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TV is So Easy, Even a Caveman Can Do It

3/2/2007 2:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

CavemanABC is looking to an unlikely place to find the next big television show: Geico TV commercials.

Yes, the net is developing a half-hour comedy based on the cavemen characters from the popular insurance ads. The show would revolve around three pre-historic men who must battle prejudice as they live their day-to-day lives in modern Atlanta. Who smells Emmy?

The Geico spots feature cavemen pissed off over Geico's slogan for its website: "So easy, a caveman can do it." At least they didn't try and make a show out of that stupid gecko, although that's probably next.


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I leave the room or change the channel, when commercials come on, except for the, Caveman and Heads On. They are both very funny. My favorite is the one where the caveman passes a portrait of himself. Love it, love it! The one they should get rid of is, that, Jessica Parker. Who does she know to be on so many commercials? In fact get rid of all of the celebs, and use ordinary people; for one the Dove, commercial.

2800 days ago


Love the idea! Love the character! Love the commercials! I hope they keep the original cavemen! This will be a change from the mudane shit that is on now! really so sick of realtity television, I live in reality everyday and hate it why does it have to be a tv show. If I want to see inside the lives of some sick people I can watch the news or even the public access channel and see what Washington is doing to f*** us up even more! Now that is reality tv at it's finest!

2800 days ago


This has gotta be the stupidest idea I have ever heard! Thank God for Tivo because those commercials make me want to kill everyone associated with their production!

2800 days ago

Matt Willey    

to #14... holy crap... you are a MORON... i guarentee you havent had sex in a good 30 years... this is the WORST idea anyone has ever thought of, the caveman idea was horrible, only people with IQ's lower than their shoe size can get a kick out of it...

2800 days ago


Phil Hartman used to do a caveman attorney thing on SNL. That got old pretty quick!! Clearly the creative juices are running dry in Hollywood. And the networks wonder why viewers are abandoning them in droves!!

2800 days ago


I dunno man. I am all about RAP CAT!! MeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeow
MeowMeowMeowv the left side of the window please.

Kristeen. Isn't priceless M/C. LOL just kidding

2800 days ago


Great idea!

I wonder if they will have Jim Rose as the star of the show as well...

2800 days ago

Pam The Real Pam    

SJ you are RIGHT ON! Brilliant post.; Too funny......

2800 days ago

Torshion Bar    

I am currently finishing up the pilot, and working on several brewing plot lines. Thanks for all the positive comments folks, this show is going to bring back the sitcom!

2800 days ago


The show will last two or three episodes.

2800 days ago


Matt Willey: Everyone else seems to love the idea. We got your opinion the first time you posted, why the multiple posts? Are you obssessed with the cavemen or just a real loser with nothing better to do?

2800 days ago


I always mute the tv when the geico cavemen come on. Very overplayed and not very funny.

2800 days ago


The lizard commercials still air too. You know- "Let's not talk about my personal life luv"

2800 days ago


I think it's a smart move , most people love the commercials . Hopefully it will be written well . Have a nice day

2800 days ago


Can't wait maybe the Gecko lizard can be the family pet

2800 days ago
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