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Anna Nicole Death Timeline

3/8/2007 3:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has pieced together some of the events that ended in the discovery that Anna Nicole Smith was dead.
Stern, Smith, And Big MOe
Rewind to the morning of February 8. Anna Nicole Smith was in bed in her suite at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Tasma "Taz" Brighthaupt, the wife of bodyguard Big Moe, was tending to Anna. Taz believed Smith was sleeping. Mid-morning, she left the suite and went with Big Moe to the airport to pick up some people.

We're told that just before noon, Big Moe, his wife and several others entered the hotel lobby. As they approached the elevator, Howard K. Stern came down the elevator from Anna's room. They all chatted and all went upstairs. Moe and his wife went into their room in the suite, leaving Howard in the living room. We don't know if Howard entered Anna's room.

We're told that a short time later (just after 12 noon), Moe was getting ready to leave. Howard asked Taz if she would stay and tend to Anna. She remained and Moe and Howard left.

We're told once in the lobby, Howard began pacing as he used his cellphone. Moe left the hotel.

We're told Taz never spoke with Anna that day. Taz assumed she was sleeping. Taz was using a computer near Anna's bed, never knowing there was trouble. At around 1:30, Taz realized something was wrong and called her husband. Moe then called the hotel, and someone on the staff then called 911.

It is unclear what Stern was doing between 12:00 and 1:30, but we're told he did not go back to the room during this timeframe.


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demis bicycle seat    

come on the guy was out buying more drugs for anna!

2784 days ago

Miss Tia    

Wait a sec....Mo and his wife were on LArry King live and on ET and they said that SOMEONE ELSE WAS IN THE ROOM with Anna and Brigette [not Mo or Howard]...WHO IS THIS PERSON??????

This story is totally different from the story they told on ET and on Larry King live. Which one is real and which one is fake??? considering i've watched the clips on ET and Larry King, i am leaning towards believing that.

There are questions though as to WHO IS THE MYSTERY PERSON THAT WAS IN THE ROOM??? NO ONE HAS SAID, FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the nurse and Mo messed up...the nurse did CPR wrong (on a bed) and Mo, instead of calling the hotel immediately to call 911, called HKS first, wasting precious SECONDS.....why didn't the mystery person in the room call the front desk to call 911????

FIND OUT WHO WAS IN THAT ROOM!!!!!!!!!! Mo and his wives stories are changing....why?? I suspect them.....totally.....

2784 days ago

He's Boring now    

To a conspiracy theroist, one would say, ah ha, Stern knew she would not wake up and was down there calling and pacing and making himself not present while working on personal affairs that would benefit him...simple thing to do, get his phone records and see who he was talking to and investigate what the topic was. Than you either have ammunition to move forward or back off.

Nice of the nurse and her husband to not call 911 themselves...why would anyone call the front desk for a life threatning situation?

2784 days ago

isnt she special    

TMZ - your just looking to beef up today's blogs by stirring things up here and adding this tidbit.

Howie did it!

2784 days ago


Howie~ they are on to you and you are going down, see ya!

2784 days ago


It just doesn't add up ???Stern is SO guilty, hope he pays big time.

2784 days ago


he gave her the drugs and left so he would not be there when she he would be in the clear.

2784 days ago

demis bicycle seat    

and do i think he murdered both ANS and her son? no i do think he loved both of them but he was also a major part of ANS drug use and maybe even her sons

2784 days ago


I heard he was out buying her a boat when she died... .They interviewed the guy (who was selling it to ana) on the news the day after she died...

2784 days ago

Tracey Baker    

Its all closeing in on you Howard someone save that baby.Maybe AnnA and Daniel are working from above. Time is running out you evil bastard


2784 days ago


This is really sad- I mean hello I think all three of the Stern, Moe and his wife are responsible. I mean Neven was supposed to be watching after her but she sat there next to her for an hour and half and didn't realize anything was wrong come on- I am sorry they all knew something was up. Plus this Neven is a nurse? Honestly- let me know what hospital she is working at so I can avoid it until I am ready to croak.

2784 days ago


I knew they would all never be able to keep thier stories straight, all evidence that can be used against them later!

2784 days ago


OK uncle Mo(TOM) what really happened?

2784 days ago


it was the butler in the kitchen with the knife!

2784 days ago

Ignore HKS Paid Bloggers    

He killed both Danny and Nichole. We thought that to begin and so do the cops.

2784 days ago
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