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Cops Cuff Actor... for Acting!

3/13/2007 4:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained exclusive video of several LAPD officers cuffing actor Erik Palladino after he was seen brandishing a gun on the streets of Hollywood in early February. The only problem -- the gun was fake and the only thing Palladino was shooting was a movie!

As Palladino performed a scene for the film, "Hotel California," police cruisers rushed the sidewalk and cops readied their real guns to deal with the "situation."

Director Geo Santini didn't seem too worried as his star was placed in handcuffs, ad-libbing to the perplexed actor, "You gotta be on set tomorrow, that's what the contract says!"

Once the crew explained to cops that they were shooting a movie, Palladino was released and filming resumed without incident. LAPD had no comment on the incident, which occurred February 11.


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What a bunch of keystone cops. I am surprised they cuffed him since he is a white guy. Don't they target minorities out there?

2783 days ago


Wouldn't you think that CA cops would recognize a movie set? . . . but I'm not surprised . . . there are a lot of cops on the streets today that shouldn't be there . . . ever since 9/11 the job has changed . . . ALOT . . . consequently unsuitable people are being hired to do a job they shouldn't be doing . . . cops are so paranoid today that they often over react to situations that are innocent . . . I doubt that things will get better either . . . ever!

2783 days ago


The brain trusts of the LAPD at work again - they can't find their own asses!

2783 days ago


This was stupid. i have done some film work. usually the movie production companies have notified the city where they will be shooting as well as othr city officials so there wont be a problem with something like this, Sounds like someone in control at the production company didnt do such a great job of communication with the right city officials on this thing, Either that or whoever was notified didnt do ther job worth a crap, This was idiotic, And i think the directors remark to the actor that you " Gotta be here tomorrow morning, its in your contract ' wasnt very funny either. How would he like it if he were being hauled off? Moron.

2783 days ago


This is all publicity for the movie they're shooting. With the crews, the lights, the equipment, the trailers running the length of the street for make-up, hair, producer's offices and actor's dressing rooms, I find it IMPOSSIBLE to believe that LA cops wouldn't recognize a scene being shot. Besides, the crowd control/PAs holding back the gawking tourists would've been the biggest tip-off.

I think a certain no-name director is worried that his baby cast with no-name actors all trying to turn a piece of sh*t script into something interesting -- brandishing a gun? how original! -- will be heading straight to DVD/Pay-per-view and is trying to breath some "life" eg. publicity into it.

2783 days ago


Slow day, TMZZ? If this happened Feb. 11th, why did it take a month for us to hear about it? Oh yeah, you were obsessed with ANS and just now realizig that life went on with out her..

2783 days ago


The LAPD always act like a bunch of "-sses". I should know I have lived here all my life and they are racist as well. Most of the time I have been pulled over is when I had a black friend in the car. Anyway I am bored with this story and if you too click on my name posted at the bottom for a link to go to something a lot more tanatilizing and more stimulating then this!

2783 days ago


I live in L.A. and this just shows the type of idiot cops we have to deal with out here!

2783 days ago


I live in L.A. and this just shows the type of idiot cops we have to deal with out here!

2783 days ago


Is'nt there something blocking that area so that not just any one can get in the movie. Didnt the cops see the big black cameras ( Stupied )

2783 days ago

Land Shark    

Pride of the LAPD, those boys.

2783 days ago


Your all missing the point these poor guys have being seeing whats her name and whats his face on the web site for weeks they figgered they might get into their two minutes of fame on the great TMZ any clear photo-ops? bet they all shaved and got a haircut maybe a couple of HGH 's with their orange jucice to pep up the face shots.

2783 days ago


That is so funny. Same thing happen to my friends shooting a short film outside from our campus in New Jersey.

2783 days ago


I was there that night the cops drove right by all the lights and cameras and still pulled this shit. They had the first AD in hand cuffs for 15 min even after they figured out what was going on Fucking Idiots!!!

2783 days ago

Max Michaels    

I a little disapointed with this d-list story. I know its tough coming with new news since ANS. Britney is still alive, along with Paris, and Lindsay and a host of others. You could call Perez...Someone on the staff better get a chewing out about this

2783 days ago
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