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CAA Inks

Etheridge-Hating Savage

3/1/2007 3:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Savage vs. Melissa EtheridgeHollywood powerhouse talent pimps, Creative Artists Agency, has signed nationally syndicated homophobic radio host Michael Savage for representation in all areas.

Savage, whose real name is Michael Alan Weiner, hosts the conservative radio program "Savage Nation," and just this week, he lashed out against breast cancer survivor/Oscar winner Melissa Etheridge -- for thanking her wife, Tammy Lynn Michaels and their kids during her Academy Awards acceptance speech. Savage said, "I don't like a woman married to a woman. It makes me want to puke. I want to vomit when I hear it. I think it's child abuse."

He further commented on homosexuality saying, "There are people who are sexually confused, who think that they're men when they're women. They're not normal."

Savage's anti-gay tirade, although typical for his radio show, is especially troubling considering Etheridge is also a CAA client! Besides Savage and Etheridge, CAA reps some of the biggest names in the business, including Julia Roberts and Tom Cruise.

Calls to CAA reps were not immediately returned.


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Great Dane    

Speaking of people educating themselves......Lesbians are GROSS?

Than why is it that Lesbians have the LOWEST STD rate????

2800 days ago


Conservatives and liberals both can be violent #151. You are naive to believe only liberals get violent. I am so sorry you are brainwashed.

I don't know why this savage man hates gays? Is he jealous or one himself in denial?

2800 days ago


Lori - Oh really? So Conservatives don't resort to violence to get their way? What's going on in Iraq then? Aren't people who bomb abortion clinics conservative? Is that not using violence because someone disagrees with them? What about conservative haters who kill gay people like Matthew Shepard? What about those redneck conservatives who dragged a black man by a rope tied to a pick-up truck until he died? Yeah, that's what I thought BITCH! Conservative redneck, religious zealout haters are the ones who resort to violence.

2800 days ago



I laughed so hard reading your comments. I almost fell out of my chair. Seriously, you need to put down your Enquirer subscription and open your eyes. Just as many heteros do the same and sometimes worse, sexually. Turn on HBO or Skinemax any day of the week to see some freaky things heteros do. Better yet, go down to your nearest adult movie store to see freaky heteros on film. But watch it in moderation, I wouldn't want you to have a heart attack.

2800 days ago


I guess it doesn't matter, but Savage has a wife and children. That does not mean he is straight, but he is living a heterosexual life in public. The kiss between Madonna and Britney disgusted me, and I hope Madonna's daughter does all the things, and more, she has influenced other people's daughters to do. She is one of the worst role models in history. Just because some psychologist claims that if you don't like to look at homosexual behavior you are secretly gay is dumb. I even hate to watch heteros sucking tongues on screen. I am not a voyeur, and I am totally hetero. Gays kissing each other is just sickening to me, but I do not discriminate against them in any way. I treat them with respect.

Savage will be on in 30 minutes and I'll be listening.

2800 days ago


I listen to Mr. Savage most evenings, and he tends to go for shock value--to say the least.
But, he certainly has a right to earn a living and to be represented by a powerful firm. Does TMZ propose he be blocked from being represented at CAA?? Why no peep from the Hollywood left when they make clearly anti-American comments (paging Dixie Chicks and their condemning the president in another country).
Not a peep is heard when the Hollywood left rails against our country and president, attacking him almost daily. Nor, except for maybe Mr. Geffen, does anyone point out that Hillary Clinton enthusiastically supported the liberation of Iraq--because her husband's administration had bombed the Iraqi madman (Operation Desert Fox).
A little of message, but if you are going to attack a flame thrower for seeking representation, let's pay a little more attention to the poision out of the Hollywood left.
Recently, Charlize Theron on CNN said we don't "really" live in a free country. Rick Sanchez, whose family escaped Castro's gulag, was amazed at her words.

2800 days ago

There is an invention called spell check! Use it!!!!!    

Brooklyn Chick....Why allow others make you get defensive? Life is far too short and far too precious to worry about what others think. We are not here for an eternity...We are here on borrowed time. Why fight against everyone? We are not the FUTURE our children, nieces, nephews etc. are. What they see today will give them views on how their tomorrows shall be. We are responsible to teach them right from wrong, good from bad.
They are the ones who will do what WE could not. Let them not see the anger you have
Allow them to see the wrongs, discuss it with them, and enrich their intelligence that they will be able to have a better "World" than the one that was given to us.

2800 days ago


Savage is right. It is disgusting. That carpet mucher doen't have a "wife", just a crazy confused lesbo buddy.

2800 days ago

Great Dane    


When someone is THROWING STONES at you, the way that some of these people are......and when I say at "you"....I am referring to the group of people that I RELATE to.....same way as if someone was on here spewing the N word, people get's a NATURAL reaction to harm, negativity, ignorance......

Every person/animal/creature has a defense mechanism......and I get irritated by the small minded popel that blog stupid stuff, that they would never say in person.....this isn't this point, EVERYONE knows a gay person- friend, relative, co-worker ert.......OUR VICE PRESIDENTS daughter is gay......stop trying to have us REVERT to the times of old......stop making it seem like WE are the new riders of THE BACK OF THE BUS.......

EVERY person, race, nationality is disliked by one or another- it's sad but it's true....the other day I was watching a talk show about white's that are racist against FELLOW whites......

Freedom of speech, he can say whatever he wants- but then criticizing her for her SPEECH, for her actions, for her LIFE......for the lifestyle that I's offensive......

If I'm at someone house, and they are eating peas, I don't like peas...I don't make a HORRIBLE atatement about each his/her own......I just don't eat them, I won't put them on my plate......if they roll onto my plate, I push them to the side......but these fools are throwing peas all over the Bullies.....

2800 days ago

Anastasia Beaverhausen    

Hopefully CAA's clients will leave in droves.

2800 days ago

The Truth    

Savage is ON in 15 mins from now


Love this guy! He ROCKS!!

2800 days ago


#1 Perezsux

better watch out, she (Melissa)might just take his wife/partner if he even has one!
He is an ass!
way to much hate in this world and that is SO SAD!

2800 days ago

U Know Who    

Janet - You are SO FAR OFF BASE on me personally it's silly. My Best Friend in life is a homosexual man. I have NO PROBLEM with gays / gayness. I work in the fashion industry FFS!

You're MAKING HUGE PRESUMPTIONS about me and MY beliefs. I NEVER EVER said I dislike gays in ANY way shape or form. I merely stated a FACT that for every scientific study there is an opposite study.

Funny how you are so worried about "People LIKE me" sounds like you may be the insecure one. When in actuality YOU no matter your sexual orientation are JUST LIKE ME --YOU BLEED RED BLOOD. You were born and will between you will pee and poo JUST LIKE ME (cept mine smells like flowers).

Judging me by the COMMENTS I MADE ABOUT A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT HUMAN BEING. But what would I expect except a LACK of reading comprehension. Because in ANYTHING Liberals read they ONLY take away what WORKS for them.

Again thanks for making this personal..seriously makes me wonder who is unloved. I never personally attacked you but again what I would I expect from someone so disturbingly confused. I say confused because you took what I said about MICHAEL SAVAGE to be about me. When in actuality all I did was point out that the SCIENCE is disuptable ALWAYS.

Even though you're obviously disturbed and cannot comment without attacking me PERSONALLY , I forgive you.


2800 days ago

There is an invention called spell check! Use it!!!!!    

163. Why are leftards quoting Jesus if you don't believe in him?

Just saying, it's another hypocrisy of the gayleft.

Before you decide to repost this yet again, please do be advised...What I Quote is what I FIRMLY believe in. You are ill advised to believe homosexual people do not believe in Jesus.
And what may I ask..makes you think homosexuals do not believe in Jesus Christ?
I know many who do. Just because their lifestyle isn't the same as yours, does not mean
they do not go to church, a worship service, and so on.
Oh, and before you come back spewing venom about me being a "homosexual" I am a married woman ( yes, to a man) We are happily married for 20 years. And like I have stated in my earlier postings, first and foremost, they are people just like you and I. They are no different, if you cut your hand and bled...and a homosexual cut their hand and bled...the blood would still be red.

2800 days ago


I'm not kidding myself, you deviants have ALREADY taken over the tv, the schools, the government. What next on your agenda? Banning normal sex and marriage?

I am not ok with homosexuals who deny what they are and get married and have kids and THEN come to grips with their sexuality.

I am not ok with priests who molest children, or any child molester.

I don't care one way or the other if someone is homosexual. I do care that you keep shoving your lifestyle in my face and demanding I accept it as natural.

2800 days ago
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