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Why Won't Puck and Public Health Reveal Famous Hosts?

3/2/2007 3:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Composite of Wolfgang Puck and the county seal of Los AngelesWhy is everybody concerned about not revealing the hosts of the parties catered by Wolfgang Puck's catering company, which exposed hundreds of guests to the Hepatitis A virus? Wolfgang Puck's people wouldn't tell us, and the head of Public Health for Los Angeles County won't tell us, despite multiple chances to do so.

And so we're wondering: What is it about these hosts that makes Puck's company and the L. A. County Department of Public Health think that it's better to keep the hosts' identities secret than to get the word out as quickly and widely as possible, using the media to help prevent the spread of the virus?

An official from Public Health told TMZ earlier in the week that some of the hosts were "very high profile people." To that we say, so what?

Dr. Jonathan Fielding, MD, MPH, the Director of Public Health for LA County, tells TMZ, "I don't believe that broad notification is the best way to reach people. It is much better for the people who hosted these parties to contact their guests directly." But why, we ask?

Fielding says that yesterday, after TMZ put pressure on County officials, the Department gave hosts of these parties a letter, warning them of their exposure. He said that his staff would work with the hosts "today and Monday" to confirm that their guests would be notified, but could not guarantee that all would get the notice.

And again, when pressed, neither Dr. Fielding nor Puck's people could provide a specific legal rationale for not revealing the names of the hosts of these parties. Dr. Fielding cited "privacy concerns" and the fact that some of the parties were held in private homes.


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Down with stupid people!    

So people in the public eye dont have TMZ splashing their bizz all over. Look at how well tmz handled the ANS thing!

2794 days ago


I understand that to infect these people one would have to not wash one's hand's after using the restroom (I.E.) defication . So saying that , how would you like to be one of the "pretty people" who ate food from a person who didn't use proper hygene after deficating YUM ! . I bet it was a illigal alien , because as we know all these resturaunts use em , I guess ol' wolfe baby needs to make more money , so he hire's people with fake ID's , hope he get's his ass sued and goes broke . I know for one I'll never eat in his place , I might just wind up with Hep A from one of his Illigal Alien's . Have a nice day

2794 days ago

tired of cry baby    

why does tmz need a guest list? it is none of our business, it would be fun to know for fun small talk, but come on tmz, get off your high house, not releasing the list to you is not a story.!! Your trying to make a story out of something that is no ones business but the people who were stop trying to make a story out wolfgang puck"s "list" that ou feel is being hidden from you like it is a conspiracy

2794 days ago

Jamie Lynn    

I knew after going to his restaurant in LosAngeles that besides the food not tasting good, there were other reasons to not go back. YUKKKKK feces in your food! And those stars think they are so immuned to everything! HAHA

2794 days ago


Thats Nasty

2794 days ago

L Baker    

Has anyone thought about him employing illegal aliens? It has been proven the US is now suffering many more diseases now due to this problem. They have not received vacines, etc. thereby increasing chances of contamination. I am not saying this happened but it would be an explanation of why "mum's" the word to the press. This will be a huge problem in time to come both in health problems and dollars to treat the ill.

2794 days ago


I dont think the Health Dept. is allowed to share that info, due to the HIPAA Guidelines (medical information privacy) The government is not allowed to share your medical info with the others, which includes announcing publicly, who might have contracted a disease. The health dept. is supposed to make all attempts to notify people that attended the various events, and one has to trust that they are doing their job.

As for Puck sharing that info, it really isnt ethical for him to do so, especially when he knows that the health dept is working with the hosts to notify persons.

It would be fun to know, but it's not OUR business.

Initially, it seems like a good arguement to say, "hey, people wont know they were at a Puck catered event, unless we announce it in the media"....but realistically, the hosts are working with the health dept to let guests, the guetst will be told, but the public wont.

Maybe not as juicy....but I wouldnt want my health scares posted in the media either, and it's my right (and yours) to have our medical privacy protected.

2794 days ago


For those of you condeming TMZ for wanting this info, saying they are just fishing for a story, why then are you reading this? Are you not looking for gossip? Half the stuff on here isn't our business, but we read it anyway for ENTERTAINMENT.

Illigals causing the problem? So white people NEVER leave the potty without washing hands? Everyone poops and less than 50% of the population washes. That includes YOU who are damming a population based on racist bias.

2794 days ago


because its none of tmz's business

2794 days ago


Oh ok #8 I get it I'm a rasist because I say the truith , problem bud is this I'm American Indian , get off the rasist crap and see and know the truith . Do most illigals come from the third world , check . do most of them not practice good hygene , check . Do alot of resturaunts hire them , check . Is there a corrilation to all the out breaks of disease'we have suffer in our food chain due to the influx of illigal's . Gee I dont know , get real and grow up , And smell the coffee . But then I guess you still beleve in the tooth fairy . Have a nice day

2794 days ago



You ought to get your spelling right first Mr. Native American NOT>

2794 days ago


I agree with you that it should be public...who wants to have them over for dinner with their children if they are perhaps contaminated and do NOT wish to share it.

Again, Money bypasses rules for the norm...sadly. That is a sad part of America.

2794 days ago


This is what I think...

I think the identies should be kept private unless someone "famous" fro the party wants the world to know that they recieved it..

2794 days ago


#10 - Your lack of education from that school on the reservation is really showing. You might want to try checking your spelling next time you post a rant . Your computer has a function that does that for you! Try it. It'll make you look much more literate. Then perhaps you can work on sentence structure.

Have a nice day.

2794 days ago

christine milda    

cause he is scared-he probably has it too-all race aside-tad i am native

2794 days ago
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