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Elisabeth: "Rosie and I Are Friends"

3/2/2007 2:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elisabeth Hasselbeck set the record, er, straight regarding reports that she is being bullied off "The View" by Rosie O'Donnell.
Elisabeth on Rosie: Click to hear
Earlier this week, the motormouth mamas got into a heated tiff over The Patriot Act, which allegedly left Elisabeth in tears backstage. While rumors swirled that "her days were numbered," Hasselbeck told L.A. radio station Star 98.7's Valentine and Lisa Foxx, "Rosie and I are friends." Define friends! Hasselbeck added that she and Rosie, despite political differences, have "a lot in common," and that the reason the women on the show can talk about such controversial topics is because "there is respect at that table." Is that what you call it?!

In an obvious reference to her previous stint on "Survivor," Elisabeth did admit that being the lone conservative voice on the show can make her feel like she's "out on an island sometimes."

Somehow, sleep deprivation and barbecuing rats seem like paradise compared to sitting with "The View" yentas every day!


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It's totally unfathomable to me that this IDIOTIC show ever made it to TV and that it is still on. Just a bunch of obnoxious airheads who blabber on and on and on and on about a LOT of nothing. Each one of them is horrible in their own right. And to bring militant, loudmouth, ignorant Rosie on board, OY. Why is Elisabeth is on this show at all? She just sits there since Day 1 like a deer caught in the headlights. She's got the personality of a manhole cover. She was great on Survivor, but she has no business being a talk show. She always looks like she's trying to deal with a hemorrhoid problem. Joy Behar, forget about it altogether, the Queen of Obnoxious. Barbara WA WA is another knucklehead and now we have Rosie, Militant Leader of the Radical Wing of Lesbians United. She went from being in the closet, to tiptoeing out of the closet, to shoving her lesbianism down everyone's throat every chance she gets. She went from hiding it to can't talk enough people about it. They should just send this whole show down the sewer tubes where it belongs. I'm sure Elisabeth is on her way out because 1. she's not likeable in that TV venue and 2. BIG ROSIE wants her out. And since Rosie pulled the ratings up, disgustingly enough, Lizzy is out. This show is despisable and despicable. UGGHHHHHH.

2793 days ago


Rosie has absolutley no tact. She has no manners, and for the most part has no idea of what being a decent human being is. I find it hard to believe anyone would listen and take her point of view intelligently. Rosie has not self control. She has not suceeded at anything other than being heavy, loud mouthed, and confused as to her reason for being a female. Nice magazine, nice talk show, nice K-Mart adds. Continue to be the spokes person for the mentally challenged.

2793 days ago


Rosie's only comments should be Oink Oink, she is what she is.

2793 days ago


Re: Sally's Comment
Did Elisabeth really say that she doesn't believe her hub ever played w/his own willy? If so, you ARE 100% right - very naive of her to say. She does get on my nerves from time to time - then again so does Ro. My favorite is Joy. I also miss Meredith.... but nothing ever stays the same.

2793 days ago


I think that Rosie is totally out of line. Maybe she forgot the name of the show, "THE VIEW!"
This is because they all have a right to their view point and Rosie has no right telling Elisabeth that she is wrong and young. Just because Rosie has her feeling and beliefs doesn't mean that everyone on the show has to agree. If that were the case than Rosie should go back to having her own show and it would be only her point of "View"!
Elisabeth has a right to her opinion and she has a right to voice it without being attacked by Rosie and told that she is "WRONG."
Rosie now makes me sick!!!!!

2793 days ago


i think Rosie should stay home and be with her kids. She is mean and a total pain in the butt to people who disagree with her. Her behavior is horrible. She should be ashamed. She is the ignorant one. She is the one that is wrong and she knows it. That is why she is so mean with people who actually have real political views and Morals. i hope she gets fired. Elizabeth should not let her run her off. There are more people on Elizabeths side then Rosies.

2793 days ago


ABC needs to get a clue. GET RID of Rosie!! Please!!!!!!

2793 days ago



He is not fighting the terrorists who attacked us on 9-11. They are in Afghanistan and Pakistan and have been allowed to regroup , rearm, recruit and become an even bigger threat to us here and abroad.

Saying the truth about the incompetent way this administration has handeled this war and the fight against terrorism is not saying we don't want to fight the terrorists. IT MEANS WE WANT TO FIGHT THEM AND WIN!!!!!!! This administration and some of its supporters cannot stand they have been wrong and so they will continue to blindly follow the same path that still is not working and is helping the terrorists more than it is helping us.

2793 days ago


rosie is only mad, no sexually frustrated by elizabeth. maybe rosie should invite lost little elizabeth to come live with her and change her way of thinking. rosie sounds llike a female pedophile to me at times.

2793 days ago


Let's put both both these wacky dames on a slow boat to nowhere!

2793 days ago

Central Scrutinizer    

I think Mr. O'Donnell is an elitist, abrasive bull-dike that goes out of her way to yank peoples chains for hideous face time.
Ever since she distanced herself from the kinder, gentler talk show host, she's become nothing more than TVs version of a "shock jock", looking for new ways to prove wrong the old saying that "no publicity is bad publicity".
My sources say she may get the role of Arnold in the remake of Green Acres.
But, she still has time to screw that up as well.

2793 days ago

Mud Puppy    

Rosie seems to be constantly bitter and unhappy. It is sad that a comic can't find "lite" humor in all this. Hope she loses the attitude and finds some happiness. The only fans she isn't losing are those that share her bitterness.

2793 days ago


R & E are social friends and well as coworkers. Regardless of that fact, friend's words spoken in haste and anger can really hurt. R should count to ten before slamming her friend's beliefs. After all, the USA is known for freedom of speech. Just ask Rosie!!

2793 days ago

Pregnant at 44    

If I were Elisabeth, I would just quit the show if she could. It is basically Rosie's show now anyway. I thought the show was called THE VIEW, and not just Rosie's view. Even if you people do not agree with Elisabeth's views, she should be allowed to state her opinion without the being belittled by Rosie and her followers.

2793 days ago


saying "oink, oink" and calling people that the best you can do?

2793 days ago
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