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Lance's Ladies Look Alike

3/18/2007 4:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lance Armstrong has a thing for svelte ash blondes!

Lance, Sheryl, Tory. Kristin. Matthew
The seven-time Tour de France champ was married for five years to Kristin Richard (upper left), and had some fun with rocker Sheryl Crow (upper right), and has recently been spotted hanging out with fashion designer Tory Burch (lower left), who all just happen to bear a striking resemblence to each other and to another highlighted hetero...

If Kristin, Sheryl and Tory bulked up, fried in the sun for two weeks, went on a year-long bender and shaved every smidgen of body hair, they'd be a dead ringer for Armstrong's workout buddy, the shirtless wonder himself, Matthew McConaughey (lower right)!

Instead of recycling his blondes, Lance might want to listen to Ms. Crow: "A change would do you good!" Livestrong!


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What kind of a jackass dumps his girlfriend when she's diagnosed with cancer? - especially being a cancer survivor himself. She supported him emotionally when he was going through all kinds of crap, and the minute she needs him all she gets is the back of his head. Cheryl's better off without him.

2777 days ago

the gap    

So Lance is attracted to ashe blondes. Duh. Isn't everyone in America? Since this country deems blondes the pinnacle of beauty, every attractive and semi-attractive woman in America is striving for the same Barbie look. Just look at all the beauty pageant contestants--they all look just alike. So why is it even worth mentioning that any man has a preference for blondes? If he's like every other American, this beauty ideal has been pounded in his head since he knew what a girl was, and since his mom looks just like these women, his preference should be a foregone conclusion (Dr. Joyce Brothers says 60% of men marry women who resemble their mothers in some way--i.e. hair color, eye color, facial features, etc.).

2776 days ago


I'm sick and tired of reading "but he's a cancer survivor". So he can't be a cad, because he's a cancer survivor? What a load of crap. He used Sheryl and then he dumped her. Humiliated her by dumping her a month before the wedding. Oh but that's called "breaking up" right? No, not if it's done that way, actually. He kept changing his mind - wanted her fame and wanted to be a party boy. Wanted the media to believe he was there for her when it was so obvious he was not. She was so hurt that she could not even have him near her. But he's a cancer survivor. So what if he is, he still treats women like shit. Thinks he's quite a catch. Most Austinites have had enough of his "Lance loves Lance" attitude. What an example, what a role model. Even my 13-year-old son says dude's such a womanizer because he has totally no respect.

2776 days ago


Horrible nose jobs on those women, why can't women be happy with what they're born with?? Now they look deformed.

2776 days ago



2775 days ago


#25 Posted at 2:19PM on Mar 19th 2007 by AustiniteCancerSurvivor

I agree with you whole hearthlily. I worked with someone who survived cancer and it did not make him a better person. He was a jackass who care about himself. Same for Lance. Who is a poor role model.

2775 days ago


#27 Posted at 4:17PM on Mar 20th 2007 by Jaye

There are far more people who survived cancer and are good people. Lance is not one of them. womanizer at best with bad taste in women.

2775 days ago


#28 - Posted at 11:32PM on Mar 20th 2007 by PAL

(sorry for the triple posts!) :o(

Yep horse faces alright! They are not stunning at all.

2775 days ago


As Sheryl alluded to: she was lonely in that relationship. He walked out on his wife and kids but the media focuses on him having dumped Sheryl. The book due out on him should shed some light. Coyle's book made him out to be a control freak mean guy. Doesn't say too much for any woman who'd want to be with him. Beauty's got it right.

2774 days ago


Beauty doesn't have it right; Lance Armstrong won the Tour seven times, not six, and he has never had a positive drug test. Four other riders won the Tour five times, with a whole lot more other wins that Armstrong, so the fact the he won one race so often does not prove that it was somehow impossible. He can date whomever he likes but it is obvious that like most extremely successful people he is very driven and not everyone can cope with that.

2772 days ago

Free Alec Baldwin!    

They never really lived together. They we’re just two strangers sharing water and electricity. It was a thankless job being Sheryl's boyfriend, but Lance had karma to burn off. It’s hard to find that special person you want to annoy you for the rest of your life.Who would have guessed the sign she was born under---NO PARKING.

To Lance Armstrong, a testicular cancer survivor, she was obnoxious on a personal level, breaking his heart and busting his chops, drop kicking him through the goal posts of love, till he ended up hating the player and the game- He took his ball and went home.

If only he could be half the man Sheryl's dog thought he was. Lance is a stud. He wasn't someone that you use once and throw away on the scrap heap. He was a real friend--- someone that you could use again and again. Oh well... He broke the Guy Rule: Thou shall not rent the DVD version of Sex and the City.

While Sheryl stays busy practicing witchcraft and becoming a lesbian with Laurie David---whose only claim to fame is being the sex partner of Larry David who helped create Seinfeld--- it's back to the grind for Lance---to those meaningful overnight relationships: Getting in touch with his inner red neck, LIVING STRONG--- like going downtown and practicing his “Git in the truck” lines. And the only honesty these days is telling call girls his real name. "I'll take things that I know for $200, Alex."

2740 days ago

mac cosmetics    

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1442 days ago
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