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Sundance to Ryan: Arrogant Finalist Claiming Victory

3/9/2007 2:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The horribly bearded Sundance Head was booted from "American Idol" last night -- and today he admits there's one cocky SOB left in the bunch.

The rejected singer was on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM morning show, where he said one of the guys remaining on the show -- whose name he wouldn't mention -- thinks he already has the competition in the bag.

Sundance also confessed he was shocked he was kicked off -- as the pseudo-vocal stylings of Sanjaya Malakar remained in the Top 12 -- saying, "I had not prepared myself for that ... I was a little angry ... at this point I'm just bitter this morning."

Head's elimination was only the first bad news he received yesterday, as OK! Magazine reveals he received word right after the taping that his cousin died in a fire that night. The cousin, Burl Head, had given Sundance $1500 for his stay in Los Angeles during the competition.


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The reason why Sanjaya is still there is there's that stupid group of people that vote for the worst singer. They do it every year. Whoever the guy is, he' going to fall flat on his face. None of the guys can belt out a tune like Melinda and Lakisha.

2755 days ago


I cant even put a face to the guy's names. The winner of American Idol will not be one of the boys sorry.....Christine

2755 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Guess he won't have to worry about paying back that $1500.00.

2755 days ago


Hey at least Antonella's arrogant (naked) butt is now off of the show!

2755 days ago

Birkhead supporter    

First of all I'm glad Hilary made it through! I think she's gotten a rap for not being liked by Simon. Her first week was awesome and Simon slammed her for sounding like a 40 yr old. Now, Melinds Doolittle can sing, but come on, she sounds like a 50 yr old.

Now for Sundance, he really has a good voice. I think there are just too many similar types like him this year. He and Chris Sligh and Phil are kind of neck and neck. Personally I like Chris Sligh and Phil better than Sundance. My other faves are the other Chris (humble) and Blake. It's hard for me because I want them all to be good. (who does that sound like? Dawg!)

I'm a little tired of the girls already. They all want to be the next Jennifer Hudsen. I loved Dream Girls but I don't want AL to continue with the same type of songs. Lakisha is a pro and has a very controlled, beautiful voice. Why couldn't someone with a good voice sing my fave Corine Baily Rae song instead of Antonella? Why bash Hilary for sounding very broadway when it's what everyone else is singing and getting praises for.

Kudo's to AL for the giving back! It's nice to recognize that they've gotten filthy rich and now want to do some good with the PR.

2755 days ago


Sanjaya should have been eliminated, and Sundance should have stayed along with Sabrina Sloane. Even Antonella was more talented than Sajaya. He is the WORST contestant ever to be in the top 24 or even top 12.

2755 days ago


Sunjaya (?) should have been the one going home -- he should have gone home weeks ago. Must be all the hula dancers voting for him...

IMO tho, Sundance did totally mess up a good song. He was screaming it when he should have been singing with passion. When you take on Eddie Vedder, you need to be sure to do it right. I sure do feel bad about the bad news he recieved post-taping...

2755 days ago


I am like 99.99% sure that the "arrogant" one is Chris Sligh...I could tell that from the very beginning with his interviews...especially looking at all of their myspaces..b4 they had to delete them.

2755 days ago


Why can't the moderators take down the racist and homophobic comments related to Sanjaya (or anyone)? He's not my favorite either, but you shouldn't be able to slander anybody like some of these homophobes & racists commenting on here! Lots of sites ban people because of such things. Why isn't this one?!!

2755 days ago


Sanjaya should have been the one to go, I'm not at all sure though that Sundance would make it past a few more weeks of the competition.

I wish him well, somebody offer him a job PLEASE!

2755 days ago


Agreed Gino. Sundance would not have won the competition, but he was better than Sanjaya by a mile. He wasn't that bad.

2755 days ago


Sanjaya just proves that most of the people voting are young girls with cell phones glued to their ears.

GOD, that kid has no charisma and he can't sing. But then, neither could Antonella and look how long SHE stayed? That was SOOO embarrasing. How many times can she sing badly and how many times do the judges have to say, "Honey, you're just not good enough to even BE here anymore" before people stop voting for her. It's like they're voting like they would vote for a popular kid in high school. ......

2755 days ago


Sorry to hear about Sundance's cousin dying the same night he (Sundance) gets booted off this stupid show. How terrible!

If what he's saying is true, that one of the remaining guys believes he's already won the competition, said guy must be as delusional as he is tone deaf. With the exception of Hailey (who should've gone home last night), ALL the girls sing better than any of the guys. Boring boring show this year.

Sundance, your audition was awesome. Too bad every performance you gave after that sucked.

2755 days ago

give me a break,,    

sad to see Sundance go,, but I feel everyone should have the confidence to say they will win!! gosh it's a competition,, so what if some of the guys,, or a guy thinks he's the next American Idol,, they should all be in that mind-set or just get it over with and go home,, they did not go there to encourage other people to win,, they went there to win!! so who cares if someone is cocky,, they all should be cocky,, maybe they would sing better!! when you believe in yourself,, others will too,, so way to go,,to that ONE cocky guy left!! hope you win!!!

2755 days ago


Sundance got screwed. All those little girls voting for no-talent/no-personality Sanjaya, guess they're too young to see that's he's probably gay anyway. Too bad they'll let any kid pick up a phone and vote, should be an age requirement. It is a "competition" but all he has to do is play it safe and appeal to young girls. He's taking the easy route. And to think now he's included in the "Live" tour after the show ends.

2755 days ago
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