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Scarlett Johansson Does Not Look Like a Boy!

3/8/2007 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Someone needs to get Scarlett Johansson a new mirror, because the gorgeous actress believes, "I think I look kind of like a boy."

Scarlett Johansson in PARADE
While Scarlett makes this horribly untrue statement in the new issue of Parade magazine, luckily, she also realizes that "it's always a plus to have people think that you're attractive." And we do, ScarJo!

In the article, the 22-year-old reveals that growing up she was "a singing, dancing fool," and idolized another famous blonde; "I absolutely love Marilyn Monroe."

Even though Johansson hasn't been caught pantyless, nor gone into rehab, she still likes to go out and have a good time with friends, adding, "but I just lay low. Sometimes you get caught, and there's nothing you can do about it." Except say cheese!

Check out the entire article in Parade magazine, in newspapers on Sunday.


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Your'e Fired!    

..................I really don't SEE what people SEE in her...She's ok, kinda....But she isn't that attractive.....I find her to be "common".........

2755 days ago


There's not much upstairs; but, she's a decent actress and not hard on the eyes.

2755 days ago


I think Scarlett Jonhansson is very gorgeous and her look is very classic like Marilyn Monroe back in the day's very natural and there is nothing boyish about her. That goes to show even celeb' s have there insecurity's

2755 days ago


She sounds like a guy but does not look like one. She is normal when it comes to look and her acting is so so. I was bored in translation. It was pretty damn boring the only good part was the kareoke scene. She didn't write is so i can't blame her. Don't really know what the fuss is at least she is hotter then Paris Hilton. lol.

2755 days ago

Dr. M    

Scarlett looks average without make-up -

I like her bod though -

She looks nothing like her mother -

Haven't seen any of her work so i don't know how good/bad an actor she is -

I like how she handles her private life (privately) -

Not craving to have her picture taken -

Not going to a different club every night -

I believe she knows who she is inside - (Nosce Te Ipsum)


Dr. M

2755 days ago

Im Begging You....    

She looks like John Boy Walton!

2755 days ago


She's not an 'eye sore', but I don't find her attractive in the least.

2755 days ago


She should ditch that PINK lipstick. WOW - that is gross.

2755 days ago


I feel she's vapid and wayyyyyyy over rated as an actress. But I'd never make fun of how someone looks... even though I don't really think she's attractive. Older guys apparently drool over her pout and well endowed chest. They're the ones who cast her in every freaking film, which explains a lot about Hollywood film makers.

2755 days ago

Mark Bellinghaus    

Scarlett is beautiful, and she was already ditched at the Oscars, just like her idol, Marilyn Monroe. But hey -- she's only 22! Where were you at that age? Taking care of your acne pimples, you misers?! Let her have some good old scandals, I just hope that she isn't shaving her head, yet she might look even cute that way, too!
She isn't toothpick and no "Jenny Craig" spokesperson, either. She is perfect the way she is. For me, she is the closest to Marilyn Monroe, what young Hollywood has to offer. She surely will take home one of the golden statuettes some day. I mean, who else is there, that gorgeous, glamorous and sexy?!
She was "the" girl with the pearl earring and is posing already like Marilyn. Yet, we all know where that can lead to. By the way, Marilyn was holding a carnation (not a rose) in that simular staged photo that Scarlett is shown in on the cover of PARADE magazine.
Let her be, she is one of the most beautiful girls that America has to export via the movies.

2755 days ago

Mark Bellinghaus    

Here is the link to Marilyn and the carnation.

2755 days ago


If she wants we can start calling her Joe Johansson.

2755 days ago


I think she's overrated. She's cute, but not gorgeous or anything.

2755 days ago


I find her absolutely stunning. she's gorgeous and talented.

I bet she can kick Parisite Hitler's ass and have energy to beat Shitney's!!!

2755 days ago


I think she is freakish looking. Her mouth and nose - something is not natural looking. I don't find her attractive at all. Not a natural beauty or sexy at all. Plastic - that's it. Very plastic looking, like she was a barbie left in a car in the sun and her features melted and remolded out of whack.

2755 days ago
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