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Antonella's MySpace Message: "Keep Talkin'"

3/8/2007 1:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: The display name has suddenly been changed to Lucy Hess. WTF?

Alleged singer Antonella Barba takes it to her MySpace page to clear up any confusion there might be -- surrounding alleged racy photos circulating the Internet. Barba's display name is "I just look like her" and the photo caption reads, "Keep talking, you're making me famous." It ain't the talk, hon.
Antonella Barba
According to Barba, she just really looks a lot like this girl. And if you're not buying it, well, she sent another message in one of her uploaded pics, thanking "Idol" viewers.

Flipped off: click to launchAlthough you have to be added as a friend to see her page, that doesn't mean that all of her "friends" are fans. Some show some love, but nearly half of "Antonella's" MySpace is smeared with comments left by other MySpacers telling Miss Barba just how talentless they think she is ... and that she should be kicked off the show.


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First........just to say I cant stand her@! She better get booted tonight!

2756 days ago


This chick really is sticking to the story that the blow job pictures aren't her? Keep on telling yourself that sweetheart, you may even start to believe it.

2756 days ago

Lola Tuna    

Haley & LaQuisha go.

Lakisha is a Squidbaby

2756 days ago


2nd! and i agree with those myspace comments she should be voted off! i can't stand her either plus she doesn't know how to sing. I find it unfair! that when the pictures of Frenchie were exposed they kicked her off the show and damn she could sing. Now they don't do anything about Antonella.

2756 days ago


Well I have a prediction for you tra..and all other's who thinks she will get booted tonight...............NOt going to happen

2756 days ago


Hey liar liar..#3 you suck

2756 days ago


Antonella Barba - If she's acting like this NOW imagine the kind of "opps I'm a star" she'll be if she wins the contest, and ya'll think jhud is bad oooohh just wait....

2756 days ago


I don't like or dislike her personally...but she really has minimal talent compared to some of the other females who were selected this year. If you compare her to someone like Melinda Doolittle, there's no comparison. She just can't sing well enough to move through to the top 12, and hopefully people will judge her on that...not on the pictures, not on her looks...and she'll be gone soon.

PS I hope she takes ALL of the male singers with her. Now THERE'S a bunch of talentless hacks!

2756 days ago


This girl cannot even warble a tune. Next career move-hard core porn.Well she already has done soft porn.

2756 days ago


Just goes to show, anybody can be a celebrity nowadays ! Even a Jersey, talentLESS, skanky, whore.

2756 days ago


Oh, she'll go. It might not be tonight, but she IS NO AMERICAN IDOL. She sings like smelly sashhenna !!!

2756 days ago

Melissa Collison    

Antonella sounded good in tryouts, and not since. She is a beautiful girl. Maybe she will get an acting job or modeling. Haley and Antonella will go tonight. Our next American Idol will be a female of color.

2756 days ago


Don't think for one minute American Idol will EVER let her win. They'll "adjust" the votes if they have to. A.I. can't represent that whore. Paula, Simon and Randy all hate her.

2756 days ago


She is NOT trash....trash gets picked up!
I haven't seen the photos in questions, but I can guarentee her voice sucks and she should be booted! Maybe the pictures would have swayed me the other way?!?

2756 days ago


To be honest I think Antonella Barba had something to do with the picture's be posted all along. I'll give her credit on being a beautiful girl but that's as far as the credit goes. Watching Idol for all these years I have seen many people who were 100% better than she could ever dream of being. I think she had it planned all along to use Idol to try to make a name for herself and she did just that but she went about it the wrong way and I see Playboy in her future not being next American Idol

2756 days ago
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