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"Prison Break" Star Charged with Vehicular Manslaughter

3/8/2007 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lane GarrisonLane Garrison has just been charged with vehicular manslaughter in connection with a fatal car crash in Beverly Hills in December that left one of his three teenage passengers dead.

TMZ was the first to report the charges, which along with felony vehicular manslaughter, include "driving under the influence causing injury to multiple victims," "driving with a .08 percent blood alcohol level causing injury" and "furnishing alcohol to a minor." The DUI counts alleged that Garrison was driving with a blood alcohol level of more than .15 percent.

Garrison is scheduled to voluntarily turn himself over to authorities sometime in the next two hours.

If convicted, Garrison faces a maximum of 6 years in prison.


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He is another Joe Simpson protege! Simpson should get together with Brandy's parents and offer "Parenting(how NOT too) "seminars!!!

2724 days ago


Unlike some of his peers (Nicole, Paris, etc), Lane has been playing by the rules and doing the right thing. Let's wish him, the victims and their families a peaceful resolution to this tragedy.

2724 days ago


He'll be the one to do time and be used as the example to all the other trainwrecks in Hollywood.

2724 days ago


i feel bad for him!!! the boy he killed was no saint either! he knowinglly got into a car with someone who was too drunk to drive! come on people, get a clue!!! what did you think would happen!!!!!

2724 days ago


I dunno if I talk to GOD right now he will probably say you are wrong...Brandy to prioson for life and lane probably a couple of months probation. Oh and Paris and Nicki... can do what they want!! Just a guess

2724 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

#2: No chance of that happening. He's a Hollywood celebrity, and therefore is above the law. The most he will get will be probation.

2724 days ago

Farah Ford    

Awww Lane, I really want your mini me inside my cave. Don't go. Oh well maybe this is a lesson for your ego, always handle success with great care and for God sakes, lay off the cocaine already. it makes you stink, and its soo passe. And nice photo op with TMZ gettin off the bus, like you don't own sunglasses? Your lawyer can't drive? No cab? whatever, you gotta play the game anyway you can right?

2724 days ago


the sad thing is he is not a BIG hollywood star.. he was just getting his career started. so the whole hollwood will more than likely not work for him.. it is tragedy.. he has ruined his life and career.. just by being stupid.

2724 days ago


Famous or not, most people do not go to prison for this. It isn't an intentional act. It was a mistake. It is sad for everyone involved.

2724 days ago

Stars are Blind, as is Justice    

Wow. I feel in a way, for Lane. At the same time, I'm pissed that his stupidity caused an innocent person their life. I will say this, however, if anyone in this situation has learned their lesson, I definitely think it is him. I believe he is truely remourseful for his actions. Unfortunately, this will haunt him forever. One bad decision can last a life time. That's why I do, really feel for him. On another note, - I WAS the biggest Paris fan and constantly stood up for her, when anyone said anything bad, however, Elliott, if you read these, tell your friggin client to stop fu**king driving. It really, really pisses me off that with all of her money, she doesn't have enough responsibility to hire a driver. If you want to party til the cows come home, you go girl, but damn it, don't get in your car and risk killing someone else, because you're too "good" to leave your Bentley at home. Same with Nicole, with all your money, bitch stay home or get a driver. Neither one of you asswipes, deserve to be driving. Remember, driving is a PRIVILEDGE, not a right. I'm done sticking up for you, Paris. You broke the law. You were punished. But, you were caught driving again. So, in all reality, you were not punished. So I will not be watching the new Simple Life. I hope it flops. You should not be rewarded for being an asshole. And, to Kathy Hilton, it's great that you know proper English (since you corrected the grammar of one of Paris's fans), but instead of concentrating on something so minor, be a teacher to your daughter and make her learn some responsibility. As her mother, you should be making sure she takes her punishment and uses a driver. With all your money, a driver should be no big deal. So, maybe it means one less Versace dress. I thought you (Kathy) had class, but in all reality, you 're nothing but a Dina Lohan.

2724 days ago


To Vanessa, #11 - You are so clueless about the law. Of course people go to prision. That is why it's called involuntary manslaughter.....hello?

2724 days ago


OK Harvey, pull your head out of your ass and update us on Lane. Did he turn himself in?

2724 days ago


#10 The kid who got in the car with him was 17 years old, for God's Sake! And this man is old? Too old to be hanging with 17 year olds, I'm betting.

2724 days ago


alot of 17 year olds are mates with 26 year olds! are you for real? since when does that make a difference? i know what lane did was wrong and stupid, but he didn't force them into his car. Them kids were just as stupid getting into a car with someone they only just met.

2724 days ago

Vicki Q    

BRANDY'S accident is completly different. She was not under the influence of anything. This yourng man was legally drunk. It's sad all the way around. But to put Brandy in this category is WRONG!!!!!! I

2724 days ago
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