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Joel Madden

Accused of Battering a Woman

3/6/2007 5:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that the Beverly Hills Police Department is investigating rocker Joel Madden, after a female photographer filed a "crime report" claiming he attacked her during a violent confrontation Sunday night.

According to police sources, the woman claimed Madden struck her on the left breast "with the heel of his hand" as the rocker tried to escort his girlfriend, Nicole Richie, out of the back door of Mr. Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills. The photographer told TMZ that she has a welt to prove it, and had to see a doctor for treatment.

Madden can be seen throwing a forceful, open-handed stiff-arm into the chest of another paparazzo, moments after the alleged incident.

Police reps also tell TMZ that they take every claim seriously, and a crime report was taken on this incident.

A rep for Madden had no comment.


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If they don't want to get chased down by the papz then go somewhere else!! I bet they would be so sad if they didn't have the "Stupid paparrazi" outside waiting for them when they left!!!!!!!! That would be JUSTICE!!!!!

2698 days ago


I don't care for either of these kids, but I think the paparazzi are being pathetic. Does he strongarm the second photographer (the male)? Yes. But he isn't complaining. The woman who he rushes past is whining. She makes a GRIP off of invading person space and exploiting someone's fame. He barely nudges her. In the course of making their way through clads of bright-flashing photographers, folks might get mildly mowed down. If they don't do this, the photographers will NEVER willingly part out of their way. Its too vaulable to keep taking photos.

So was he in the wrong? Not a bit. In fact, had he NOT been famous or had money, the woman wouldn't have thought twice about it.

I have zero pity for the paparazzi and granted famous people choose a lifestyle that might get nuts, it doesn't mean they are automatically no longer allowed basic personal space and human rights.

2698 days ago


I hope she sues him big time???? His girlfriend Nicole is such a nobody slut, I don't know why anyone would want a picture of his ugly face and her anorexic ass.

2698 days ago


aww I've been reading the comments everyone has been leaving, and I think everyone is being kinda harsh....I mean the potographer should know what they're getting into...would you like it if people were in your face 24/7?? I know I wouldn't...everyone has their bad days...I met Joel once and he was really nice....Everyone has a bad day and maybe that was just the last straw...You never know....

2698 days ago

george vieto    

Maybe Joel Madden will be the special guest referee in The World Awaits prizefight between Oscar de la Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather Junior. All kidding aside real cute beating up a female photographer. Say cheese next time wiseguy.

2698 days ago


He held is hand out in front of him with a stiff arm and open hand to clear the way as these celebrities are sick of having people shove a camera within 2 inches of their face.

THIS IS SIMPLY ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF A LOSER USING OUR OVERLY GENEROUS LEGAL SYSTEM TO GET FREE MONEY BECUASE HER BOOB GOT BUMPED INTO. Grow Up! Wake up! If we was walking through the crowd, arm extend at a steady pace to get him and Nicole out there, get the hell out of the way.

A lawsuit is going to crop up claiming millions in damage. I personally did sue a person one time. A doctor that partially paralyzed muscles due to nerve damage in my back and I was humble and accepted a meager offer to end it all even though every lawyer I spoke with told me I could have taken everything from that Doctor.

If that moronic photo wanted to be out of harms way, then she shouldn't have stood in front of them when they were simply trying to get to their vehicle without incident.

If I had a dollar for every papa that sued and won I'd be rich. They are all whiny crybaby's with no morals. "Oh watch, So and So's Wife just Died, lets attack him with photos on the way to the funeral. Who cares what he looked like going to bury his wife? Leave them alone at the appropriate times and with CELEB status comes the photogs, but they need to learn their limits as well.

2697 days ago


FU*K that woman i dont see anything he did that would cause any of what she is whining about! dumb bitch.... money grubbing paps. The one who got it bad if even at all is x17online paps haha.... GET OUT OF THE F***ing WAY!!!!!!!!! DAMN

2697 days ago

Statler and Waldorf Worldwide    

The b*!#$ deserved to get hit......maybe she would like to have a camera shoved in her face, taking her pic anywhere and everywhere she went...I doubt it. What happened to just have professionals taking pics of celebs? Why is it I have to know what every celeb did every second of every're all like the girl/and or guy at the office who takes 1000 pics of his kids daily and has to show you them all cuz they are just so darn cute when they do everything. And no, I don't consider Papo's professionals....they are the C and D students of the class, making their living selling their souls to the low class hacks at mags like the Globe that fabricate such intricate lies that it makes best selling novelists in the world rethink about their career choice. I'm just waiting for the day when the Papo's have their own set of Papo's following them around taking their pics...hmmm...I think I just thought of my new career....

2697 days ago


I agree #49, I'd like to see that biatch in my face...... having her boob bumped into would be the least of her problems if she physcially tried to stop me from walking. Even celebs have the right to walk without being blocked by people.

2697 days ago


It sounds like he was pushing the door open and accidentally got her instead. That happened to me once at a restaurant and I did not sue the guy. It was the heel of his hand smack into my chest. I am so sick of sue happy people. It is like they try to set these people up just so they can get some money. No wonder rich people do not brag. Who wants to let anyone you have anything to get?

2697 days ago


Farrah you are a disgrace to your race and making the comments you have I'm sure your race has already disowned you hence the racist & ignorant comments.Why don't you and your "No Peace No Justice" campaign move on to something that could be of use to you............AN EDUCATION.

2697 days ago



Wake up and smell the "food"

1. Your starving yourself your arrest sheet stated you only weigh 85lbs.

2. You have an eating disorer: stop with the denial your " naturally thin" your not. you looked better when you started simple life just needed to tone up

3. Your freinds Paris, Lindasy, Britney have issues ( you do too)

4. This guy hits. Red flag

5. DJ Am has new woman and his happy

6. Get Out and run while you still can

2697 days ago


Well...maybe the woman shouldn't stand on his way in the first place. Not his problem if she doesn't move her ass. Same goes to the paparazzi blocking the car door. Joel did the right thing.

2697 days ago


How refreshing. Love watching photographers get stiffarmed. Better keep your guard up cause it's time for some payback.

2697 days ago


I have no idea who this loser is, but he should be grateful that he's getting attention from the paps. What the big deal dude, you asked for fame and you got it, deal with it. A simple hello and be on your way. And Nicole, you need to put on some weight before you die and to perk up your breast. I saw a picture of Nicole jogging on the beach and her breast look like something I've seen with a starving lady in Ethiopia.

2697 days ago
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