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Anna Nicole Death Timeline

3/8/2007 3:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has pieced together some of the events that ended in the discovery that Anna Nicole Smith was dead.
Stern, Smith, And Big MOe
Rewind to the morning of February 8. Anna Nicole Smith was in bed in her suite at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Tasma "Taz" Brighthaupt, the wife of bodyguard Big Moe, was tending to Anna. Taz believed Smith was sleeping. Mid-morning, she left the suite and went with Big Moe to the airport to pick up some people.

We're told that just before noon, Big Moe, his wife and several others entered the hotel lobby. As they approached the elevator, Howard K. Stern came down the elevator from Anna's room. They all chatted and all went upstairs. Moe and his wife went into their room in the suite, leaving Howard in the living room. We don't know if Howard entered Anna's room.

We're told that a short time later (just after 12 noon), Moe was getting ready to leave. Howard asked Taz if she would stay and tend to Anna. She remained and Moe and Howard left.

We're told once in the lobby, Howard began pacing as he used his cellphone. Moe left the hotel.

We're told Taz never spoke with Anna that day. Taz assumed she was sleeping. Taz was using a computer near Anna's bed, never knowing there was trouble. At around 1:30, Taz realized something was wrong and called her husband. Moe then called the hotel, and someone on the staff then called 911.

It is unclear what Stern was doing between 12:00 and 1:30, but we're told he did not go back to the room during this timeframe.


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He gave her the drugs and got out of there thinking we would not be suspect if he is not there.

2785 days ago


I don't believe this for one second. This is what Big Moe said...

This is a partial transcript from "On the Record," February 26, 2007, that has been edited for clarity.

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST: What happened to Anna Nicole ? What went on in that room at that Hard Rock hotel and casino? Big Moe was there when she was dying and when she died. He was Anna Nicole's friend and also her bodyguard. Big Moe talked to us.


VAN SUSTEREN: When did you first meet up? Was it on the Monday.

BIG MOE, ANNA NICOLE'S FORMER BODYGUARD: On the Monday. Monday evening, I think it was, late afternoon.

VAN SUSTEREN: What was her condition when you saw her that late afternoon?

BIG MOE: Well, when she came in, she was shivering. She had every sign of a flu that I know. She was a little sick. She was shivering. She was - couldn't eat. And when we put her to bed, I checked her temperature, and her temperature was up to 105. And I told her, I said - I told her, I said, Baby girl, I'm about to call - you know, I'm about to call 911. You knead to go to the hospital. And she begged me not to. And I said, Well, this is just - it's - this is not acceptable to me. I mean, we have to do something.

(Story continues below)

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So we picked her up and put her in, like, some water, put some ice in the water and broke her temperature, and the temperature went back to 98. And then she took some flu medicine, which was prescribed by a doctor, a local doctor. I don't know who the doctor was, but it was provided by Hard Rock.

VAN SUSTEREN: Now, you put her in the cold water. Is that in part because - I mean, you spend - your living is saving lives. Is this part of your training a little bit?

BIG MOE: Well, that's the part - that's something that I knew in knowledge from what my grandmother told me, you know, just some common knowledge that you - you know, first of all, if your fever is too high, you can, you know, spasm out, catch a - get a stroke, or you know - or have a seizure. So we knew we had to bring her temperature down. And then she - after we brought it down, you know, Anna being who Anna is, and you know, she begged not to go to the hospital. So we monitored all night and the next day, and her fever never really broke - I mean, went up anymore, so...

VAN SUSTEREN: When you say "we," who's "we"?

BIG MOE: Well, her friends that was in the room. It was me, Howard, and her long-time friend, Chris Rasovitch (ph).

VAN SUSTEREN: Is that the psychiatrist from Los Angeles ?


VAN SUSTEREN: She was in the room, too?


VAN SUSTEREN: Do you know why she was there?

BIG MOE: Friends.

VAN SUSTEREN: Not in a professional...

BIG MOE: No, no. Anyone that was there was strictly there as friends. I was there as a strict friend.

VAN SUSTEREN: You weren't working as a bodyguard, total friend.

BIG MOE: I was not working - total friend. I told you, from this point now - from point now to when Daniel died - I got there the day after Daniel died, September 11 . Of course, I remember that because of the tragedy that my fellow men went through.

VAN SUSTEREN: Fellow firefighters.

BIG MOE: Fellow firefighters went through. And up to the day she died, I didn't get paid one cent to work with her. Even when we was at the Hard Rock and she went to that boxing match, I was there strictly as a friend. She was going through a lot of legal problems, so you know, I didn't want to bug her with that.

VAN SUSTEREN: On that Monday night, February 5, when the temperature's 105 - Chris, her friend, is also an M.D. Did she say anything, like, this temperature is really high?

BIG MOE: Oh, of course.

VAN SUSTEREN: And what was Anna - what was the interaction between Anna and Chris, who is an M.D.?

BIG MOE: Well, she had the same interaction like she had with me. She just did not want to go to the doctor. She didn't want to go to the hospital. She said she'd be all right. But by the time we - we was

2785 days ago


Howard was out dumping the dope & trying to fiqure out what to do next. He knew she was dead. Hope they get the proof on him.

2785 days ago


I think he may have known that she passed away but didn't want to be the one to call 911 and be found the only one in the room bc of the inquest with him being involved in daniel's death. So he set it up where someone else would be there to find her. I don't think he killed her though, intentionally anyway.

2785 days ago


If you have been on top of this story, TMZ, you would know that HKS was out purchasing the yacht that both ANS and HKS came to Florida in the first place. No one has yet disputed that the plan was for ANS & HKS to come to Florida to purchase a yacht that they planned to name "The Cracker." That is where HKS was when Big Mo called him and advised ANS was unresponsive and needed medical attention. There have already been interviews at the yacht dealership, verifying that HKS was there and in the process of paperwork when he got that fateful call from Big Mo.

2785 days ago


You know everyone wants to blame someone for her death. Anna did what Anna wanted to do...she took pills to cover the loss & heartache from loosing her son...I would probably do the same thing. They say they could control the pills she was they couldn't...if I wanted to take pills, noone is going to tell me I can't. She has been with Howard for a VERY long time and if he was doing something that she didn't like then he wouldn't be around. I wish everyone would just let it go and let her RIP.

2785 days ago


You mean to tell me no one wanted to wake her up that morning, three people in her hotel room and not a one person to touch her and maybe see if she wanted something to eat or some water. Something is so wrong about this, the truth needs to come out and fast. Had someone just made an effort to wake her up, then she could have had a chance, not watching this circus from her grave.

2785 days ago


Big ol "Mo" doesn't seem too believalbe. He did an interview with Greta Van Sustern last week and insisted he had never seen Anna take any drugs, never saw anyone give her drugs. Then, he commented on the video where Anna was painted up as a clown and cleary out of it. He insisted that, no, she wasn't on drugs - she was an actress and "playing a part". C'mon people! There seems to be noone telling the truth here.

2785 days ago


If there was foul play involved, it will come out eventually. I believe h loved her, I also believe if he loved her more he would have helped her find help for her problems. I think everyone loved her money more............................

2785 days ago


How can the police leave that poor baby with this crime family ? Stern's sister is a complete wack job, she must be involved. It's like someone said yesterday, Stern is putting a curse on the island. I for one wouldn't go there to visit after I've seen how they operate there.

2785 days ago


Oh boy! This does not look good for Howard. I think he did have something to do with the death of her son without a doubt. I don't get why he would want to kill Anna if he "loved" her so much?

2785 days ago


finally, the dirt is coming out of the wash, so to speak...sometimes it just takes a few cycles..

I got a feeling the canaries will start singing..(everyone is going to be trying to cover their own behinds now)

2785 days ago


if he dumped the dope, how come they found so many different pills/bottles in her room? Seems to me like he would have gotten rid of all the evidence, doesn't it? He WAS a lawyer, ya know!

2785 days ago


Can someone who understands this explain to me why it was originally stated that the police did not suspect foul play and now the autopsy results are being held up due to completion of the police investigation? Does that mean that they NOW suspect foul play could have caoused ANS death?

2785 days ago


TMZ is so full of CRAP. The guy at the boat place has already stated that Howard was with him finishing up the paperwork on the boat when he received the phone call about Anna (when she died). People can die so quickly, before you can even help them. I don't think Howard had anything to do with her death. Do I think they did drugs together, yeah I do. She wouldn't hang with anybody other then people like that to support her habit. BUT EVERYONE HAS TO REMEMBER, IT WAS ANNA CHOICE TO DO DRUGS. She was a big girl, nobody forced her down on the bed with ties and opened her mouth and poured them down her. She had a drug problem long before Howard came into the picture and guarantee that if Howard try to stop her, she would have kicked him out of her life just like everyone else.

2785 days ago
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