Was Anna Nicole About to Change Her Will?

2/20/2007 9:35 PM PST

Was Anna Nicole About to Change Her Will?

TMZ has obtained the cover sheet to a fax, sent six days before Anna Nicole Smith died, and it raises questions about Anna Nicole's intent to change her will.

The cover sheet shows the fax was sent on 02/03/2007 at 02:18. The fax contained the existing will of Anna Nicole. It lists a phone number with the initials RAR -- we believe that to be Ron A. Rale, Howard Stern's lawyer. It is unknown to whom the fax was sent, but as far as TMZ knows, Rale's only connection to Smith was Howard K. Stern.

We know Stern was concerned for Smith's well-being. TMZ has obtained a statement from Smith's former nanny in which she alleged Smith tried to take her life twice after Daniel died. Under the will, Stern was not protected. Daniel was the only beneficiary with Stern as trustee. As a result, Smith's infant daughter would inherit her mom's property outside the will, and unless Stern could prove he was the father, he would probably lose his claim to serve as trustee.

There's a serious question as to whether Smith was even mentally capable of changing her will. There is evidence she was on methadone, and video several months earlier shows she was almost incapable of functioning. Indeed, even on a segment of "Entertainment Tonight" that aired just days before her death, Smith seemed out of it.

The question -- was Stern in the process of changing Anna's will just before she died? And if so, is this an acknowledgement by Stern that Daniel's death derailed his position? Stay tuned.