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Birkhead - Stern Settlement?

2/26/2007 9:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that lawyers for Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern are in settlement negotiations.

There was a buzz at the courthouse after Krista Barth, Stern's lawyer, removed a styrofoam cup of water that rested on the witness stand as Birkhead testified in the Anna Nicole burial hearing. The cup went missing and there was speculation that Stern's reps used it for a DNA test, which could have provided the evidence proving Birkhead is the father Anna Nicole's daughter Dannielynn.

We're told a day after the cup incident, the parties started negotiating. TMZ spoke with Birkhead's lawyer Debra Opri Sunday in the Bahamas, who would not confirm a settlement. She did, however, say DNA testing must be completed and paternity established before any settlement could occur.

Sources say Stern could be amenable to giving Birkhead what he needs to establish custody. We're told that in return, Stern wants ongoing control of Anna's estate and, once the estate is probated, continued involvement by becoming trustee for Dannielynn.


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Can a DNA test be done that fast? I mean in one day? Or did Howard finally admit that he isn't the father to his attorney? Howard has Larry just right where he wants him SCUM BAG! You know Larry has alot of character, I mean he has believed he is the father all along, not only that knowing his daughter might have mental disabilities and health issues do to the drug use, says alot, he loves his daughter, he doesn't care. I hope the courts in the Bahama's order DNA testing from DannieLynn that way Howard loses his Pawn in this sick sick game and Larry gets to take his baby girl home. Go Larry!

2795 days ago


HKS has every right to act the way he is! Anna was the one who went to the Bahamas with the baby in her belly to get away from a STALKER X-BOYFRIEND named LARRY!!!! She did not want him to say he was the baby's father in her emails that were presented in court. ANNA wanted STERN on the BIRTH CERTIFICATE.....not HKS....STOP BLAMING HIM FOR WHAT SHE DID!!! He was doing what Anna wanted...isn't that what this is about...WHAT DID ANNA WANT not what LARRY wants. If you ask me LARRY tipped ANNA over the edge with the paternity suit and since she knew he might take the baby from her over the drugs she killed herself! Ever think of that???!!!

2795 days ago


So, just because Anna was over L.B makes it okay to go f***ing with this little girls paternity? Glad you're not my parent!

2795 days ago


Oh someday when we all have to answer for what we have done, I pity Howard. He is only interested in the money and who knows he could end up like Daniel. and Anna.

2795 days ago


HKS needs to go to JAIL ! And for a long long time ! He is holding that baby has hostage for more money gain to his advantage !! Why should HKS be in charge of the Estate ? He's a nothing now...been sponging off ANS and led her down the road to a life filled with drugs, alcohol and sex with anything & anybody that comes along..He did nothing to stop the drugs & alcohol she consumed while pregnant, because that's how he was able to control her ! Enabler...You bet he is ! His meal ticket should be sitting at Rikers's !!!

2795 days ago



2795 days ago


# 24 - women need to stop having sexual relations (especially unprotected sexual relations) with anyone that they do not want to reproduce with! If she wanted a sperm donor with no attachments, she should have gone to a fertility clinic, or get a contract with the donor specifying that he is giving up all rights. No one has the right to conceive a child with someone that they will decide at the change of the wind that he is no longer going to be part of the child's life. If Anna really liked Howard, then she is really more stupid than anyone really thought. But if she did see something in him, then she should have stomach the idea of actually getting pregnant by him. But she chose not to! She decided who would be the father when she had sex.

2795 days ago


I think HKS will be in jail for many years over Daniel & Anna's death.

2795 days ago

Amy NY    

A picture is worth a million words!! That little girl has Birkheads eyes, they are just dazzling. How can Stern keep living a lie, can`t he just be a real MAN and do the right thing for Dannielynn. I truly believe that she could thrive and have a happy life with Birkhead. Stern is an enabler, user and killer!! I don`t care what anyone says he played his cards being sure that the baby was the last one alive!! I think that SOB holds the cards in his hands. Although I do truly believe that he is gonna get slapped in the face with a JOKER card, there are only so many avenuese he can cover.

MY advice Mr Howard Killer Stern:
IF you had/have any love for Anna step up to the plate and do the right and honorable thing. Do the right thing so others can heal and so Dannielynn can have a good life.

2795 days ago


Granny.... you forgot to mention, he flushed the meth down the toilet in the hospital room before they found Daniel's body. HMMMMM........

2795 days ago

Sherry Davidson    

People people...From what I can see...Larry Birkhead does not have the education to handle anything as complicated as Anna N. Smith's estate to be. And his attorney is an abrasive bit__. He just wanted to impregnate ANS because rumor has it he is gay

2795 days ago


I think I know the answer to this, but wouldnt Barf woman be facing SERIOUS charges of unethical behavior and...breaking the law...if she was found to have
1) taken the cup to perform DNA without LBs permission
2) Known the results of a DNA test and not given that information to the judge in discovery?
3) Aided and abetted a client in the continued breaking of the law? (At some point this has to be seen as blackmail or kidnapping.)

2795 days ago


I agree with you #25 Take a Breathe ..... Both sides can NOT discuss what is going on in the courtroom in the Bahamas, they have a gag order. This is just TMZ's so called rumor .... no one can discuss or have Interviews till the Procedeings are over. I just pray who ever Danilyn lives with, she has a wonderful life .... she is so precious.

2795 days ago


All I know is that hear say is a dangerous thing. Seems to me as if the media is planting a lot of it's own indeas in this case. I also think they are getting a big laugh at seeing how much of an infulence they can inject in the lives of all these people. For what I wonder?... their concern? yea right,,,,,
Money Money Money........, Pot calling the kettle black..... And they are leading all of us by the nose. Who is making money off Anna Now.....Tons of it. Every newspaper every tabloid, they have already made probally more than Anna could have ever had in her estate. Plus, they are getting a good laugh to boot. All the way to the bank.

2795 days ago

poor britney    

once again there you idiots go on bashing howard stern keep in mind you
f'ng idiots that he followed the law the case needed to take place in the bahamas and that has been what he and ans and the attorneys have said months and months ago. i never understood why larry tried to try the case in calif or fla no reason to he could have went to the bahamas months ago makes you think how much he really wants his kid. i think the real money hungry person here is deb opri getting her ugly face all over tv and using larry's money for trials in places that were not necessary he has to pay her for doing something that was completely unneccessary- howard said all along come to the bahamas hmm imagine that once larry did howard cooperated- get a life you losers and quit bashing for no reason

2795 days ago
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