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Simon on J-Hud:

An Apology?

Keep Dreaming!

3/7/2007 1:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell says he doesn't expect Jennifer Hudson to apologize for calling him "abusive" during her run on American Idol, no matter how wrong she might be.

After "EXTRA" dug up several clips of Simon continually praising the Oscar winner during her run on the show, the acid-tongued judge had a surprising reaction, saying "Does she owe me an apology? No. I wouldn't expect an apology, funny enough."

But Cowell does expect Hudson to show some love for the people that helped her blow up. "I'd say thank your lucky stars, you've had two breaks in your life, "American Idol" and "Dreamgirls," doesn't get any better than that."

Hudson isn't the only "Idol" wannabe the brutal Brit tackled in the interview. When asked about Internet porn queen Antonella Barbra, and Kellie Picker's new, um, set of pipes, Simon definitely didn't hold back.


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Great Dane    

Kelly Clarkson WON American Idol....and she has grown as an artist on HER OWN since then......her INITIAL break was from Idol.....and I have heard her thank Idol plenty of times since then.....

As Simon pointed out a few weeks ago, they kept Jennifer on the show as long as they could.....AMERICA voted her off......maybe American were able to see her for the BITCH that she is......

She shouldn't have anomicity towards Idol- that is for ceratain......

2766 days ago


I'm sorry, but Jennifer Hudson is just too full of herself. Yes, she has a nice voice, but it's not much better than many other voices I've heard.

I've been singing for 25 years, and one thing I've learned is that is NOT good to continually roll your notes. Not only is it distracting, but it makes you seem like you're looking for attention. It also detracts from the beauty of the song.

Jennifer Hudson really needs to become a little more humble. Also, where a bra once in a while Jennifer. It's not necessary to sag before you're 25.

2766 days ago


One more thing . . . with the behavior Jennifer Hudson has been exhibiting as of late, I actually hope she gets the "Oscar for Supporting Actress Curse". If you look back in history, many, many, many women that have been fortunate enough to receive an Oscar hardly ever (if ever) worked again - successfully.

Jennifer Hudson's actions, attitudes and lack of graciousness is stating that she will deserve such a curse.

Humility? Grow some, Jen! What happened to you so fast??!!!! Such a shame.

2766 days ago


People, I've heard Ms Hudson thank American Idol quite a few times, WTF!
Simon is in character, he's milking her spotlight for the good of his show.
Idol didn't magically teach Ms Hudson to sing. With or without Idol, this women was going to have a career in music industry, it was only a matter of time. But some people in this world are only happy if you're eating the corn outta there s***

This woman has a (great) voice, I see many gold records in her future.

2766 days ago


why is there so many haters in the world, simon is a pompous a--, why everyone puts so much stock in what he says is beyond me, jennifer hudson is a talented woman who deserves all the fame and fortune that has befallen her.....and i wish her well, nobody has said anything about country a-- kelly pickler....who by the way can not sing at all, she is so country that people were intrigued, and that's it! high five jennifer

2766 days ago


For the negative commentees, how in the hell can you call this lady a bitch or any other name other than Jennifer Hudson? You don't know this woman personally, nor do any YOU have a right or privilege to judge her. I've heard Jennifer thank AI on many occasions. You negative cynical cowards, you. Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar now her head is too big according to you. WOW!!! 40 yrs later and RACISM is alive and well. I've never heard or read such horrible things about the WHITE female Oscar winners.... Get over it HATERS!!! Jennifer Hudson, keep doing you... You are talented, humble, and blessed.

2766 days ago

Anonymous 4    

That's the typical reaction of a egomaniac narcissistic white male. Jennifer Hudson's talent are God's gift. And she does not shy away from thanking God for her good fortunes...
This arrogant man would like nothing better than for this beautiful talented black young woman to say "yessa massa..I owes you thanks!" This is the only way he can maintain his delusional image of superiority because it EATS HIM ALIVE to see this young black woman in her prime achieve more accolades for her talent while he can only sit and judge others. Pathetic man.

2766 days ago


American Idol is just a TV show that allows the American public to sit on their asses and make judgment calls. Ms Hudson should not apologize to Simon, she's thanked the show enough.

You people have no right judge a person based on sound bytes alone. Simon is trying milk her success for the good of his show.

The real giants in music industry view the show as prop, and
has Cowell really been responsible for discovering any major
talents in music before the success of Idol, no he hasn’t.

You can’t compare Simon’s achievements to the likes of Clive Davis,
David Geffen, Tommy Mottola etc. Randy Jackson has worked with bigger names!

If the Academy felt Ms Hudson’s performance in Dreamgirls was Oscar material, so be it. Those of that say she’s not talented enough, who are you, and what have you done.

I’ve seen Ms Hudson perform live and she’s brilliant. At this point she has every right to be little ticked off at all this Idol drama.
Mr Cowell got his panties in a bunch because Ms Hudson called
His program a (stepping stone)…Encarta World Dictionary defines
it as (2. A stage or step that helps achieve a goal)

She a great vocalist, with a bright future. Your opinions won’t change that.

2765 days ago


JENNIFER HUDSON;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;NOW NEXT----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2765 days ago


It's just like white folks, always wanted to be thanked for doing nothing!

Pigs (oink oink)

2765 days ago


Jennifer has thanked AI so many damn times yet what does she get, a bunch of loud mouth posters who has never heard of Ms. Hudson or never listened to her countless thank you speeches. She has thanked AI as recently at the NAACP awards which were held last weekend.

Jennifer has thanked the academy, AI and fellow actors who voted for her, etc. I have never seen the white winners be as humble in their speeches as she has been but what does she get here, a bunch of idiots who don't know what the hell they are talking about.

Simon has made millions of dollars being rude and tacky to young people who just want to make it. He has left people crying and shaking. But when he is called on this he screams "not fair" and there are plenty of people out their who like Simon forget how mean and cruel this man really is and he does it for the love of the dollar bill. How pathetic.

2765 days ago


You know this is BS. At the Oscar luncheon when they announced her nomination she more than thanked Idol. What more do they want? Her first born? It bullcrap that she being criticized. Simon has a lot of nerve he out of his own mouth said she was out of her depth and had gone as far as she could go. He said that. Unless he made calls to get her a audition or unless someone from the show did they don't deserve crap because she had to audition 3 times before she got the part and then had to go through months of training and coaching. none of that had anything to do with Idol. People don't want to admit it but a lot of what Simone says sways the Idol voters. He told people that she wasn't any good and some people took it as the gospel and those same people along with simon are now propogating revistionist history like Simon knew she would blow up and nurtured her to go out and do this and that is false. He talked about her hair, her weight and basically said she wouldn't make it. Now that she blew up he wants credit. Cmon now just admit you were wrong and keep it moving. Focus on your current season. I know its embarrassing but hey that is life when you try to be controversial with your statements.

2761 days ago


jasmine trias also said idol was a stepping stone for her lucrative career in the phillipines and simon did not blast her

2759 days ago

OJ Did it!    

Message to Earth..... Simon Cowell is a piece of shit.

2757 days ago


J Hudson is a joke!!! She thinks she so damn hot, but she's not. Her head is to big right now, it's p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c!!!!

2755 days ago
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