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FOX to Ann --

Be Our Guest... But That's It

3/6/2007 2:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ann CoulterDespite referring to Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards as a fa**ot, FOX News Channel is standing by 45-year-old lanky, right-wing loudmouth Ann Coulter.

Just yesterday, FOX News booked Coulter on "Hannity & Colmes," where she defended her haughty homophobic invective, saying it was not "an insulting word" but a "schoolyard taunt" and a "joke."

TMZ asked FOX if they would dump Coulter. The obtuse response: "Ann Coulter is not a paid commentator and her remarks don't reflect the views of FOX News Channel." We take that as a "no."

TMZ also contacted Coulter's agent to see if she would be dropped for making the remark, just like CAA dropkicked conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage over a similar homophobic remark against Melissa Etheridge. But the powerful William Morris Agency was mum on Coulter. We called and e-mailed, but no response.


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Ann Coulter says what I think! She is "GREAT"

2788 days ago

Cranky Pants    

Ann Coulter is a certified nut-job hate-inciting POS. That goes DOUBLE for Sean Hannity. No WAY is FAUX News gonna ditch either one of em as long as they're successfully peddaling their anti-American brand of hate.

BTW I hear Coulter is really a guy who "tucks it". The adams apple is a dead giveaway.

2788 days ago


This article is innacurate as I am not surprised it would be. TMZ is taking it all out of context . If you were to provide your readers with how the word was actually associated with John Edwards, you would realize what her true intent of the discussion was about. I didn't realize how biased this site is!

2788 days ago


I hope that TMZ is also asking HBO about firing BIll Maher for suggesting that it would be better if Cheney had been killed by the bomb attempt on his life last week. You know, just to keep things intellectually honest at TMZ.

2788 days ago


Did TMZ also call ABC to ask if they were getting rid of Rosie and Joy?

They can say whatever they feel whenever they want so I don't really see the difference except that liberal websites like this make it a big deal.

2788 days ago

entrapment my ass    

Ann Coulter represents the extreme right just like alot of Hollywood represents the extreme left. Should she go to rehab now?? I don't think so. By making a big deal of this, you are giving Ann Coulter exactly what she wants: publicity. Get over IT or IT will overcome you.

2788 days ago

Only in    

Thank God these little hissy's can't reproduce or we would all be in trouble,right you little arse bandits!

2788 days ago


She just looks evil with those crazy eyes! She is just an old dryed up bitch looking for her 15 min like everyone else (jennifer hudson).

2788 days ago

Josh Fan in Franklin, TN    

Ugh, I can't stand that witch. Her statements prove that she's nothing more than a redneck racist - a redneck racist with expensive highlights, but one none the less.

I admire Edwards for taking the high road on this one. Coulter is just trying to get a rise out of people.

BTW, does anyone else think that she looks like a neanderthal wth those deep-set eyes? I wonder if she gets offended by the Geiko commercials.

2788 days ago


What FOX and other media said YES to was trying to minimize Ann Coulter's disgusting comments by FABRICATING a story about BILL MAHER. They said he SAID he wanted Cheney dead, which he did OOT say. I hope Bill sues all of their sorry asses.

2788 days ago


This woman is such a low life piece of crap. She has a big mouth and regardless of what she thinks, she is an uneducated ignorant person. I can't believe people actually listen to her and give her the time of day. The reason I know this story is because it's be plastered over the news. I can't believe she is still given any opportunity to speak. WHO CARES. Ann go home, no one liks you, we all smile and say nice things but really could give two shits what comes out of your mouth. This is just another one of those school yard taunts, oh and your mother's ugly and dresses you funny.

2788 days ago

Only in    

It doesn't matter,these people will never have any rights,their to dangerous to society

2788 days ago


2. Ann Coulter says what I think! She is "GREAT"

Posted at 1:32PM on Mar 6th 2007 by Theresa

Damn, your hair must look like sh*t!

2788 days ago


I thnk Ann Coulter is great. I particularly chuckled at her comment everyone is so upset about. Lighten up those who were offended :)

2788 days ago


Oh, okay. In the spirit of 'free speech' let me say this: Trann Coulter needs to have her teeth smashed in with a baseball bat.

And one question, Trann: Are your balls as big as your Adam's Apple?

She is a piece of filth.

2788 days ago
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