna said she never wanted to talk to her mom let anna rest in peace in the bahamas with her son who she loved so much! the only one who has lost anything in this case is the baby and howard..howard truly loved anna and was there for her right or wrong. if the baby is larry's let him take care of her and let howard try to pick up the pieces after anna was his life! gotta him him credit as anna was no picnic to live with from watching her show either! I hope this judge has some sense ! and actually have her in the bahamas after all the carrying on that he has done! his judge's position really should be questioned at this point! god bless you anna! rest in peace with Daniel!

2763 days ago



2763 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

this gets weirder and weirder by the minute!!! how the hell did they get us sucked in with this drama?? i mean, i just can't turn away from my tv!!! it's almost drug-like!!!

2763 days ago


John O'Quinn is not an eccentric lawyer, he is a crook. He is a tobacco lawyer that cut a deal to keep his money and put his partner Dan Morales, former Texas Attorney General, in prison. He is an actor. He has been in trouble all over Texas and is no friend to Vergie Arthur. He will steal her money. He is notorious for dirty dealings and underhanded tactics. If I were Larry Birkhead or Debra Opri or Howard K. Stern or Ron Rale, I would be afraid. He will go for the throat and take all of baby Dani's money. He should be disbarred.

2763 days ago


Where was Stern when this happened?

2763 days ago


yea, I heard the "Take my credit card and buy him some o.j." That was freakin hilarious. I'm not laughing at the diabetic ...just what the stupid judge said.
Still laughing.........God, I really am still laughing.

2763 days ago

Message In A Bottle    

Funny how you are all poking light at this what if it happened to you?
When you have diabetes, you just can't stop in the middle of a courtroom hearing, which can last hours and hours...also, sometimes the stress of the whole situation can take its toll on your body and its bloodu can be deadly too...what if he went into a diabetic coma?? My mother is diabetic so its not something you poke fun at.

2763 days ago


All we now now is Dr. Kapoor to parade around naked in the court to add to the circus atmosphere.

2763 days ago

Mad Balls    

Anyone know where I can get those 'shrooms ' that anna was flying on in the clown video ???
Someone gave the dude a LUNA bar . Lots' of fiber and natural sugar ... I love 'em . That and a cup of Organic coffee and I'm in heaven !!!!

2763 days ago

get it right    

I was wondering the same thing about the emails, the computer was stolen they said, and did ya'll see the lawyer for Stern give Larrys email out on TV!! What a loser, hope she likes it when ol' Howie is living off of her and keeping her all doped up.

2763 days ago


The attorney known as "Texas" was on Greta Van Susteren "On the Record Fox news"last night and he appeared to have tied one on prior to the interview. He was clearly under the influence ,even Gretta seemed uncomfortable at times.I wish someone had video of the interview,I dont think it was diabetes I think it was more like Jack Daniels!!!!!!

2763 days ago

wanna know    

Barbara, That was my thought earlier today, just how did those emails come up, if the computers were stolen. Did Howard have her password and pull them, by opening her account? Is that theft?
TEXAS - if you are reading this - DON'T eat the Luna bar - it came from the next witness of Howard K Stern!!!!!!! Don't do it TEXAS -- you are the lone star!

2763 days ago


Wow! Mary Rod said everything PERFECTLY!!!!All my thoughts EXACTLY!!!

2763 days ago

getting crazier every second    

Message in the bottle:
Lighten up. My mom, grandmother have diabetes. No one is making fun of Texas. They are making fun of the whole clownish atomosphere. It is like "what else is going to happen". It is one absurdity after another. It is in the realm of the unbelievable.
Go Judge Bozo. I want a red nose on him in a picture. I wish I had photoshop.
Dan Abrams on MSNBC looks like a cleaned-up HowardKillerStern.
Without the beady, shifting eyes of course.

2763 days ago
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