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Anna's Mom Wants the Body: Round Two

2/23/2007 6:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Virgie Arthur, the mother of Anna Nicole Smith, has filed court papers asking a judge to issue an emergency order stopping the release of her body to the court-appointed guardian of Dannielynn.
Court docs: Anna Nicole Smith
In the documents, filed today in Florida, Arthur says that "as natural mother and next of kin" of Anna, she is "entitled to make the decision regarding where [she], her child, is to be buried.

TMZ is told a judge will decide whether to grant Arthur's request, or deny it, paving the way for Anna's burial in the Bahamas.


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Miss Mary    

Common Virgie, give it a rest. Did she give a damn about her daughter in life.?. Nope! Did she give a damn about her grandson in life? NOPE! Ok, why is it that she "loved them OH SO MUCH" but she didnt bust her rump trying to see them when they were both alive? But now that they are dead she has a say? Probably because they can't fight her away from them now. The only reason she wants her daughter is so she can have control over the money issues. She is a cold hearted sick individual.

2766 days ago


Damned is clear that Vergie Arthur's texas lawyers have more of a stake in this fight than where Anna Nicole Smith is laid to rest. If she is able to maintain her "dog" in the fight than she can also continue with her temporary custody orders in the Bahamas as well as continue on to probate the will saying it is either null and void or that if it is accepted, Howard should be removed as executor due to not having her best interests at hand or whatever it says in the clause about removing the executor. If Howie is removed as executor perhaps somewhere along the line her lawyers may be able to muscle in on that waiting settlement with Marshall...thus their 33 1/3 take of the "big money".

2766 days ago

Big fan of TMZ    

I applaud Mr. Shelly Ford for speaking out in the courtroom. But I want to know why no one is charging Howard Stern with giving ANS all those drugs? I think he is afraid to take a Paternity test becuase he is NOT the father. Howard Stern is a very sick individual. This is all about money. His meal ticket is gone. The "clown" video is disgusting! "Is this a mushroom trip?" Hello, as he said in the video, the video would make a lot of money. What a legacy to leave for the daughter.............. The mother should definitely NOT get custody of the body or the baby!! I thought Judge Larry Seidlin's behavior was great because he got to find out a lot of things about the major players and I think his decision was great.

2766 days ago

A Man Who Knows!    

If this piece of trash cared about her daughter she would let go and allow her daughter to be buried along side her son in the Bahamas. Why she would want her daughters body to sit in a cold morgue any longer than it already has is beyond me. This woman needs to move on and stop being a selfish pig! Why did she not fight this hard while her daughter was alive?....She should have fought when her daughter dropped out of school, when she turned to stripping to support herself or when she married an 85 year old man's too late now. Her great mothering skills produced a drug induced piece of eye candy. Virgie, your daughter hated you for good reason, rot in hell!

2766 days ago


This woman is something else. She clearly cant get enough of being in the media so has to continue to put things out there so she can be in it more because you know darn well after this is all said and done she wont be a lick of shit. Let ANS be buried next to her son. Geez after ANS death the media was reporting in Mexia Texas and it was pretty clear on tv that they didnt care about her death so why bury her in a place where she didnt want to be buried.

2766 days ago


Mama Virgie just wants to sell tickets to Annas gravesite in Texas.

2766 days ago


#15 TH go study your law books. As much as I hate to agree with this Judge, he followed the law right by the books. Cowan vs Cowan

2766 days ago


poor dannielynn will hate her g'ma for doing this to her mother. and the drama will never end in the ans saga

2766 days ago

truth sleuth    

hmmm...interesting some of you howl about it is a mother's right to be buried by her child and yet you want to deny Virgie that right....oh wait, thats right, because you want to believe what a DRUG ADDICT said about hating her mother. Here's a newsflash...DRUG ADDICTS HATE ANYONE AND EVERYONE THAT STANDS IN THE WAY OF FEEDING THEIR ADDICTION!

2766 days ago


It's not like she can't have Splash TV fly her whole redneck family to the Bahamas and make some more cash off of their memorial service'd be like the Bahama Hillbillys.

Must....make....15 minutes....last.....longer.....

2766 days ago

Terrie/ Southern Belle    

Just cremate her and split up her ashes among the three of them everyone wins...
It looks to me like Vergie doesn't give a rats ass about the happiness of her daughter. This proves to the world where Anna got her values and morals from.
Cry me another river you just want your two minutes of fame...
Get a life stop trying to suck whats left of the daughter you never gave 2- shits about. Just because Anna was a drug addict does'nt give you the right to turn your back on her....Don't give me that shit that Anna wouldn't take your calls...
You never callled her except when you wanted something...
I'm from the deep south too I know how you people think I have parents and family just like you... and guess what mommy dearest there all alone!!

2766 days ago

Southern California Gal...    

Doesnt this say "AHHHHHHHHHHH" and take the cake...

Well we all shall see whats going to happen now ...Are we all in for another weeks of drama with this.....

So what happens now ......???
I bet HK$ is having a shit now knowing this news...
Well its not over yet.....!

I guess I will have to be by the TV again next week like I was this week....

2766 days ago

Patricia C.    

Virgie Arthur, ANS's mom, is entitled to the remains of her daughter for burial. She is the next of kin (who is over eighteen years of age), and the baby's Guardian, a stranger to the baby aswellas the family of ANS, should only have authority to decide where to bury ANS "IF" there is no other living relative available. If they had allowed for a quick paternity test, Larry and ANS's mother would have come to a decision on this matter (together). They will, I am sure have ANS's son unearthed and brought back to his own country, USA, to rest in peace next to his mother. And, family and friends will all be able to pay their respects to them HERE. The Bahamas was only a hide-a-way for ANS for the time being. Most people saw the most recent tapes of her and how "out-of-it" ...more than usual, she was. There is no way she was in control of her life, thoughts, desires, etc. She was brainwashed! I just learned that this "stay" has to go before Sheidlan the sign off on it or not. Who knows what is next?

2766 days ago


James Brown died on Christmas and he's not rotted like Anna's .. do you think she might have been dead longer and we've been lied to. They waited long enough to call 911 .. and called dear Howard first ... the one who makes no money at all .. but will have it all at his disposal. THE MOM HAD NO PLASTIC SURGERY AND SHE IS A LOVING MOM WHO ANNA INTENDED HER MOM RAISE UNTIL SHE GOT MARRIED TO A HUNDRED YEAR OLD MAN AND BROUGHT HER SON HOME SO SHE WOULD HAVE SOMEONE TO PLAY WITH CLOSER TO HER OWN AGE. Get real .. Anna is the bad mom with plastic surgery, the mom is a hard working woman who is not rich of money but of heart and love. She loved her daughter and grandaughter and she is in pain and probably always suffered from a broken heart .. I think she is right... she knew her daughter would be dead and she said so on live TV .. credit her that she tried .. she failed .. because of Stern, his video of Anna knowing she took mushrooms, laughing about it, when the little girl wanted to call for help, he ignored her... but he did say on the video for all of us to hear... it was worth money. He wants money he can't make

2766 days ago


The longer Virgie strings this out, the longer it is until the whole mess is taken care of. Why the hell would anyone want to be buried in Texas anyway? I woud prefer the Bahamas too.

2766 days ago
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