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Nicole Richie's Man

Strongarms Photog

3/5/2007 11:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Richie's boyfriend doubles as her personal bodyguard -- quick to get violent with anyone who stands in her way.

A heated Joel Madden bulldozed his way through a crowd of paparazzi as he and Nicole Richie tried to sneak out the back door of Mr. Chow Saturday night, sending photogs flying. As Madden approached his waiting ride, the Good Charlotte frontman finally lost his patience and rocked one unlucky photog with an openhanded shot to the chest. As the photog stumbled backwards, Madden and Richie quickly got into the car, and sped off into the night.

The day before this scuffle, chopstick-thin Richie was rushed to the hospital after feeling dizzy on the set of "The Simple Life" -- after 20 hours of filming. She was treated for dehydration and released. Looks like Madden was just being a bit protective of his girl.


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I think they are both losers and real men prefer women who weigh more than the average 7th grader. I think Nicole Richie looks digusting and her reps saying she can't gain weight is rubish. When you are on drugs, of course you can't gain weight. They should throw Richie and Paris both in jail, maybe they can be cellmates. And the comment thatt Richie made about Memorial Day makes me sick to my stomach. Considering there is a major war going on you'd think that Richie might pick up a newspaper or take a glance at the news once and a while. Instead of just reading liquor bottles to see what alcohol proof they are. I personally lost a dear friend in Iraq last year and I think Nicole Richie doesn't even have the right to call herself an American. Richie and all those other stars making trouble, unforunately they are in some ways representatives of our country. So not only do they make themselves look bad, but they are also representations of our nation whether we like it or not, so they make our nation look bad also. We need to stop idolizing these pathetic people because they are horrible role models. We need to start and keep focusing on people who actually are making a difference in the world. Instead of these trust fund brats who don't know the value or meaning of hard work. Who flash their private parts to the world, who are constantly partying, drinking, and doing all sorts of drugs. They have no respect for our legal system, so they just keep breaking the law. There is absolutely no reason to care about what these losers are doing. Hopefully sooner or later people will start to wise up and stop caring about these nitwits, so they eventually will disappear from the news, magazines, and the internet completely.

2667 days ago

No Excuses    

I'm being serious when I say this...I believe Nicole R. needs psych help. She has a lot of issues--one being her weight.
Having been a teen during the 80s, I was a fan of her dad.

2756 days ago


and I care

2756 days ago


I am not a fan of violence in any way. However, in this one I have to say, "WAY TO GO!!!".

2756 days ago


I am split on the issue. On one hand, I feel some sympathy for celebs as every move is photographed and their personal space invaded. I can see how that can get annoying. On the other hand I want to scream at the celebs for being dumbasses for becoming celebs to begin with. Paparazzi, photogrophers, fans etc all come with the career path. If they don't want to deal with paparazzi etc, they shouldn't have become celeberties to begin with. Afterall, it's the paprazzi partially responsible for making them famous.

On a side note, I could give two shits about Nicole Richie - the only reasons she's famous is because of har dad, Paris, her dumbass starving herself. but most of all is due to the photogrophers.

2756 days ago


Joel better be careful who he pushes. He doesn't weigh much
more than Nicole. That guy he pushed could have squashed him like a bug.
They're both whacks and who cares about these two losers???

2756 days ago


it's hard to feel sympathy for those who are dressed to be seen & at places they know papz will be waiting, directly after a tabloid story breaks out about one of them. why not dress down & go to some ordinary place to eat? i'm sure LA isn't lacking for good tasting, reasonably priced, low key, culinary destinations.

2756 days ago


Good. Should have puched that stupid f***er! Being a celebrity means getting followed constantly and being a photog bastard means getting hit constantly. I don't even like these two, but good going jeff...errr john...joey?? what was his name?

2756 days ago


Why Is this toothpick famous? I feel like buying her a bigmac meal, but she'll probably puke it up. I'd rather buy a big mac meal for a homeless person who needs it and appreciates help. This chick is the next to shave her head? I'll place bets on that.

2756 days ago


Just because they are famous they don't deserve to be stalked. There is a time and a place for everything. These photogs wait for the celebs to get the highest priced picture. Its all about the money. Thats why Joe Simpson takes pics of Jess himself.

2756 days ago


Nicole call me... I have a role for you in my next movie..

2756 days ago


That cracked my up at the end how the photog said see you in a dark alley. LOL Skinny boy joel better watch out.

2756 days ago


Why don't these photographers just hire bodyguards?
When thes celebs show up at places THEY KNOW WILL BE CAMPED BY
photographers, they should EXPECT to have their pictures taken.
I know one thing, if a Celeb ever laid a hand on me, they'd get a stub back.

2756 days ago


In a perfect world she would just be ignored.

That so much media coverage is devoted to these two untalented people is just a sad commentary on our times.

2756 days ago


I love Nicole, but if you just got out of the hospital why the hell are you going out to dinner? Don't you ever just wanna stay home and smoke a fatty? I bet Mr Chow would have delivered

2756 days ago
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