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Anna Nicole Death Timeline

3/8/2007 3:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has pieced together some of the events that ended in the discovery that Anna Nicole Smith was dead.
Stern, Smith, And Big MOe
Rewind to the morning of February 8. Anna Nicole Smith was in bed in her suite at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Tasma "Taz" Brighthaupt, the wife of bodyguard Big Moe, was tending to Anna. Taz believed Smith was sleeping. Mid-morning, she left the suite and went with Big Moe to the airport to pick up some people.

We're told that just before noon, Big Moe, his wife and several others entered the hotel lobby. As they approached the elevator, Howard K. Stern came down the elevator from Anna's room. They all chatted and all went upstairs. Moe and his wife went into their room in the suite, leaving Howard in the living room. We don't know if Howard entered Anna's room.

We're told that a short time later (just after 12 noon), Moe was getting ready to leave. Howard asked Taz if she would stay and tend to Anna. She remained and Moe and Howard left.

We're told once in the lobby, Howard began pacing as he used his cellphone. Moe left the hotel.

We're told Taz never spoke with Anna that day. Taz assumed she was sleeping. Taz was using a computer near Anna's bed, never knowing there was trouble. At around 1:30, Taz realized something was wrong and called her husband. Moe then called the hotel, and someone on the staff then called 911.

It is unclear what Stern was doing between 12:00 and 1:30, but we're told he did not go back to the room during this timeframe.


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I just hope no matter what the outcome that their is a full investigation. Where there is smoke, there is always fire!

2749 days ago


Howard loved Anna and her son more than anyone. including anna's own mother. How pitiful. That is the only thing he is guilty of. If suspicions are to be had why aren't they on the nurse. what credible nurse will call her husband insted of authorties when a woman is dying?? Anna trusted Howard above anyone why can't you. Please. I hope that howard knows there are some who realize he is only guilty of love.

2749 days ago

Bring it on!    

On Fox News today:

The Seminole Police Dept. has requested that Dr. Perper delay the autopsy announcement until they have finished there criminal investigation.

Dr. Perper says that he has finalized the autopsy report but that he may have to change it depending on the Seminole Police investigation.

Dr. Kapoor has refused to speak with Dr. Perper and the Medical Examiner's office.

Dr. Kapoor is under investigation and he's lawyered up and shutting up!

2749 days ago


He did it!

2749 days ago


i think big moe and his wife, the so called nurse , have some explaining to do.
not only has he changed his story a few times, but they both were not doing their jobs properly.

2749 days ago


I believe that Mo and his wife better come out with the truth, because Howard K. Stern and his shifty side kick Ron Rale will point there fingers at them, rather than take blame against themselves. When Mo and his wife met Howard in the elevator coming down from Ana's room is probably when he gave her the fatal dose. Mo himself said that Howard never left her side, which is why he thought it fishy that Howard left her that day. I can't believe that if Howard was in the room before Mo and his wife returned, that he didn't check on her. I truly believe that's when he checked on her alright. That's when he checked her OUT.


Another thing when Howard's sister said that she told Virgie that she made her sick. That ugly nosed bitch can thank her lucky stars that Anna wasn't my daughter. She'd just be coming to her senses.

2749 days ago


While I suspect some kind of foul play, if nothing other than horrible neglect, it MAY be that they were all used to Anna "sleeping it off."

But I agree -- if she'd been sick with a fever of 105, and been on so many meds and drugs, they should've at some point touched her.

How many of you have seen a loved one sick, asleep in the bed, a child, a parent, etc.? Haven't you at times gone over and touched them, if for no other reason than to see if the fever is still there? Maybe it's just me and I'm a mother-type-worry-wort.

2749 days ago


If Brigette was any kind of decent respectible nurse, she would have insisted ANS be checked out after falling in the bathtub and hitting her head, and acting disoriented afterwards. Quite possibly she was drugged out of her mind, but still most people know that a fall like that, a fever of 105 HELLO!!!!! seek medical help!

I am banking on all three of them Sleazard, Brigette, and Mo being in on this!

2749 days ago

Get back to your trailers    

This is pure gossip. The truth? The truth is TMZ is clutching for more "hits" thats all.

2749 days ago

JBL 50    

You are all nuts.... Nobody in their right mind would murder both Daniel and Anna. And you can not control another's drug habit. Enable yes, but that does not make you a murderer

2749 days ago


Where was Dr. Khristine V....Anna's good friend. Was she not in the hotel room?

2749 days ago


it's strange that when this story first started, I heard on either Greta or Nancy Grace show that HKS was called at 1:10PM...the guy who was with HKS messing with the yacht said that's when he got an urgent call and said he had to go. But the police and all weren't called until 1:38? PM or 1:48PM? Much later. It took 20 min to get back to the hotel from the pier, a newsperson timed the trip himself. so, they waited until HKS got back and cleaned up the room before calling 911? or what? Strange...the time diff is suspicious.

2749 days ago


howie baby help me I can't breathe Help me howie help me.

2749 days ago

molasses crinkles    

This is a wake up call for all of us not to live with, enable or give in to the manipulations of a drug user. They are all guilty of something, but I doubt anything criminal can be proven. Regardless. You are judged by the company you keep. This can be dangerous...

2749 days ago

malvolio, how come the hotel's bartender reported serving her/seeing her do double-shots in the 24/7 bar-kiosk mere hours BEFORE SHE DIED:

when did they give her the ice bath? where are the surveillance tapes from the hotel's many cameras, and who do these tapes show coming and going?...

2749 days ago
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