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Garrison Keillor:

A Prairie Homophobic Companion?

3/14/2007 3:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Garrison KeillorTaking a page from the Ann Coulter Handbook, alleged humorist and "A Prairie Home Companion" radio host Garrison Keillor has made some queer comments about homosexuals and gay parents.

In an article titled "Stating the Obvious" in, the Minnesota author wrote, "The country has come to accept stereotypical gay men -- sardonic fellows with fussy hair who live in over-decorated apartments with a striped sofa and a small weird dog and who worship campy performers and go in for flamboyance now and then themselves. If they want to be accepted as couples and daddies, however, the flamboyance may have to be brought under control. Parents are supposed to stand in back and not wear chartreuse pants and black polka-dot shirts." Apparently, Keillor's research consisted entirely of watching a Netflix copy of "The Birdcage" and reruns of "Queer Eye."

The droll lamenter also whined about how "... gay marriage will produce a whole new string of hyphenated relatives ... and I suppose we'll get used to it." Keillor then rambled on about the joys of growing up in a "mixed-gender marriage" during a time when, "Everyone had a yard, a garage, a female mom, a male dad, and a refrigerator with leftover boiled potatoes in plastic lids." Go to your room, Beav.


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More shit for Rosie to bitch about! Great.

2778 days ago


First of all, Garrisson Keillor is liberal. Second of all, his statements were obviously meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

2778 days ago


I think Garrison is afraid of his own sexuality. Many times that's the case.

2778 days ago


It's really funny how if people, no matter if they are white, black, etc..., say something that they believe to be true about homosexual people they are biggots and stupid and full of s..t, but it seems to be ok for homosexuals to call non-homosexuals names because of what they believe. This is such a sad world anymore. I am not homosexual. I have never had a desire to be with someone of my own sex, but I don't hate those who like to do that. I do believe it is an abomination in the eyes of God and for that reason (my own personal opinion, because no one has the right to judge anyone excect God) I do have freinds and family who are homosexual. I love them just the same, but I let them know I don't condone what they do. Now how am I so horrible for my belief and yet I know someone will say I am stupid, full of s..t because I believe what I do. How does that make you right and me wrong? Homosexuals believe they are born that way, which I personally, again, my belief, don't believe that. I completely believe it has to do with social upbringing. Usually homosexuals don't believe in God or they go to churches that preach it is ok with God because of certain parts of the Bible that are taken out of context. If you want to use the Bible, then please know what your talking about and don't just take certain versus to justify what you are doing. I would also like to know why every homosexual I know thinks that everybody is secretly in the closet. That is so biggoted to think that way. NO not everyone is in the closet and I would say it is less than 25% of the human population that is homosexual. I commend anyone stating what they believe in their heart about homosexuals. I don't believe they should judge anyone, but they have every right, as do you, to make those comments and not have to answer to a gay activist group for what they believe. That is just nonsense. If homosexuals can call white people who don't believe like they do "white trash" then why don't they have to answer to a non-gay activist group for what they say? I think people should stop apologizing for what they believe in their hearts. They don't have to be hateful to them, but just accept that they are in this world also and God will judge everyone in the end.

2778 days ago

Mark Satterthwaite    

How sad it is that he is so far behind the times. I and my family have been fooled and as the Rod Stewart song says he wears his bigotry well , good riddance Garrison.

2777 days ago

Mark Satterthwaite    

I and my older brother are both gay-He fought in Vietnam for all you hate filled bigots. All of you panzies would have cut and run but spreading the vitriol on this site is no risk as you sit in your bigoted houses. We evolved from pond scum and when we share upwards of 98% of our DNA with chimps it makes me wonder if they might be more human than you cretins.

2777 days ago


Mark Satterthwaite, thank you for your service. Your right that these anti-gay people that hang around TMZ are scum.

2777 days ago


1.TMZ staffers need to take a reading comprehension course.....very sad for supposed writers.
2. Everone needs to look up humerous sarcasm.
3. Since sarcasm doesn't translate to the written word very well unless you are very familiar with the subject's speaking pattern, the original broadcast should be referenced. Not the written translation.
4. It is impossible for all people to get along with each other at all times. I don't HAVE to like you because you are : gay, black , a woman , a jew, a conservative, a liberal, a vegetarian, a meat eater, a fur wearer, a PETA person, etc. etc etc. I don't HAVE to like ANYBODY. We DON'T all need to get along. I am my OWN person with my own likes and dislikes, pasions and hatreds. I will NOT bow down to this politically correct crap. Anybody that says they like everybody equally is a liar and a con artist. Lying to themselves and conning everybody else. This is stupidity at its worst.

2777 days ago


i am sick and tired of Gays and Lesbos complaining. they want EVERYBODY TO commit that kind of SEX. that is all they think about is Sex and making everybody LOVE gays. just one big orgy!!! We dont have to be Gay or even Like gay sex. they are so small in number but the make a LOT OF NOISE. Get over it and leave people alone. Everyone has Rights. Mine is to stay away from perverted sex.

2776 days ago


How can one man manage to get so ugly?

2776 days ago


It's humor for chrissake. It's aimed at people from towns who don't realize they know any gay people. He wasn't being mean, he was being funny. His show runs on the radio on Saturday afternoon--that tell you anything. Get a grip.

2775 days ago

NR Davis    

I love Garrison and PHC, but this disappoints me greatly. For shame, Mr. Keillor, for shame.

937 days ago

Audrey Liggins    

As always, the most venomous comments are from the folks who didn't read to the end. Sardonic comedy is Keillor's claim to fame, and he does it nicely here.

Take yourselves out of the equation, and see the article for the message it really contains: "You all take yourselves WAYYYY too seriously, and perhaps both sides need to lighten up a bit. It's not that big a deal."

935 days ago
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