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Johnny Depp's Daughter -- Mystery Illness Revealed

3/8/2007 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny DeppNine days after Johnny Depp's 7-year-old daughter was rushed to a London hospital, the cause of Lily-Rose's mysterious ailment is being pinned on a rusty tack.

According to In Touch, "the wound was left untreated" and "blood poisoning developed. It has now spread through her body and has affected her vital organs."

While there have been several conflicting reports on the severity of Lily-Rose's condition, Depp's reps tell the AP that she is "doing much better." The actor has reportedly not left Lily-Rose's bedside since she was admitted to the hospital on February 28.


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I hope his daughter is going to be ok. What an awful thing to happen.

2730 days ago


Number #68 is a red neck hick.

2730 days ago


The 'Pirates' star reportedly held a bedside vigil for his 7-year-old daughter in a British hospital.
JOHNNY DEPP and his partner, VANESSA PARADIS, have reportedly spent the last nine days at his 7-year-old daughter's bedside at an undisclosed hospital in Britain.

According to reports, the 43-year-old actor traveled to England to begin filming on 'Sweeney Todd' when daughter LILY-ROSE came down with a serious illness. The father of two is known to take his family on location while he is filming a movie.

Sources confirm to ET that an earlier report by In Touch magazine which stated that the illness was caused by the little girl stepping on a rusty tack is "absolutely untrue."

Good news came on Thursday, when a rep for Depp confirmed that little Lily-Rose is recovering nicely.

"We are happy to report that their daughter is doing much better," his rep tells ET. "The family greatly appreciates the continued support and respect of their privacy."

In regards to production on 'Sweeney Todd,' the studio tells ET that the film is on schedule and will be in full production by next week. They are working to accommodate Johnny's needs at this time, and since there are many scenes without him they're planning to shoot those first.

2730 days ago


Peace Johnny Your daughter will be fine, Have faith.

2729 days ago


Let's all please think positive thoughts for young lily-Rose and the rest of the Depp-Paradis family. Johnny, Vanessa, Jack and Lily-Rose you are all in my prayers.

2729 days ago


god bless johnny's little girl and i hope she recovers all you idiots out there who only have mean and cruel things to say, i hope that nothing horrible ever happens to your children ( not that you should be allowed to reproduce) and people say terrible things about them....goofs

2729 days ago

debbie depp    

NOT that my brother or Vanessa need to be defended, but , just to set the record straight,my niece, Lily-rose did not become ill due to a rusty nail. She is fine, thanks to the grace of God watching over her and the fact that at the very sign of any problem, she was taken immediately to a doctor. My brother and Vanessa are two of the best parents I've ever seen. They have been completely beside themselves with worry and staying by her side 24/7. My sister has updated us(my mom, other brother, and me) everyday and she is doing fine now. So, due to a wonderful doctor, two incredible parents, and a blessing from God, Lily-rose will be around for our family to love for a long, long time. And, also, thank you for all of your concern and prayers. I know that Johnny and Vanessa appreciate them.
Sincerely, Debbie Depp

2729 days ago


Do they have a definite alibi for Howard K Stern's whereabouts at the time the tack allegedly entered the child's finger?

2729 days ago


May Lily Rose make a speedy recovery and our thoughts and prayers are with you and you family Johnny.

2729 days ago


Uh, Kris is correct deppfan. The tetanus bacteria is most commonly found in animal dung. It's a danger in certain environments, yes, but it is not lurking around every corner. Wounds that are DEEP (as in a puncture wound) are the most susceptible to tetanus.

Proper wound management is the key to avoiding any infection.

"Tetanus is contracted through deep puncture wounds or cuts, like those made by nails or knives. The Tetanus bacteria is usually found in soil, dust and manure. Tetanus is not contagious. Symptoms may not appear for 3 days to 3 weeks. The first symptoms are usually a headache, crankiness, and spasms of the jaw muscles. The tetanus toxin can result in very strong muscle spasms. There are about 50 cases of tetanus per year in the U.S., of which about 30% die (per the CDC). Prior to the vaccine in the 1940s, about 400-500 cases were reported each year.

Miller adds that tetanus is caused by spores trapped in improperly cleaned wounds. The death rate for untreated cases is estimated as more than 50%, but with proper treatment, up to 80% will recover. "Although tetanus germs are more likely to grow in deep puncture wounds (due to the anaerobic conditions required for the spores to germinate), careful attention to wound hygiene will eliminate the possibility of tetanus in most cases. Wounds should be thoroughly cleaned and not allowed to close until healing has occurred beneath the surface of the skin." According to Miller, rates of tetanus have continued to decline though until very recently, 40% of the child population was not protected.

Several sources also note that a tetanus immune globulin is available and can be given immediately after injury and protects well against the disease in non-immune persons. "

2729 days ago


tetanus shot, anyone?

2729 days ago


I have to agree with most of the comments. Being an aunt of a niece that's almost 2 years old, I know kids get hurt. They run around and move around so quick that it's almost impossible to prevent them from getting hurt.

When I was like 4, I stepped on a sewing needle and it went through my foot. Parents took me to the ER and it got taken care of. That's what parents do! And then when I was 7 or 8 I fell down and got a writing pen stuck in my eye. Why did that happen? Maybe cuz I (and I repeat I) was running around with a pen and tripped. And what did my parents do? Took me to the ER!

I just wonder how many people that are posting negative comments about this topic actually have kids. Parents are not gods and they can't protect them from EVERYTHING!

Sorry to tell personal stories about myself, but the point I was trying to make is, I got hurt when I was younger and my parents took care of me. And I'm still alive!!!

I hope Johnny's daughter makes a full and fast recovery :)

2729 days ago


Dear Heavens, some of you people are seriously warped.
What part of the story of the rusty tack being not true is so hard to wrap your head around?

TMZ and In Touch seem to have the wrong information.

2729 days ago


Having met Johnny before and knowing many others who have as well, I hate that he had to go through the worrying about his daughter. Everyone I know that has had dealings with him whether for business or personal reasons have all spoken warmly of John and although I met him only briefly once there seems to be a consensus that he is probably the nicest celebrity you'll ever meet. Somewhat rare in the business. But I must say....after a week of sitting by the bed, take a break and grab a shower for the sake of sanitary conditions John. Just a bit of levity. Count your blessing and think of all the problems that could have befallen you.

2729 days ago


I have a five year old son, he's stepped on tacks and other sharp objects before. I always cleaned them up and put a band-aid on, as probably 3/4 of the parents out there would. I'm sure they took Lily Rose to the hospital when they realized that she was sick. Most of you people pointing fingers, probably aren't even old enough to babysit, so what business is it of yours?

2729 days ago
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