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Rear Admiral

3/14/2007 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Can you feel the military tonight? Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish emerged triumphantly in full Reg-imental garb from Shoreditch Town Hall in the East End of London.

Elton John and David Furnish
The couple was not returning from a reenactment of a World War I battle; rather, they had just celebrated John's 60th birthday, along with Sir Paul McCartney, the Osbournes and Kate Moss. The black-tie affair was studded with other high-ranking members of the British social army, including Hugh Grant, Sting and Thandie Newton.


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Frank McIntosh    

So many CAPS in SUCH a LITTLE space. People are ANNOYED.

#94 brings up a good point. If you really are in the services or a vet and are appalled at this......the biggest question is.....what the heck are you doing looking at a celebrity web site? Shouldn't you be looking out for a four alarm on Drudge or something?

Oh yeah, that's right. You're GAY, GAY, GAY!

2717 days ago


Stella McCartney looks like she forgot her skirt, or is she in costume as a porn star????
Looks like she's been hanging around with Madonna tooooo long.

2717 days ago


Who said it was official military garb, Jill?

This is an issue because they are gay and people want to control every aspect of gay people's lives.

2716 days ago


Tom #105 -

I have listen to Elton John's music for many years and will continue too.
This is not a gay issue - as a matter of fact my son is gay - I love him and his partner very much -

The fact is men and women have died for our freedom and earned the right to wear these uniforms - The blood strip on the marine uniform pant represents the blood spill by the ones before us. Looking at the picture and knowing the uniform there is no doubt that the uniform is real - I was a Marine! The only thing I can see that is missing is the white gloves.

I feel sorry for all of you who have forgotten about 9/11 and what our military is fighting for right now - if you argree with the war or not - they are fighting for freedom and giving their lives and to that they deserve the respect by one and all and that is what the uniform represents.

2716 days ago

Former Marine    

For those out there that cannot possibly understand the disgust felt by those of us who have EARNED the right to wear the uniform of the United States Marine Corps, I will try to enlighten you. The majority of us (US Marines) who have served and are currently serving are highly offended by ANYBODY who wears our uniform without earning it! We earned the title of US Marine with our blood, sweat and yes, tears. For those of you who are not Marines, please do not critcize those of us who are for being pissed off that some fool parades his sorry butt around in a uniform that we hold in such high regard. Anybody that wears this uniform without first earning it, in our eyes, is mocking the Marines that have died and are dying, and yes, that is offensive to us. As far as our contribution to society, we have contributed far more than some friggin musician can ever pray to contribute, so until you earn a uniform, put on a pack, pick up a weapon and leave YOUR family for years at a time, keep your hole shut about contributing to society. And for this other fool called HesAlive, your comments are ignorance from a person who is wasting others good oxygen! There are those here who have forgotten what happened on 9/11 and who the first ones on the ground were. This issue has nothing to do with gay people, it has only to do with the disregard and disrespect of a uniform that is held in the highest regard by the United States Marines who earned that uniform. They are obviously not pretending to be in the Military, and they do not realize, or worse do not care, what their actions mean to those of us who have watched best friends die at the hands of cowards. Their actions are irresponsible, and now, thanks to the Stolen Valor Act, illegal in the United States. The idiot wearing the Marine uniform is also wearing a Purple Heart ribbon which is now a crime. I would love to see an example made of this person.

2712 days ago


BTW, 'mad balls', that was hilarious. (yes I'm against being gay but those jokes are very funny...)

2651 days ago

Proud Marine    


Myself and my fellow Marines earned that UNIFORM you wear through blood, sweat, and tears and have been doing since 1775, men and women are fighting and dying and still wearing that uniform you disgraceful ****!


665 days ago
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