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Kim's Sex Tape On Hold!

2/26/2007 5:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sex TapeTMZ has learned that the porno company that owns Kim Kardashian and Ray-J's controversial sex tape has agreed to halt distribution of the video ... for now. Sigh.

In a statement to TMZ, Vivid Entertainment says that "Kim Superstar" will go on "temporary hold," while they attempt to work things out with Kardashian in person. "We feel that it is most important that we have an opportunity to meet with Ms. Kardashian as soon as possible. We have reached out to her to try and set up a meeting."

Vivid claims they purchased the tape from a third party for a whopping $1 million, and firmly believe that they have a "legal right to distribute the video."

Kardashian's rep says no one has contacted them, Kardashian or her lawyer.


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Great Dane    

I guess Kim needs to sign off on what will be and what will not be able to be shown.....

Let me piss on you......

2795 days ago

All American Girl    

What did she think that this wouldn't happen to her? Did she think that by making that sex tape she would look back on it with found memories. Dah!!!

2795 days ago


Kim needs to get over it..she's a "SLUT BUTT" jus like her Best Friend Paris Hilton! She wanted the attention Paris was gettin so she made the dam tape she knew it would get into the hands of a porno company and YES she would finally have her wish of bein famous (FOR BEIN A WHORE) lol
She should jus get over it and let it be seen by her family so they could see what a "SLUT BUTT" they raised!!!!
*SLUT BUTT Kim and Paris sittin in a tree
*Suckin lots of dick..then turn around and say "Not me"
*First comes a blow job then comes the NUT
* Then they get turned around and get it in the BUTT !!

2795 days ago

Enough Already!    

Oh great Kim had to wait a while til the media attention died down about ANS so she could try to get back in the news again.....guess what no one wanted to hear about this bitch before and they dont want to hear about this bitch now

2795 days ago


I don't understand they are both ugly!. Is it just be but does Ray got some big ass lips?

2795 days ago


dude, Kim and Ray J look so much alike it is scary!!! Only difference is their race. What the hell is she anywaY???

2795 days ago


I was hoping this would come out tomorrow. :{

2795 days ago


What a whore. Wonder what her dead dad would say?

2795 days ago


Kim don't give them permission to sell your tape unless you want people to assume your occupation is that of a porno actress. Single women watch that Ray J fella his only goal is spoil your reputation, and make money of your downfall and subsequent fall from grace. One day you ladies will be looking for life mates and who is going to want to settle with sofa everyone has been sitting on, you get my drift. You know that handsome brother of mine Joel, well Joel is known around town as a ladies man, he has got the notches on his belt to prove it, well guess what ladies, Joel has a nice education and refined woman in the wings, and we they finished their respective degrees our familes celebrated with wedding. Advice to Joels old girlfriends was this "If Joel were serious he would have called you in the day time but he called you during the night, that is a booty call not I want to get to know you call.

2795 days ago



2795 days ago


Kim you made the video, knowing full well what the possibilities were of it going public. And if you didn't realize that RayJ was a typical guy, then shame on you.

I hope it goes public so you learn your lesson.

2795 days ago


look at the amazing size of that mouth...WOW!!!!!!!!!

2795 days ago

Team Aniston    

I mean seriously folks.... Like she didn't know that was gonna happen. It happened to her BEST friend.... duh!!! Why are these women hoes like this? Why do women think by taking their clothes off, makes than somebody?? EGHHHH!!! NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!

2795 days ago


RayJ or whatever his name is is a man whore who can't keep his dck in his pants. Gross.

She is famous Being another Hollywood 20 something partying idiot? Who cares. yawn.

There's a war going on you know.

2795 days ago


These people make these tape's to get in the news! No one cares about these asshole's Ray-J has never been a star no ones care's
He could make a sex tape with Anna Nichole Smith today no one would buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2795 days ago
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