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Savage Goes

Down in Flames

3/1/2007 8:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael SavageJust two days after announcing they were representing him, CAA has given homophobic radio host Michael Savage the ax! Adios, hater!

As TMZ earlier reported, on the heels of being signed to the high-profile talent agency, Savage made disparaging and homophobic remarks aimed at fellow CAA client Melissa Etheridge. Well, that didn't fly at the agency, because, according to Planet Gossip's Marc Malkin, CAA is no longer repping the conservative hate-monger -- and has unceremoniously dropped him from their client list!

Looks like Savage will now have something beside the private lives of A-list Oscar-winning lesbians to whine about.

CAA confirmed to TMZ that Savage is no longer their client.


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61 : do you really think that everyone who doesn't agree that a gay lifestyle is normal is secretly gay themselves?



I couldn't care less what people do in their own bedrooms. I am starting to move to the more conservative side however due to GLAAD's POV being shoved at me in the media all the time. If your 'gay' then rock on with your bad self. But don't bash, hassel or in this case perhaps hurt the career of someone who disagrees with you. It goes back to the playground....your acting like bullies. It is wrong to hurt (verbal of physical) someone because of their lifestyle but it is also wrong to do the same to someone for their opinion.

2758 days ago


good move, CAA! Nice to see them do the right thing, instead of being greedy over every dollar they might get .

TMZ - I just LOVE the rainbow circle/cross out over his face! Nice touch!

2758 days ago


How come I never see Rosie called a liberal conservative hate monger by the TMZ staff?

2758 days ago


Oh please. He's still on over 1000 radio stations across the US! God forbid he voices his opinion.

2758 days ago

Lenn K.    

TMZ, you never call fat ass dyke by night Rosie a hater monger. But if you say anything about gays you guys go crazy. Got a few gays on the staff, huh!!!!!!!!!

2758 days ago


Good! It's nice to know that CAA hs responsable enough to get rid of this parasitic scumbag

2758 days ago


It is so nice to know that some people out there have a conscience!!! Good for CAA...Savage is a hate mongering not very nice man!!!

2758 days ago

The Truth    

Doesn't matter. Savage is still NUMBER ONE in the San Francisco Bay Area you stupid LEFTARDS!!

Michael Savage No. 1 in San Francisco

Michael Savage, one of the most vocal talk-radio opponents of "San Francisco liberals," has the best talk-radio ratings among key listener demographics in that California city.

Talk Radio Networks' "The Michael Savage Show" is tops in News/Talk with a 4.3 share among male listeners 12 and older. Savage has a 4.8 share with men aged 25 to 54, and a 5.6 share with men aged 35 to 64 in the Fall Book on his flagship station of Talk910-AM KNEW, San Francisco.

Savage's national radio audience also had substantial growth in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Baltimore, and San Jose, Calif.

"Michael Savage continues to lead the way in San Francisco Talk Radio," says KNEW's program director, Bob Agnew. "He is so far ahead, not only in ratings but on the grasp of the issues, the rest are following his lead.”

2758 days ago

The Truth    


Savage RULES. GAYS are just GAY GAY and they SUCK!!!

2758 days ago


#50. You don't like Mike Savage - so he should not be on the air. I like Mike Savage, and want him on the air. I listen everyday.
You like Melissa Etheridge - so she think she should be on the air. I do not like her at all, and wish I never had to look at her face again. I want both of them on the air..

You are forming a world just for yourself? You will also decide who is spewing 'hate' and put them away? Who gets to stay and who has to go depends on your likes and dislikes? This 'hate speech'" "hate crime" thing, invented by gays, is going to be the death of society.

2758 days ago


CAA is entitled to choose their clients. I'm sure Savage will find an agency more suited to his personal "style". Although I don't agree with everything Savage says, I think it's refreshing that some people aren't tripping over every word trying to make sure everything is politically correct. People call him a hater yet most of the hate I hear being spewed forth comes from the left. Here'sa rightwinger saying what he thinks and ooohhhhhh noooooooo we can't have that! Michael Savage is threatening because he's right 95% of the time. If he was "crazy" no one would care would they?

2758 days ago


Yeah people never listen to crazy people. Jim Jones, Hitler, Stalin. Joseph Macarthy , David Keresh. Need I say more?

2758 days ago

Liberals are two faced    

Hollywood loves free speech unless it's unpopular.

2758 days ago


again just because someone has "fans" doesnt make them right. It just means they knew how to play to those people and their fears.

2758 days ago

james Norton    

God made Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Adam or Eve and Eve ! It makes me sick to see two men together and two women together. there is something that went wrong in there life when they were growing up. Its not normal for the same sex to have relationships. It is a sin, and she will pay for it the rest of her life ! But its the children that will have to pay for it. When they hear people say that your mom is gay and she has sex with a woman, that is sick. What if all men were with men only and all women were with all women only ? what would happen to the world ? All people would die out within a couple of generations. The population would be gone forever......Think about it.......GOD ?

2758 days ago
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