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Lane Garrison Faces the Judge

3/8/2007 7:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Prison Break" star Lane Garrison just went front and center in a Beverly Hills court on charges of vehicular manslaughter, but the actor neither copped to the charges nor said the charges were bogus -- Garrison did not enter a plea.

Judge Elden Fox pushed the formal arraignment to April 11.

Garrison faces one felony charge of vehicular manslaughter, along with three other charges stemming from a tragic Beverly Hills car crash last December that left one of his three teenage passengers dead.

If convicted, Garrison faces six years in prison.

The D.A. had asked that Garrison be released on $200,000 bail, but that amount was reduced to $100K.

Judge Fox ordered that Garrison refrain from driving a vehicle. Garrison was also told he couldn't drink alcoholic beverages and he couldn't have contact with any victims or witnesses in the case.

Moments after he left court, Garrison surrendered to authorities at the Beverly Hills Police Station, where he was fingerprinted and photographed.

The 26-year-old actor was behind the wheel when his Land Rover crashed into a tree on December 2, killing 17-year-old Vahagn Setian. He met Setian and two 15-year-old girls hours before the crash, and the teens invited the actor to a party. TMZ was the first to report that witnesses at the party saw Garrison drink between four and seven shots of Grey Goose vodka in a short period of time, and that they saw him snort cocaine at the same party.


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He's Boring now    

So what he went before the judge. Tell us something when something of value happens,like uh, what did the judge say or impose? Quit milking every metion of a person, you already posted him twice since yesterday. Whats next, he reached for a glass of water and drank it?

2730 days ago


time to go to jail you punk.

2730 days ago

big t    

ANOTHER gone bad......NEXT !!!!

2730 days ago

Chosen one    

I love the show but I feel really bad for the guy, Actually the one that should be behind bars is that slut Paris Hilton.

2730 days ago


He'll probably get a huge fine and probation.

2730 days ago

Hey Cool    

Nice going man...picking up young chicks and then kill people, you're an idiot.

2730 days ago

Farah Ford    

Awww he's soooo cute, I feel bad for him, look at the tears inhis eyes. I wonder if he was mean in High School, anyone know? he's such a cutie. Farah Ford

2730 days ago

jim boy    

this clown's going down.He should do at least 2 yrs behind bars. jim b

2730 days ago


You can tell by the expression on his face how upset he is. I can't even imagine killing someone.....poor guy. Even if he serves 25 years, it will not bring that boy back. So very sad....

2730 days ago


His situation is very sad and i am sure he feels horrible but he should still pay for what he did. He definetly should not get the "star treatment". If the guy next door did he still would not have seen the light of day, all I see is Lane Garrison out in the streets instead behind bars!

2730 days ago


if he was "so sorry" why didn't he think about it before he jumped into the car with vodka under his belt and cocaine up his nose and KIDS in the car??? all i can say is you deserve jail! don't drop the soap pal.

2730 days ago


I love the show Prison Break *AND* i was disappointed when Lane's character was killed off the show BUT who the hell knew in real life he'd be in serious trouble too!!
He's a good actor but he should get what he deserves becuz he took an underage kids life. In my opinion he should get way longer than 6 years...he was drivin while intoxicated and he was "supposedly high on cocaine" AND he was with underage girls..*AND* he killed someone...Come on if this wasnt a celebrity his ass would be sentenced to death BUT bcuz he'sa "CELEBRITY" hes only gonna get 6 years??? Once again the JUSTICE SYSTEM FAILS!!!!!!!!!!!

2730 days ago

Sick and tired of it.    

No consideration should be given to this guy. No plea deal. No reduced sentence. NOTHING but jail. And I hope the parents of the injured girls and the kid he killed take him for every penny he has. He deserves to lose everything. Then and only then will these people learn that nobody is above the law not even the rich and famous.

2730 days ago


What a way to blow your career and your one time to shine. It's over rover. So sorry, I swear. But that poor kid that died. It's all wrong.

2730 days ago


Wait a minute - #4 feels BAD for this guy? This jerk kills a teenager because he CHOSE to do coke and get behind the wheel drunk and HE should get sympathy? I wonder how much sympathy #4 would have if it had been his/her mother/father/sibling/friend/child who was killed because of this moron!

And PS, why does LA even have cops and courts and judges and the like? If you're a celebrity, you just get a little slap - no wonder no one takes LA seriously. I'm a prosecutor and I turned down a position in LA because of this reason. New York is where the justice is - just ask Boy George and Naomi.

2730 days ago
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