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Rear Admiral

3/14/2007 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Can you feel the military tonight? Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish emerged triumphantly in full Reg-imental garb from Shoreditch Town Hall in the East End of London.

Elton John and David Furnish
The couple was not returning from a reenactment of a World War I battle; rather, they had just celebrated John's 60th birthday, along with Sir Paul McCartney, the Osbournes and Kate Moss. The black-tie affair was studded with other high-ranking members of the British social army, including Hugh Grant, Sting and Thandie Newton.


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This is not normal. I don't hate them, but they disgust me. I will never "get used to it".

2749 days ago


Pompous Old POOP-Deck!

2749 days ago


This picture is disgusting. I could care less if Elton John is gay, but the fact that his life partner or whatever you choose to call it would dare to put on a US Marine Corps uniform is appalling. Does he even know how to earn the blood stripe he has on his pants? I have a fiance, brother, and cousin in the Corps, all deployed, and I know they would be insulted to think that someone could "dress up" as a Marine. Stick to music and don't insult our military by pretending to be something you're not.

2749 days ago


THEY NEED TO TAKE THOSE UNIFORMS OFF!!!!! I agree with Emily! How disrespectful!!!

2749 days ago


Go Elton and David!

2749 days ago

Frank McIntosh    

My Grandfather served as a kommisar at Stalingrad. How dare Sir Elton soil his memory with this scandalous wearing of his uniform? It is a spit in the face of the hundreds of thousands who died at Stalingrad, delivering a death-blow from which the fascists would never recover. Long live the heroes of Mamayev Kurgan and Pavlov's House!!!!! Long Live Stalin!!! Long Live the Glorious Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

However, the guy next to Sir Eltion looks totally cute in that thoroughly fruity Marine get up!

2749 days ago


Well people (specifically you MARINE FOLK)....lets look at the REAL issue here because I know what is REALLY bothering you. Elton John is very flamboyant and "nelly" and I would think that most people would assume that he is a BOTTOM. However, in this scenario we have all been thrown a covert curve ball because the younger LOVER is dressed in the Marine Uniform. This would imply that the younger LOVER / IMITATION MARINE is the BOTTOM. Trust me I have been around A LOT of Marines....and there aint a TOP in the bunch! So if looking at the picture is so offensive...just use photoshop and swap out the uniforms.....that should make you feel better!

2749 days ago

Marine Wife    

How disrespectful. My husband is a Marine and is currently in Iraq. He earned the right to wear that uniform along with many other men and women. I could care less if they were gay but at leat show some respect. And to those of you saying "yada yada " to the Marines and that they kill innocent people and children, the military are the ones letting you say stupid things like that. If you don't like it, move to Iraq!

2749 days ago


Ooh Rah! Marine Wife

2749 days ago


What some hateful people, you're no better than the sickos that keep blowing themselves up killing innocent people! Why are people so hateful. Who cares what they wear. I'm quite sure no one wants to see one of those stupid lower back point down to your hole tatttoos with flowers and a dirty thong or your piercings thinking you're original. What are your hateful grandchildren going to say? Gramma was a whore. Ha !Eat me! Let real creative people live!!!

2749 days ago


"wow there a lot of stuck up people and comments on here- US Marine- big deal yada yada yada- "

If you think being a Marine isn't a big deal then grow some balls, go to Parris Island, BECOME a Marine, fight some wars and then reevaluate your stance, asshole. Being a Marine is one of the greatest honors a person can have bestowed upon them. It is a crime to wear a military uniform if you are not in the military. You can throw the gay card out all you want and say that people are upset because they're gay- I could care less that they're gay. But stay away from the Marine Corps uniform unless you are a Marine. Put some fake camo on if you want to wear a "costume."

2749 days ago

Lenn K.    

I'm over 50 and I thought I'd never see this day, well I guess the second coming is just about ready to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2749 days ago


I have been an active duty Marine for 20 years and still proudly serve today. I am insulted that this individual would wear the Marine Corps Dress Blue uniform. That uniform is NOT a costume and you must earn the right to wear it. I and all of my fellow Marines who have served this country with honor, courage and committment are saddened that he would insult us in this manner and owes all Marines an apology for wearing something that he has not earned the right or made the sacrifice to wear. Semper Fi.

2749 days ago


Who cares unless PETE DOHERTY was there!!!!
More DOHERTY coverage. He's the illest.
Harvey Levin and TMZ Freakin Rool dood!!!!!!

the TMZeniuos

Sixx a Holic

2749 days ago

K man    

You can't tell me that guy is in love with Elton John. He could do much better than him. If Elton wasn't famous and rich he wouldn't give that "Ugly Bastard" the time of day.

2749 days ago
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