Little "Idols" Can Spend Summer Screeching

2/23/2007 3:34 PM PST
Would you like your child to grow up to be Taylor Hicks, or Katharine McPhee, for that matter? Well, now they can!

The people who brought you "American Idol" are bringing Idol to the summer -- summer camp, that is. They announced the first Idol Camp, described as a "performing arts summer camp" for kids 12-15 years old. Set in bucolic Northfield, Mass., far away from Hollywood, the camp will feature master classes from celeb guests, former Idols, and "other top industry pros." And just so they don't wear out their vocal chords, attendees will do regular kiddie-camp things like water sports.

But this isn't a talent search, stress the organizers. It's "non-competitive," and going to the camp won't guarantee any kind of special treatment on "Idol." Plus, it'll cost you: the ten-day camp will cost almost $3000.