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Tila Tequila's 1.7 Million "Friends" Not Giving Single a Shot

3/16/2007 12:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tila Tequila may be the most popular person ever on MySpace, but it turns out not very many of her 1.7 million friends wanted to shell out a buck for her first single, "I Love U."

In the first week after the single's release, only 13,000 copies of the single were sold, or less than 1 percent of her MySpace posse -- and the single didn't even make it onto the 75-deep Billboard Hot Digital Songs chart, as Billboard reports. And after a brief appearance at the bottom end of the iTunes top 100 singles chart, "I Love U" disappeared, while nearly two-year-old hits like the Pussycat Dolls' "Don't Cha" and Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" both hang around the charts.

To be fair, Tila didn't have the benefit of a major record label pushing her single. Then again, as she herself told everyone from the New York Times to Rolling Stone, she turned down two label deals to do it her own way -- and may be paying the price. (And the music itself might have something to it -- the song, produced though it was by crunkmeister Lil Jon, has been roundly savaged.)

On the bright side of things, a week after the single's release, the video for "I Love U" -- which prominently features Tila's more salient assets -- was the most-downloaded music video on iTunes. And this week, Tila expands her digital distribution push through such channels as the "Hoooka" on

Neither Tila nor her management had responded to messages at the time of publication.


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hot snot    

it's because she requests everyone that makes a profile on that site. im sure she doesn't bother talking to anyone seeing as how she's too busy posing for pictures.

i wouldn't give a dollar either

2744 days ago


and this chick is famous for .........having big boobs? only in america lmao

2744 days ago


2744 days ago

Please God help her    

UMMMM....cmon down to jacksonville......lmao you sound like vanilla ice's Asian sister....u suck. yeah u look good in those picks because u have a nice body but the face only a mother could love..... and by the way, who the hell would want a crazy bitch that talks shit, invades your privacy and clearly is a ho?.......Just a Thought... :-)......U REALLY DO SUCK THOUGH

2744 days ago

pattie in cali    

maybe she didn't want it that bad. or it was really that bad. the only reason i know who she is, my daughter, role model.????????????????????. not. please

2744 days ago


its not her fault shes ugly

2744 days ago


to bad she SUCKS that is why he "song" is going no place. the only reason her video got downloaded is b.c guy's wanna see her boobs! WHAT A FUCKIN' LOSER!!!!!!

2743 days ago


The industry's come here and signed artist after artist in hopes of finding the next Nelly. I've lost count of local artists on signed to major labels, only to be dropped due to lack of marketing and promotion. They rather spend their money on image. What good is image if nobody's gonna see it? I'm going to forward this to urrrbody and their mama in St. Louis who think all they have to do in terms of promotion and marketing is post myspace bulletins.
For St. Louis hip hop visit or

2743 days ago


#6: wow somebody must REALLY like Tila lol. Are you some pre-adolescent boy who is totally smitten with her? You do realize that she is FAKE, her hair, her breasts, her "talent", everything about her is fake. She even makes her eyes look bigger in the pictures so that she can look less Asian.

And tell me this "cyndi", do you think it is right that doctors and scientists who spend years laboring over their studies to make everyone's lives better get paid [over the course of their careers] the same amount of money that Tila makes in a year.

2743 days ago


OH MY GOSH!!! She totally looks like a praying mantis here. Does she not?!?!??!!

2743 days ago


Thank God she isn't using her real last name as I have the same last name. It would be embarassing for all of us.

2743 days ago



Seriously who is she?

2743 days ago

hot snot    

one more to add...just because you have a million friends on does NOT make you a star. shit, i could have a million friends if I spent all day clicking and sending friend requests too.
that is just retarded. Good for you if you love her..I suppose since you are on her "friends" list, she loves you too. mmm hmmmm

2743 days ago


She sounds like Tommy from Rugrats, and she's too annoying. HAVE PEOPLE FORGOTTEN HOT TO BE HUMBLE? She's crazy conceded, the only thing good about her is her body, excluding those tacky tattoos.


her "2 million" fans must not give a s*it about her since only 13,000 bought her lame song.

2743 days ago


in other words, no one wants to hear her voice, they just want to look at her. maybe she should forget 'singing' and just get into 'video vixenship'. i can understand why she would want to do it her way, though. i mean, gnarls barkley is one thing, but how much profit are the individual pussy cat dolls getting for that 'don cha' hanging around for 2 plus years? power is in being in control of your life, your product, your profits.

now, she just needs to realize it's her ass which sells, not her voice.

2743 days ago
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