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Anna's Mom Wants the Body: Round Two

2/23/2007 6:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Virgie Arthur, the mother of Anna Nicole Smith, has filed court papers asking a judge to issue an emergency order stopping the release of her body to the court-appointed guardian of Dannielynn.
Court docs: Anna Nicole Smith
In the documents, filed today in Florida, Arthur says that "as natural mother and next of kin" of Anna, she is "entitled to make the decision regarding where [she], her child, is to be buried.

TMZ is told a judge will decide whether to grant Arthur's request, or deny it, paving the way for Anna's burial in the Bahamas.


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Beth Holst    

This woman makes me sick to my stomach! GO BACK TO TEXAS!

2798 days ago

Team Jon    

What kind of mother is she her daughters body is routing away in a morgue

2798 days ago

RICH S    

how was this "lady" a cop in Houston.??? she seems to have the IQ of a rock. She just needs to leave well enough and left her daughter be buried. it is all about the money. that court room looked like a room full of vultures circling to get their share.

2798 days ago


She bought her own burial plot AND BURIED her son!! I think ANS knew where she wanted to be buried!! No wonder she ran away from her mother and didn't talk to her! She is even trying to control her in death!! ENOUGH already!!! ANS wants to be with her son! Put your own selfish acts aside and listen to what your DAUGHTER wanted for once!! I don't think she would want to be taken from her family and buried not in TX. Now we can see who is looking for money and not in the best interest for ANS. Let her have her peace and not leave her to rot!! How CRUEL and ruthless!! ANS needs to be with her son!!!

2798 days ago

poor britney    

reguardless of any law anywhere she needs to be with her son, this women is a selfish money grubbing hog. if this is appealed is that another trial or does the judge just look at the transcript of the 1st trial? don't you think the appealet judge would look bad to overturn if there was so much overwhelming evidence of her intent to be buried w/ daniel

2798 days ago


IF they do bury Anna in the Bahama's, and then Daniel's birth father, brings him home to TX and buries him there.... what happens to Anna? Bottom line, she wants to be with her son. So is she then reburied in TX with him??

What a mess... and on the subject of messes, hks, the idiot he is, should give up while he is ahead. Do the paternity, let the baby know now instead of screwing her up as she gets older.

2798 days ago


This person couldn't control her in life so she is trying to control her in death. She even wanted to remove Daniels body and bring it to TX too. It is disgusting. She also is not nearest of kin. Dannielynn is nearest of kin being the surviving chlid. This woman is dusgusting and needs to go back to TX. She is trying to act like the grieving mother and she is disgusting.
Rest in Peace Anna and Daniel.

2798 days ago


Virgie Arthur is evil. I can't imagine a mother who would not let her daughter be buried with her grandson!

Virgie is motivated by money and spite. Anna didn't want her mother any where near her or Dannielynn. Anna's wishes should be respected.

2798 days ago


I think they should have compromised, allowed Mom to have funeral in Texas where family and friends could be present, but bury her next to her son.. Just because she is going to be buried in the Bahaman's does not mean they have to have the funeral there too...

2798 days ago


Isn't it obvious? This disgusting woman wants the body released to her so that her "sister-in-law" can video tape the funeral services so that these people can profit once again from Anna Nicole's death.

Frankly, it is completely obvious that this woman has not only one ounce of compassion in her body, but also not one ounce of class. She just wants to stick it to Anna one last time.

Vergie.....go climb back under the rock that you came out from. No wonder Anna wanted nothing to do with you!

2798 days ago


Tessa: Haven't you been following the case? Virgie is NOT the next of kin. The court ruled that Danielynn as the sole child of Anna Nicole is next of kin. Once your children grow up and are adults you are no longer necessarily next of kin...they have families (children, husband, partners, etc.) of their own.

2798 days ago


everyone talking about how anna's mom was this or that. what about anna, what kind of mother was she? anna let the son that she LOVED so deeply succumb to her drug infested lifestyle and then on top of that, fed her unborn baby drugs.

her mother didnt bother anna one bit, during all her fame and glory...she isnt about the money and should be entitled to finally have a say in where her body rests.

i highly doubt that daniel's wishes were ever considered when it came time for burial. she had this so-called will, im sure she had plans somewhere for burial...

her mother lost her daughter in life, let her have her in death...and the grandson too.

poor daniel.

2798 days ago


This is why Anna hated her mother. The woman is a bitch with no soul. How could you do this to your child? Let her rest in peace.

2798 days ago


This dumb bitch! I wish I could get on a plane to Florida and smack her silly!

VERGIE AKA MOMMY DEAREST the daughter you claim to love is rotting in a fucking fridge....this is love???

Can someone answer how in the hell she is gonna get the cash to take her body to Texas and Daniel? Is Splash going to pay for this??

2798 days ago


This is the mommie dearest's final act of control over her daughter. There were not enough drugs in the world to drown out the hatred Anna felt towards her mother. LEAVE IT ALONE VIRGIE. YOU LOST.

2798 days ago
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