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Deal, No Deal

3/5/2007 6:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Birkhead, Opri, SternLarry Birkhead's lawyer tells TMZ there will be no negotiating with Howard K. Stern.

Debra Opri says the only subject of negotiation is "how fast he [Stern] will produce the child for a DNA test and how quickly he will allow that child to go to California with her real father."

As TMZ has been reporting, Stern has been asking Birkhead for some involvement in Dannielynn's financial affairs after paternity is established. Now Opri says, "There were never any deals. It was a one-sided discussion."

Opri tells TMZ she did not want to respond to Stern's overtures until after the funeral. Birkhead's hardline stance now puts the ball in Stern's court -- will he submit Dannielynn for DNA testing or will the fight escalate?


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Number 4. Yes! I think Howard is capiable of anything at this point. Get that kid away from him!

2727 days ago


OK, first of all...Larry has been trying to see his daughter, since day ONE. After watching alot of this CIRCUS go on, this poor guy only wants his daughter! Its Howard K that is being a pain in the BUTT!!!!!! Give her up Howy...she isn't yours!!!!!!! GRAVY TRAIN IS OVER!

2727 days ago


Howard Stern is NOT the father or he would have already submitted to the DNA testing. Anyone with half a brain can figure this out. Stern and Anna tried too hard to prove that Stern is the father--that's what made me convinced even more that Larry Birkhead is the father.

Howard Stern: If Dannilynn is your daughter, proves us all to be liars--do the DNA test.

2727 days ago


You think Larry Birkhead got some kind of sample from the baby when the a$$ HKS let him visit w/ her? I hope so. I hope Larry did & knows for sure that she's his daughter & proceeds to prove it through the judicial system!

2727 days ago


We want the DNA test done NOW! Come on Howard lets get this over with!!

2727 days ago


The biological father will control Anna Nicole's estate and money. Howard's terrified of losing his control over Anna's future fortune. Why else would he refuse to submit Dannielynn's DNA? It's always been about the money for Howard K. Stern. Good to hear they won't make a deal with the devil!!!!

2727 days ago

Linda Dawson    

If the lawyers stayed out of it, Birkhead and Stern could possibly work this out according to Anna's wishes - share custody and responsibility of the baby. Two fathers would be better than one. What will Birkhead do with a baby...bring it home to his Mom? Howard is the one who could ensure a financial future for the baby...and he was there for Anna...all the time...and lets not forget...she wanted Stern on the birth certificate, wanted him to be executor of her will and wanted to marry him. Everyone should just stay out of it and let them work it out. The lawyers have made a big mess of everything. The mother should go back to Texas and never be heard from again....what a nightmare she is.

2727 days ago


I just hope the baby doesn't "suddenly" die of SIDS.....

2727 days ago


Just look at the baby!!! She looks like Birkhead, facial features ect. HKS is real evil man to keep someone else's kid, JUST SO HE CAN GET ANS MONEY$$$$.

2727 days ago

Free BabyGurl Now    


that's like stealing someone else's property, then offering to sell it back to them! shame, shame on howard k.

koward used to be able to strongarm larry, but now that larry was smart enough to hook up with deb opri, larry and deb are a great team!

2727 days ago

tracy smith    

Howard is the dad! That is what ana wanted and larry knew that! Anyone can father a child but howard has been danielynn's father since day one and he should continue to be her dad regarldless and d.n.a that is what ana wanted!!!!! People did ya not see how many times she said that on t.v.. Howard was there for ana and they were together through all holidays and all kinds family gatherings!! Know all of a sudden all of ana's long long relatives want to get in all the dough?? Where were they every holiday and family gathering howard was the only one there for ana and he well always be there for her in his heart! Larry might be the real father but ana didn't want him in her daughter's life -----Can you all remember all that!!!!!!!! I LOVE HOWARD AND I WISH HIM THE BEST!!!

2727 days ago


I agree #5. It's obvious Anna just does not like Larry. He seems like a stalker and seems obsessed and I am sure thats why she went to the Bahamas. Just because you conceive a child that dosent mean it makes you a father........ there is way more to it than that. PLUS say it does come out that Larry is the bio father................ SO WHAT! does that make him capable of taking care of her? does that make him a FIT FATHER?........ Anna wants Howard to take care of her daughter..............period....................

2727 days ago


you know birkhead has been nothing but a camera hogg ever ssince he met anna. what the hell makes you think that he didn't use her for her status. he really gets on my nerves. getting all up in the middle like anna used for anything more than a piece.

2727 days ago

Morgan Sidenbender    

I support Howard Stern and I feel he is doing what Anna wanted. He is protecting that Baby from Mommy Dearest and Mean Emailing Larry. I pray that you keep your fight going Howard. Like you said, You know the Truth. Plus Howard is the only one fighting with his family behind him.
Do you see Anna's family besides the horrible MOM. Larry is just selling Anna's pictures to pay for his fight. Why is Larry's family not helping???? If he is the father, then that makes them Grandparents. Where are they????? Howard keep going. Anna would be proud

2727 days ago


DO THE RIGHT THING HOWARD. Because if you don't allow this child, that you "love" so much, to discover who her REAL biological father is, she's going to ABSOLUTELY HATE you down the road.

2727 days ago
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