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Britney Spears' Rehab -- Send Us All, Pleeeze!

2/25/2007 5:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

BritneyIs Britney in rehab or on a luxury vacation?

According to its website, the Promises treatment center courts "celebrities" and "business executives" -- and at $48,000 for 30 days, who else could afford to go there? Celebs who have gotten the star treatment in the past include Ben Affleck, Charlie Sheen, Diana Ross and Matthew Perry.

Right now, reports the New York Post, Brit's probably enjoying the facility's gourmet meals, personal trainers, horseback riding lessons and massages. At night she'll retreat to her private room with 500-thread-count sheets, a fireplace and view of the beach. She'll also have private counseling sessions and no chores, which are a must at other rehab centers.

The head of the Betty Ford Clinic tells Newsweek that these perks "trivialize what we do. The best thing for you in rehab is to sit next to a guy from skid row and realize you're just as much an alcoholic as he is. Learning humility is part of the recovery process."

Howard K. Stern Is Ready to "Grieve"

After spending another weekend in the morgue, Anna Nicole Smith's body is expected to head back to the Bahamas this week. Of course, if her mother, Virgie Arthur, has her way, the former Playboy playmate may not budge as soon as expected. Virgie is hoping she'll be granted an emergency court order to bury her daughter in Texas.

Howard K. Stern's lawyer tells the New York Daily News, "Howard is sad and tired [and] wants to go grieve." Stern is already back in the Bahamas, and awaiting a paternity hearing over Dannielynn in a Bahamian court tomorrow. Unlike the circus-like atmosphere that ensued in a Florida court this past week, the Bahamas proceedings will be conducted in private, and there's a gag order to prevent tidbits from leaking to the press.

Al Gore Stumps for the Oscars

Is Al Gore expecting to win an Oscar or experimenting with a new way to win the presidency? This past week, the former VP has been seen hitting all the Tinseltown pre-Oscar parties. He was spotted at the CAA bash, rubbing elbows with the likes of Tom Cruise, George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston, and Entertainment Weekly co-hosted a party with Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas at the superstar couple's home. Gore, whose "An Inconvenient Truth" is up for Best Documentary Film and Best Song, will also present an award at the event. What a way to earn some extra campaign cash!

James Blunt in Post Party Accident

Not everyone is having a blast before tonight's Oscars. According to PEOPLE magazine, James Blunt was involved in a car accident early Saturday morning. While attempting to leave a pre-Oscar party at CAA agent Bryan Lourd's house, the pop singer ran over a man's foot. Police were called to the scene but there's no word on whether Blunt faces any charges.

Party Favors: Suze Orman Comes Out of the Closet ... Judge Seidlin Gets an Offer ... Ben Stiller Wears a Bra and Wig

CNBC host Suze Orman revealed that she is a lesbian, and wishes she could legally marry her partner, Kathy Travis. "Both of us have millions of dollars in our name," she tells the New York Times. "It's killing me that upon death, K.T. is going to lose 50 percent of everything I have to estate taxes. Or vice versa." ... Judge Larry Seidlin, who presided over the legal proceedings regarding who controlled Anna Nicole Smith's remains, has been offered a gig on a TV show. CBS has proposed that he host a segment called "Morning Justice" on the "Saturday Early Show." ... Ben Stiller donned pink shoes, a bra and a blonde wig in order to receive Harvard's Hasty Pudding Man of the Year award. Last week, Scarlett Johansson was presented with the Woman of the Year award.

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No Avatar


I am wondering why Britney didn't go to the Betty Ford Center? Maybe because she would have to share a room and do chores....

2694 days ago


i like suze orman's show

2694 days ago


Regarding the Academy Awards, can someone please tell me, why so many celeb women wear low cut dresses? Wouldn't that be wonderful if there would be an Academy Awards show where each celeb woman didn't wear a low cut gown? I've never seen any celeb men wear s Speedo......

2694 days ago

michelle wood    

Ya know what why is everyone saying how much it cost and everything she is doing the one thing everyone should be saying is thank god she is geting the help she needs and move on please .The family dont need to hear all this can we all just leave her alone and let her get the help she needs Britney we are all pulling for you and we all love you hurry back and keep your chin up things will get better. god bless you. michelle

2694 days ago


Howard is the only one grieving for Anna Nicole. All the others see $$$$$$ and could care less. The nerve of her mother to have the media (Splash) accompany her to view her daughter's body in the tasteful is that? If pictures pop up on the internet it won't take a rocket scientist to figure out who authorized that!

2694 days ago


Why is Howard K Stern allowed to keep practicing? He took that video of Anna stoned in clown makeup, asked her if it was a mushroom trip, etc... The last time I checked, mushrooms were illegal. Why didn't he call the police? Isn't that his professional duty? Does this make him an accomplice? Wat of the "rumors" Stern stated "She needs the drugs to survive"? The saying goes 'behind every rumor is a degree of truth.' I don't expect answers to these questions, but why aren't they being asked at a level that demands answers?

2694 days ago


Al Gore is a liar and this is a religion.. His lie will steal all your profits, take all your charity money, taxes, debunk all your civil rights, and distribute them where ever he he wants. In this system we are one world, and this one world system is a God. I can steal your jobs, micro manage your day, interests, tastes, hobbies, buying power; making you, for the sake of whomever they choose, go back to cave man survivalist tactics, unable to afford children, a home or vehicle, start a business, poorer in income even if you work harder, longer and better than most.., cold in winter, hot in summer for the sake of a rare short lived cricket in Spain, bring all democratic goverments to their knees and make them socialists and amendable only to the head of the world, whom will assert their power over all things, and do what they want in their elitist powers.. See for the real truth. The sun is making changes in climate and yes, we have no banana's, but many other places do., but they can only go to the rich who can afford them.
Yeah Brit's in a nice place but she's ill and deranged so what does living in a pretty madhouse matter?

2694 days ago


Inconvenient Truths
Novel science fiction on global warming.

By Patrick J. Michaels

2694 days ago

He's Boring now    

Now I know why that Orman comes across as a preachy, know it all, gonna tell you what to do and how to do it type. Advising people on their marriages and relationship issues and putting it under the guise of financial counseling----all along never even having been with a man or in a traditional relationship her whole life? I feel scammed, Rosied and suckered---ms priss has had an agenda all these years. I will never watch nor listen to her advice again, I find it trite and basic anyway. She has little knowledge beyond telling people to "pay off your credit cards" and "make a list". Now to learn and than hear her nearly flaunt this chirade on her audience is an insult. Not because she's gay, but because she's hidden it and led people all these years to believe "I'm just like you"...uh, no you least the majority of people you are not.

Whose next? Anderson news boy Cooper?...cant wait till a news guy comes out, watch the viewers, the majority of users, run fast from CNN. I'm not convinced gayness is an important topic with the majority of Americans, just the ones that are already gay and who usually happen to have big mouths and a lot of money.

Orman get ready for a hetero to come along and state right from the start, I'm married and with a man and here to give financial advice....and one who wont speak to her audience like they were a 3rd grade class. How many times and how much can you get paid to say over and over, "people, tear up those credit cards, pay off your debt, and have a relationship with your money"?...the woman rarely gives real tangible specific up to date with the market and investement advice. And now shes says shes gay?..She should have said that from the start, a certain "truth in lending' kind of thing.

2694 days ago


At least Britney is getting the help she needs. Who cares if it's ritzy? Stop and think about it. She has millions of dollars to her name. Why would she want to go to a rock-bottom rehab center when it's just going to push her over the edge and cause her to leave again and not get any help? At least giving her a luxurious life while she tries to get well could help influence her to get better.
I like how Suze had to rub it in everyone's faces about how much money they have. "We have millions of dollars in our name." Yeah, nice one. Who cares how much money you have?

2694 days ago

Save Shiloh from Angelina ~    

Number # 1 = LOL !

Yea ... The Betty Ford clinic would be too much for the spoiled bitch Britney ! Gawd forbid the little skank has to learb " humility " or that just because you have millions of dollars , fame .. ect. that you can't go around abusing others including the innocent kids involved here !

As for Virgie ANS's fat slob mother ! Virgie is STILL abusing ANS :( Even in death ( shaking head ) . Virgie is NOTHING but a media whore waiting for some crumbs $$$$$.

I'm disappointed that Larry can't keep this between HKS and himself . Becoming friends with Virgie the leech looks just straight up BAD !!!!!!!!!!

2694 days ago


Oh "Mr. Orman," get a life. Who cares if Suze Orman is gay? Listen to what she says and take it on its own merits, not whether she's gay or straight. There are a lot of straight people whose advice we should all ignore. George Bush is a great example of that.

2694 days ago


James Blunt was hurt? No way, I hope he's....wait, who is he? Nice PR plant.

2694 days ago


JB #5 you are a dolt

2694 days ago


Fun-fun #6 you are a dolt

2694 days ago
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