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What Happened to Li'l Eddie Furlong?

3/9/2007 1:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It seems that the "Terminator" star has been doing some terminating of his own. Since we last spotted him, he looks like he's demolished a few thousand double cheeseburgers... with fries and beer.

His current state also makes us wonder if his home has running water.

(And just a side note, smoking around children is really selfish.)


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lol he is standing in front of a window!! You all are so funny!

2763 days ago


PEOPLE, PEOPLE, settle down... that baby is BEHIND glass - you can clearly see the smoke "bouncing" off the (very clean) glass on the window.

2763 days ago


what? who? when?....he ruined terminator 2 anyway so good for him

2763 days ago

Sick and Tired    

He's pushing HIS baby's stroller too!

2763 days ago

skinny fat    

sweet jeebus i hope it's not his kid. Eddie as a daddy is S C A R Y!

2763 days ago

somebody's mama    

One of many jobs as a parent is to protect you kid. Am I wrong to assume that if he was smoking with the door open she would move with the baby, or that he should move? The good news is he IS outside, so maybe he is trying to protect the baby from the smoke.

To the smokers, please try to quit. I just found out that my grandpa in law has emphizma (spelling?) also so many people that I care about have gotten heart and lung problems because of it. I know it's hard, and you don't want to hear it.

2763 days ago


SCROLL DOWN and you will see the picture of his baby and wife....

2763 days ago


It's his baby (which is probably why he's gained weight recently), and so he can do what he wants. He's also outside -- the baby's inside. Take it easy, people!

2763 days ago


isnt that tobey maguire????!!!!

2763 days ago


Give the kid a drag , better yet roll a blunt and both of them toke it up ,who care if he smoke's around a kid , oh lest I forget we live in the thought police time , gotta be politically correct !

2763 days ago

Jimmy Phillips    

Jane, you ignorant slut. If you will look a little closer you will see that the door jamb or window frame is showing nothing against it. And as for smoking it is a nasty habit that only the one who wants to breath should, not babies, or anyone that does'nt want to. Babies have weak lungs when they are first born and have the right to a smoke free enviroment. And as far the cameras go, is that what makes you Gallup, Jane . Say hello to Mr. Ed. Jimmy Phillips

2763 days ago


Honestly folks, assuming there isn't any glass between them, then she's the idiot not keeping her child away from the smoke. He's outside smoking, and she's bringing the baby towards him.

2763 days ago


hey guys I know let's put all babies in an airtight glass box until they turn 18 so they never have anything bad ever happen to them ever! Then let's ban doing anything we've been hyped to rally against until everyone is a living vegetable! Great!

I'm more worried about the kid growing up in a world where you idiots still vote for only one of two parties than second hand smoke.

2763 days ago

Jimmy Phillips    

Hey moron, have you ever heard of SIDS, what a ignorant moron ( andrew831)

2763 days ago

Casting agent    

Way to go to blow smoke right into a baby's face.


2763 days ago
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