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Courtney Love Accused of Rehab and Dash

3/9/2007 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney LoveRocker Courtney Love is being sued by a posh rehab facility for allegedly not paying an ultra-expensive bill stemming from her three-month stay back in 2005.

The lawsuit, which first appeared on, accuses Love of owing Beau Monde International $181,286. According to court papers, Love stayed at their Orange County facility, Beau Monde's Recovery Retreat, from August 25, 2005 through November 18, 2005. The suit claims that Love paid $10,000 a week after entering, but that was all they ever received.

Beau Monde's Recovery Retreat is a small rehab facility that only has between 3 and 5 clients at a time. Love entered the facility after she was ordered into rehab by a Los Angeles judge, after violating her probation in connection with drug and assault pleas.

Beau Monde International is seeking the money they are owed, plus interest and legal costs.

Reps for Love had no comment.


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Just my opinion    

This is one F-ugly girl...........

2764 days ago


they forgot to mention that this amount was merely for her steady intake of diet coke and sugar-free xanax

2764 days ago

true blue    

There is no re-hab for her problem.

2764 days ago


if a judge orders rehab doesnt that mean the state pays?she has more problems than rehab can fix

2764 days ago

Robin Givens, Toronto, Canada    

She should be able to afford it, she's getting all of her dead husband's money and he made $50 million last year. What a skanky HOLE! Why won't you die bitch??

2764 days ago


Go away, Courtney. You know, it's really sad with Courtney Love, because she actually has some talent. She was excellent in The People vs. Larry Flynt, and a musician friend of mine said when she was in Hole, she was actually doing creative things with her music. Now she's such a waste and a joke. It is sad...

2764 days ago


no talent 'ho

2764 days ago

Just my opinion    

ok- TMZ-- move Courtney down the page- she isn't interesting!

2764 days ago

So Many Uneducated Posts & Hypocrites    

Holy Shit, she was paying $10,000 a week for 12 weeks? And they want another 181,000.? What kind of freakin treatment did she get?

2764 days ago


She was good playing Althea Flint in the bio-movie about Larry Flint.

2764 days ago


Courtney should pay her bills! What a terrible example to set for her daughter. If she can't pay the bills, then she should declare bankruptcy.

2764 days ago

Vinyl Cat    

#7, I'm with you. Even before I watched the "Kurt & Courtney" documentary (rent it, people: there's some truth to what the directors were trying to expose about this crazy, drug-addled, borderline whore), I couldn't stand her. I met her briefly when I lived in Seattle and knew people who were acquainted with her and Kurt; she is NASTY and wanted everyone away from Kurt at all times. Even his longtime pals and acquaintances couldn't stop to talk with him at the small clubs or else Ms. Love would hover over the interloper and threaten him or she would whisk Kurt away. Unfortunately, Kurt was too sensitive to simply dump her ass.

As for her "music," it was essentially written by either Kurt or Billy Corgan. Listen to Hole's first album -- a sonic MESS with no structure, no bridges, no NOTHING -- and then listen to the latter two albums, both of which are light years beyond the debut. Don't tell me that this woman suddenly began to bask in musical creativity that she never had. Acting? Playing Althea in "The People Vs. Larry Flynt" was NOT a stretch for this woman by any means. She had already worked as a stripper and was a drug addict, hence she was merely playing herself with a different name.

It's a well-known fact that she is severely mentally ill as well. Ask either of her parents. I am not lambasting mentally ill people as I am bipolar myself, but this woman won't confront the truth about herself. She has personality disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders...but I'm sure that the only medication she imbibes for any of these disorders is Xanax, to which she is probably addicted. She needs a mood stabilizer and LOTS of therapy.

Poor Frances Bean. I feel so sorry for that poor little thing. I once saw Courtney hold her as an infant, and Frances was facing outward as Courtney dangled her away from her stage outfit ("taffeta!"). Yeah, God forbid that the baby pukes on your dress. One day you'll face your Maker, Courtney/Michelle, and you won't be able to lie pathologically out of all the heinous crimes you have pulled on people throughout your life. You'll find a direct route to Hell at that point, I'm sure.

2764 days ago


I am sorry, but nothing is worth 10,000 a week. I do not like Courtney Love, but they must have saw her coming.

Seems like this facility takes advantage of the stonned-up people when they walk in the door.

2764 days ago


YOU are gonna pay for what you did to Kurt!! YOU are GUILTY!!

2764 days ago


100% pure, unfiltered TRAILER.

2764 days ago
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