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Anna Nicole Death Timeline

3/8/2007 3:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has pieced together some of the events that ended in the discovery that Anna Nicole Smith was dead.
Stern, Smith, And Big MOe
Rewind to the morning of February 8. Anna Nicole Smith was in bed in her suite at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Tasma "Taz" Brighthaupt, the wife of bodyguard Big Moe, was tending to Anna. Taz believed Smith was sleeping. Mid-morning, she left the suite and went with Big Moe to the airport to pick up some people.

We're told that just before noon, Big Moe, his wife and several others entered the hotel lobby. As they approached the elevator, Howard K. Stern came down the elevator from Anna's room. They all chatted and all went upstairs. Moe and his wife went into their room in the suite, leaving Howard in the living room. We don't know if Howard entered Anna's room.

We're told that a short time later (just after 12 noon), Moe was getting ready to leave. Howard asked Taz if she would stay and tend to Anna. She remained and Moe and Howard left.

We're told once in the lobby, Howard began pacing as he used his cellphone. Moe left the hotel.

We're told Taz never spoke with Anna that day. Taz assumed she was sleeping. Taz was using a computer near Anna's bed, never knowing there was trouble. At around 1:30, Taz realized something was wrong and called her husband. Moe then called the hotel, and someone on the staff then called 911.

It is unclear what Stern was doing between 12:00 and 1:30, but we're told he did not go back to the room during this timeframe.


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TMZ has always been very reliable and on the money with their stories.

If HKS left the hotel after 12 PM, he would have still had time to go over to see the boat ANS was purchasing. I remember the man who worked at the boat yard saying that HKS got an important call after 1 PM and had to leave right away. Don't recall if the man at the boat yard said how long HKS was there though.

I also remember hearing that ANS had ordered an omlette during the late morning when she died.

Howards going DOWN in more ways than one!

2784 days ago


Thank you Rina #13 - finally someone is making sense and reporting what should be common knowledge to all, HKS was purchasing the yacht. He was no where near ANS. Please leave ANS along, she had enough suffering in life and what's worst people are trying really hard to find something, anything against HKS. Don't you get it he loved Anna, she was his best friend, his lover and the women that he loved for a long time. When nowhere would give Anna the night or day, he believed in her and stood by her side. In her darkest moments all we did was critize Anna but not HKS, he was her support. My hat off to you HKS and I wish you nothing but the best.

2784 days ago


People can say all they want how much he loved Anna, how he was always there for her, he never left her side, blah, blah, blah. The truth is...............

MONEY CHANGES PEOPLE and makes them do crazy shit !!!

2784 days ago


Howie can you hear me I know you killed my little boy Danny why are you doing this to me?? can you hear me howie?? you are killing me why howie why. You said you loved me why howie why. help me someone please help me I'm dying and no one cares.

2784 days ago

Loser O'Quinn    

I think the FBI is investigating Moe and his wife. Moe's wife is a "nurse" and any nurse with any common sense knows you dont do CPR on a soft bed. Moe (a paramedic) knew to move her to the floor, a hard surface to get some good compressions.

Remember at the funeral when Moe kept saying... "we know the truth baby girl" - I wonder what that means???

2784 days ago


It is all starting to hit the fan now - these people can't keep their stories straight! We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later.

I just hope that officials from both the US and the Bahamas are watching HKS and know where he and the baby are at all times.

Any one of these players that had an ounce to do with the death of ANS and/or her son deserve to pay through our justice system - somehow I hope that happens.

2784 days ago


Good Day,

Let us firs wait for the coroner's report.

However, HKS has always struck me as an odd, slick, gigilo, theif, sad excuse for a man. I am leaning toward him being responsible in her death eithe implicity, murder, or passively, manslaughter. HKS is a hanger on who, lets face it, wants the money! How often have we heard that he wants to control the estate? Yep... Birkhead wants Danny, Vergie wanted her daughter and Howard wants the money. I think HKS was getting impatient. He knew how much she was drinking and drugging. Slow death watch on his part. I believe he should be put under the microscope and possibly charged. What for, not sure yet...


2784 days ago


This is why Howard was VERY scared when someone broke into the house in the Bahammas and stole the computer and videos. That video shown at the trial, the one of her dressed up like a clown and obviously under the influence of some heavy medication while still pregnant....He's scared because the stuff stolen will probably end up putting him behind bars...where he belongs! Everything will come to a head...I am convinced that HK$ will end up responsible for her death either directly or indirectly.

2784 days ago


I dont know why people/ the media are thinking Howard killed her or Daniel. If anyone watched the Anna Nicole show on E!, you would have seen that Howard catered to and did just about anything Anna asked him to do. She often treated him like crap but he stuck around anyway.
She was his whole world and I highly doubt he would have done anything on purpose to hurt her or her son.

2784 days ago

Washington Robert    

Somebody needs to get Dannielynn away from HKS before she meets the same fate as her mother and brother. Now tha the FBI is investigating this case maybe something will get done right as the Seminole Police seem to be trying to cover something up, maybe they are getting a kickback from HK$ to hide or loose evidence. Moe and his wife should get temporary custody of Dannielynn until a patternity test is done so that she can be safe, as Howard will never let her go to Larry without a fight. If Howard looses the baby he looses the money.

2784 days ago

Ignore HKS Paid Bloggers    


2784 days ago


If Howard couldn't have her, no one else could either!!!!!!!!!!!

2784 days ago


I've always thought howard was behind both ANS and daniel's death. I just hope the baby is not next, if she die's, howard is the only other one named in the will, and i also heard on MSNBC that their where 7 life insurance policys on ANS and howard is the benifeciary.

2784 days ago


I feel sorry for Howard. He was with Anna and Daniel for years. Daniel dies. I believe he loved both Daniel and Anna. I also believe that Daniel took some of Anna's meds and that's what killed him. I believe that Anna may have suggested that he take them not realizing that they would interact with the stuff he was taking and that's why, beside being his mother, she was so distraught over the death. I knew one other person who jumped in an open coffin and they felt guilty for the death. I believe Anna's guilt made her mourn consistently since her son's death. HKS was there to try to help her and make sure the baby was okay. I believe that HKS may have gotten drugs for Anna but it was because she demanded them. And she was the BOSS. I do believe that there's something suspicious about Moe changing his story. I also think Anna may have been sicker than anyone realized - maybe she did have lupus. Also I'm just amazed that someone who apparently screwed around as much as she is reported to didn't use condoms. Had she never heard of VD. Regarding the baby: If Anna thought Howard killed her son why would she want him as father to her baby? And she did want him to take care of her baby, not Larry even if it is his child.

2784 days ago


I'm starting to feel sick about this.

Didn't Moe say he called Howard as soon as he got the call from his wife? That isn't on the timeline.

Weren't the Gibson's there too?

2784 days ago
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