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Britney Who? Web Searchers Want "Idol" Vixen

2/23/2007 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As it turns out, it's sex over psycho on the Internet.

Even though Britney Spears has been on everyone's lips this week with her crazy, rehab-hopping, umbrella-wielding antics, she's not what people really want to see. Shockingly enough, it's "American Idol" contestant Antonella Barba that everyone's curious about -- at least yesterday -- when more people searched for Barba on AOL Search than on Britney, who's one of the most looked-for people in the history of the Internet.

Salacious snaps, purportedly showing the buxom Barba, have popped up on numerous sites, though "Idol" producers haven't yet taken action against the singer as a consequence.

FOX had no comment on the photos or her search popularity.


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So what she can't sing... she's got a nice body! I've got a job for her=)

2797 days ago


I am leaving a comment here before I am sure that the American Idol message board will delete my response AGAIN.

The World War II Memorial honors the 16 million who served in the armed forces of the U.S., the more than 400,000 who died, and all who supported the war effort from home. Symbolic of the defining event of the 20th Century, the memorial is a monument to the spirit, sacrifice, and commitment of the American people.

A lot of these immature post claim it's not wrong what she did. A lot of them excuse it as just a fountain. Some say that the memorial is made to walk on and take picture of.

Let's be CLEAR....First of all it's not JUST a fountain. There doesn't have to be bodies buried there for it to be sacred. It is a place for all to remember those who lost their lives. The memorial is there for people to pay RESPECT to those soldiers NOT slash around in the water taking half naked photos.

Do you people actually believe that if a body is burned in Iraq and can't come home and their family puts a tombstone up in their memory that's it's OKAY to act disrespectful ON it and IN it just because a body isn't buried? That is SICK.

Also to those of you who talk about Pin ups and the troops in Iraq appreciating it...We are not speaking on behalf of those soliders. We are speaking on behalf of those who DIED and that memorial is for THEM. I am also sure that our soliders today might LOVE the naked pics of Antonella but they would be appalled by their location, if they have any respect for the men who fought before them

This isn't just about an american Idol contestant anymore. This is about the American attitude. We need to respect those who have fought and died and not mock their sacred place.

2797 days ago


I agree she must've been or be a snotty stuckup bitch, probably also stealing other girl's boyfriends or scruwing them--so it has come back to bite her in the ass. I think she's truly naturally beautiful, except maybe has fake boobs and she needs to get that gummy smile fixed(shades of ANS). She'll no doubt have a prolific career in the porn industry, stripping or whatever exploiting her body. She doesn't seem to care or have good judgement about her future or image. I see another ANS and Brit on the horizon.

2797 days ago


Is that a shadow or a MUSTACHE????? Hahahahahaha she is not attractive and should of went home for her LOUSY performance the other day

2797 days ago


They said buxom hahahahahahahaha shes skinny and has itty bitties--anything will make a story these day?

2797 days ago


She was AWFULL. I really thought she was going home. Better luck next time, she will NOT make it till the end. Sorry. I wouldn't cancel any summer plans I will be very surprised if she makes it to the top 12.

2796 days ago


God Bless our soldiers and their families but American Idol She is not------------ Dont want my teenage girl growing up, looking up to her/drinking and acting slutty. At the auditions she did well
SHE BLEW IT! She had her chance to shine and others stepped to the plate she did not.She should of been voted off period, now it looks as if she'll be thrown off and she should.

2796 days ago


saying she sucks is an understatement... people are saying the photos arent that bad??? I guess you havent seen her sucking on someones ****

2796 days ago



2795 days ago


She's SeXXXY,I'do her in a heart beat. If she wanted a threesome with another gril,I'd say hell yeah. I wish there were pictures of Carrie Underwood sitting on the toliet. AS for New York the guy who was kicked off for selling pot,didn't tell the producers so that's why he was kicked off. You need to quit playing the race card.

2795 days ago


The problem is... a contestant by the name of Frenchie was booted off of Idol several years ago for a lesser offense than what is going on here with Ms. Barba.

There's a morals clause in their appearance contract - she's shown being naked in a public fountain, there's allegations of sexual content in some of the pictures (be it real or photoshopped), as well as photos showing her participating in underage drinking.

This is a family show, and the drinking and naked pictures are portraying an image that Idol does not want to present (especially in light of their "Idol Camp" for young teens launching this summer in Massachusetts).

American Idol has no other choice but to dismiss her from the competition, and I will be really surprised if she is sitting with the rest of the women tonight as the men perform. They can't afford to have her as a distraction to the rest of the show and/or other contestants.

As I understand it, she has retained an attorney --- whatever lawsuits filed should be directed toward those who released these pictures, and NOT toward American Idol, who will only be enforcing their policy should she be let go. If she did not sign a release for these photographs (and being underage, any release that she did sign would not stand up in court as being an enforceable document), this could be considered a defamation of character issue, given the timing of the release of the pictures.

2795 days ago


she says she was she was betrayed at the beach, in front of the monument, wherever she is with that stupid black hat on? i think not. she knew what she was doing. she needs to go from a. i. cause this is unfair to the rest of the girls...ofcourse she's gonna get votes now

2795 days ago


Ive seen way worse photos. What sexy girl hasnt had some photos taken of herself. This being a controversy is stupid. She will make way more money from Playboy, then she ever will from American Karaoke.

2795 days ago


Lots of Antonella's Hi-Res pics:

2792 days ago

Tellin it like it is...    

She has a great rack. She will go far.

2791 days ago
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