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Simon on J-Hud:

An Apology?

Keep Dreaming!

3/7/2007 1:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell says he doesn't expect Jennifer Hudson to apologize for calling him "abusive" during her run on American Idol, no matter how wrong she might be.

After "EXTRA" dug up several clips of Simon continually praising the Oscar winner during her run on the show, the acid-tongued judge had a surprising reaction, saying "Does she owe me an apology? No. I wouldn't expect an apology, funny enough."

But Cowell does expect Hudson to show some love for the people that helped her blow up. "I'd say thank your lucky stars, you've had two breaks in your life, "American Idol" and "Dreamgirls," doesn't get any better than that."

Hudson isn't the only "Idol" wannabe the brutal Brit tackled in the interview. When asked about Internet porn queen Antonella Barbra, and Kellie Picker's new, um, set of pipes, Simon definitely didn't hold back.


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Jenifer is so great I love her and Simon needsto get oer himself, he thinks hes the hottest thing ever

2796 days ago

Great Dane    

Apology? For giving her the TWO greatest opportunities of her life????

I don't care how tough, how critical, how horrible people say Simon is....I think he is very TRUTHFUL......and I think Jannifer Hudson should show some thanks to him, and his show- because WITHOUT American Idol.....someone else would have been playing the role of Effie White, someone else would have been collecting that Oscar.....

She is an ungrateful, young, foolish child......and when she is 40...and looks back on her 15 minutes, maybe then she'll think of things in a new light.....but, def. not now while she's caught up in the mix of actually "being a star"......

2796 days ago

My Two Cents    

Right now her head is as big as a balloon with a slow leak. Pretty soon we will be saying "Jennifer who???"

2796 days ago


TMZ you are absolutely disgraceful for trying to tarnish what Jennifer Hudson has worked so hard to accomplish. And, she did so with God-given talent! Why do you guys INSIST on peddling this NON-STORY?!! You are liars by omission. You have obviously, carefully selected just enough information to give this trash credibility. I think your efforts are racist and egregious! Jennifer has on NUMEROUS occaisions acknowledged and THANKED AI for the opportunity that they gave her. But TMZ has mysteriously had missed everyone of those interviews and comments. Of course, she is not going to apologize to Simon for her statements. She DOESN'T OWE HIM OR AI AN APOLOGY. He is angry and embarassed that she proved him wrong. And, she has a right to her opinion. I happened to have watched AI when Simon criticized her for everything from her clothes, to her size and her singing. I witnessed it myself. He told her that she was "out of her league" in that competition. Was that supposed to boost her self-esteem?! She like everyone else has a right to say that Simon's critiques were not exactly pleasant.

TMZ, since your digging up videos, did you happen to come across the one where Simon says that he was wrong when he said that she was out of her league. I've seen it myself. Thank God there are credible entertainment news sources other than TMZ that don't fabricate story to fit their agendas to destroy someone's career.

You guys said barely a word about Paris Hilton's video with racist and homosexual slurs. There was no mistaking what came out of her mouth. But, you have been pushing this stupid NON-STORY all week. Jennifer Hudson is not an evil, egotistical person and doesn't deserve this from you. Enough already!

2796 days ago


This is definitely a smear campaign against Jennifer Hudson. TMZ is milking this for what it is worth. What did Jennifer to do TMZ? Piss in your cornflakes?

2796 days ago


Jennifer Hudson - fat, ungrateful bitch. Period.

2796 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

Jennifer Hudson should be paying TMZ for all the exposure.

Guess what -- I never knew who this woman was until TMZ gave her all the FREE publicity.

(Don't you people get it? There is no such thing as bad publicity and Simon Cowell is a shining example of that.)

2796 days ago


Simon has proven his accuracy with all contestants over the course of the show, not to mention he's incredibly hot, love to join him for a spot of tea!!!!

2796 days ago


SUCCESS. On the Baraba Walter Special before the oscars she said, "if it wasn't for american idol, no one would have ever heard of me or know a Jennifer Hudson". TMZ
is only quoting the 1st part of Simon's comments, the 2nd half consisted of him telling her that her weight would stop or impede her career as a singer and she needed to find another field to pursue----but not the singing field (during these comments Jennifer eyes widen, her mouth opened in surprise & she put her hand over her mouth because she could not believe he said this to her). Jennifer has no reason to thank Simon --- it's the

2796 days ago


Why the hell does Jennifer Hudson have to thank Simon? He's not the one who's singlehandedly responsible for her career. Yes, she was on American Idol, but so what?! I don't see Kelly Clarkson bending over & kissing Simon's ass for all of her grammys. He is not responsible for her winning ANYTHING, so wtf should she be thanking him for?

2796 days ago


Jennifer--eat something and shut up you dumb ass. Your one damn movie has already gone to your big fat head. I'm sure they will have you back as a presenter at next years Oscars but I'm sure that will be your last. Hey, maybe you can go on Tyra's show and you two can blame both of your fat asses on somebody else. You both are fat because you are so FULL of yourselves.

2796 days ago


It's not that JH needs to be kissing anyones ass.. she should show some gratitude towards the show that got her face into millions of homes though.
I know I sure as hell wouldn't go around badmouthing a show that essentially opened numerous doors for me that otherwise would have been slammed into my face.

ANY former contestant complaining about the show is ungrateful.

2796 days ago

wasabi joe    

another case of typical, if hudson thinks she found her way to dreamgirls on just her talent she's the one dreaming. i don't watch these reality shows but i know they are the vehicle to stardom for many of the performers. i don't think we would have ever heard of kelly, clay, fantasia or the rest of these "musicians" had it not been for the show, and the show has only been successful due to the honesty of cowell. had he truly been abusive he would have told hudson to drop a few pounds. hudson will probably get another role and then reveal that eddie murphy and beyonce were abusive on the set of dreamgirls, oh wait their black, nevermind

2796 days ago


It's unfortunate that she is so ungrateful. Does she have to thank Simon or AI - no but then again I don't have to send the thank you notes for the wedding gifts I received either. She shouldn't act like she didn't know what the show was about - she wasn't on the first season and therefore should have known what kind of comments she would get from Simon - sometimes the truth hurts.

2796 days ago


Jennifer Hudson, has her 15 minutes of fame. I was very happy for her; but I don't think she is that great. She may have 15 minutes more, if there is, Dream Girls 2.

2796 days ago
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